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Will The Real Jennifer Collins Please Stand Up

By   /   January 21, 2013  /   9 Comments

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Jennifer Collins, who is running for Yucca Valley Town Council, is trying to give this sweet and innocent image, that she’s doing such a good job as president of the Chamber of Commerce, but then turns around and calls over  3,500 people that voted NO on measure U “cockroaches” on her Facebook. Which her husband has denied she said, but we have saved her statement and can prove she did call people “cockroaches”. Also as the head of the yes on measure U spent over $37,000 trying to pass measure U, along with the town Yucca Valley who spent over $200,000 in trying to pass measure U. Jennifer Collins is a big-time spender she’s already proven that and she will run amok with our tax dollars. Why should we trust her with our tax dollars?

Jennifer Collins doesn’t have the knowledge, the experience, or the willpower to be on the town Council is far is we’re concerned she is an embarrassment for somebody that’s running the town Council. In are opinion she’s another sky harbor want to be, which lives right down the street from all the rust of the town Council members. We don’t need another person on the town Council from sky harbor, the only thing that Jennifer Collins represents is special interest groups. She has no interest in working with the rest of the people of Yucca Valley only the people from sky harbor her personal friends and family. She’s also a very good friend of the town manager.

We the people need to take back our town  and put some one on  city Council that will represent all  of the people of Yucca Valley  and not just one area  of Yucca Valley.  The people of sky harbor have control   the town of Yucca Valley long enough.

We need to elect  Bob Leone , for town Council, three time  Council member, three time Mayor of Yucca Valley and  retired Los Angeles police officer .  Vote for Bob Leone for town Council


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  1. Steve Whitten Steve Whitten says:

    It seems you have angst & prejudice for anyone who lives in Sky Harbor? There are many nice people who live in this area besides Town Council members.

    I have read stories of others on this blog include those who live in Storey Park with those who live Sky Harbor. I live in Storey Park so I have a dog in this fight.

    I have taken time to speak with Ms. Collins and have had interaction with several Town Council members through business outside of Town Business.

    I find your charges unfounded and your idea of Districts ludicrous.

    I’m sure Mr. Leone is a great guy, but he had 12 years on Council to make a difference. I am a strong proponent of term limits and in my opinion, 12 years holding one seat is long enough. Time for new blood.

    If Ms. Collins is elected and does not perform, I’m sure the voters will let her know.

    • Steve Whitten, since you attend the Calvery church don’t ya think you have an ethical obligation to make that disclosure in here for the readers?

      Will you please defend your candidate rather than throw darts at Ed Montgomery.

      Why don’t care much about diversity do you? Please explain why it is healthy for all town council to be neighbors living in Sky Harbor, and why it is okay for them to belong to the same church, and why it’s okay for the church you attend to have “exclusive rights” to present the invocations to their church members town council?

      Give the blog your best arguments and your best evidence.

      • Steve Whitten Steve Whitten says:

        I’m not a public figure so I have no ethical obligation to disclose anything and I didn’t realize I was being checked upon to my unbeknownst.

        I have attended events in the past at JS and will in the future. I do regularly attend and am involved in different minitries at Valley Community Chapel.

        I wasn’t throwing darts at Ed, just stating my observation.

        I’ve always understood Diversity to be related to race & culture, not address. Address doesn’t indicate the caliber or quality of the Council Member. Are you declaring “Class Warfare” is being waged by the Town Council? Remember, the voter’s determine who sit in those seats, not their address.

        JS doesn’t have exclusive rights to the invocation. Our Pastor at VCC has participated and I have observed the Public Notice invite for any Pastor of a Church to participate in the invocation in the Hi-Desert Star.

        • Steve W., can you please defend Jennifer collins with fact and logic?

          I have put up a new commentary in an article (Jennifer Collins’ Foray into the Political Arena is a Red Herring for Disaster) a few hours age. Please defend Collins on the FACTS presented in that article. Tell how it’s okay Collins to thumb your nose at California law.

          Dammit explain how it’s okay to drag the Chamber and spend its money on political campaigning. Dammit tell me why it’s okay to disregard our laws as a public person, and poo poo tax code and nonprofit statutes.

          Talk to me, help Collins out here. Interested readers want to know.

          Challenge me with facts and logic dammit!

          As Steve S. commented, 97 percent of the time that controversial Church has domination the invocation process, rotating it among favored Calvary church members.

          This represents the shameless underbelly of the lack of diversity.

  2. Ed Montgomery Ed Montgomery says:

    Steve Whitten, I strongly disagree with you we don’t want any more people from sky harbor on the town Council whatsoever. Specially Jennifer Collins has a total disregard for the truth, has no knowledge whatsoever to be on the town Council and in my opinion she’s not a very nice person. She’s just a phony baloney sky harbor want to be. I’ve seen how she acts out she conducts herself and I find her to be very unprofessional. People she doesn’t white she will call you names like “cockroach’. Please with all due respect Steve your from sky harbor that tells me a lot. Like I said before I’m tired of being controlled by the people from sky harbor and their attitudes thinking they’re better than everybody else enough is enough it’s time for a change and it’s time the people take back our town from people that don’t care about the voters and their special interests. Nothing has come good on the sky harbor so far they’ve totally ignored all the people of this community.

    I’m sorry I’m telling everybody to support Bob Leone the man with all the experience we need him now more than ever. Let’s put somebody on the town Council that’s going to represent all the people and not just sky harbor.

  3. Steve Whitten Steve Whitten says:

    I repect your opinion, no reason to be sorry. I also agree to disagree with your perception of the Town Council members who live in Sky Harbor or the vicinity there of. Are you are declaring “Class Warfare” is being waged by the Town Council? Because of their address? Addresses do not vote, the citizens do.

    By the way, I live in Storey Park, not Sky Harbor.

    I support Jennifer Collins for the vacant Town Council seat.

    Wish you the best of luck in the election and wish you the best in the future.

    • Steve W, your bravado is admirable, although flawed, to blindly support a damsel in distress without knowing all the facts. Collins brings no experience to the current Yown Council who are woefully inexperienced. This is not a judgement on the Council but a fact which the Town Manager has been using to his advantage.

      You are new to Yucca Valley, a recent transplant from Twentynine Palms and apparently easily impressed with your new BFF. That does not make you a bad person, just uninformed. If you attended the Strategic Planning meeting or do your homework on the current fiscal crisis, I believe you would have a different opinion to see there is lot’s of “new blood” sitting on the council and we do not need another “newbie” at this time.

      Bob Leone brings experience and common sense to the dais. Serving with honor as a Law Enforcement officer, 3 time Mayor and 12 years on the Yucca Valley Council, he is the solution we need to solve the current fiscal crisis.

      For the above reasons, and there are more, I urge the citizens to vote for Bob Leone. Experience you can Trust.


  4. Steve Whitten Steve Whitten says:

    Yes Margo, I am a proud to support Jennifer Collins for Town Council. I am not as easliy duped as you may think.

    I am continously educating myself on the issues facing YV as I may run sometime in the future. Please don’t hold the fact that I live in Storey park against me.

    Like I said before, I sure Bob leone is a nice guy, but I am a very strong proponent of term limits for any elected official and he’s been there done that for 12 years already. In my opinion, his time has come and gone.

    Convince us newbies, why vote for him. Need more meat on the bone than he has the experience and common sense.

    When I ran for City Council in 29, bloggers on CT hounded me about my platform.

    So in Bob’s words, not Margo’s, what is his platform?

    • Congratulations to you. You can proudly claim to be one of the “Bubble People of Measure U.” Thank you for listening to our arguments against Measure U and voting as you saw fit to do.

      You’re mind is already made up and I do not want to confuse you with the facts. Have a nice day and best wishes to you on your run for office or perhaps you can hope to be appointed.

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