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Yucca Valley would be better served with Council Districts

By   /   January 21, 2013  /   Comments Off

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council_districts_center-map-2012 (1)The town of Yucca Valley needs to have districts. What we need is five districts and within each district you could only have one town Council member representing each district. You would have North, South, East, West and Central  or district 1,  district 2,  district 3, districts 4 and district 5. Each district would have the same population, some districts would be bigger and some would be smaller according to the population.

The town of Yucca Valley needs districts so you don’t end up with five councilmembers all from sky harbor the way it’s being done now. We feel  that there’s not a fair representation of the people of Yucca Valley when you have five councilmembers all from the same area we feel were not fairly being  represented. It’s time the people take back our community and put people on the town Council  that’s  going to fairly represent  all the people. Right now there’s too much special interest going on and the rest the town is being ignored. You have a town manager that totally ignores the people he doesn’t like and refuses return phone calls because he doesn’t like  somebody.

All the people of Yucca Valley  need to have a voice  and so far that’s not happening. From the beginning of the town Yucca Valley  there’s been much special interest  groups that are not allowing  the rest of Yucca Valley to be heard.  With five districts  you can only have one Council member from each district and in our opinion that would give more of a fair  representation of the people of this community .

Let the word go out that we want to be treated fairly  by the town of Yucca Valley and all the special interests  groups has to go!




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