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Z107.7 Story Retraction Request – False Reporting

By   /   January 14, 2013  /   6 Comments

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Morongo Basin Broadcasting Corporation
6448 Hallee Road, Suite 5
Joshua Tree, CA 92252

January 14, 2013

Dear KCDZ, Z107.7 FM, Reporter Gary Daigneault -
1. Today’s news story on your radio station, Z107.7 FM, and its associated website about pipes breaking again inside the Hi-Desert Cultural Center’s front playhouse (the Kaye Ballard Theater) is completely false.  We are determining whether to file a complaint against you and your station, and in so doing and as mitigation against damages we respectfully request information and an immediate retraction.

As an “award-winning journalist”, I would have expected you to complete proper due diligence and verify a story that could, if incorrectly and/or negligently reported, have such an adverse impact on the Hi-Desert Cultural Center.  We demand a retraction.  The fact is that an outside pipe ruptured in the middle of the Cultural Center’s parking lot where Joshua Basin Water District owned pipes (not theater pipes) have broken in the past.  The interior pipes in the Kaye Ballard Theater that broke several years ago were a part of our old fire suppression system, which has since been completely renovated and modernized at a cost of more than $20,000.  We also have four new whisper-quiet, ultra-efficient HVAC units that provide heating to the interior of the building even when it is not occupied.  As there is substantial evidence, anyone who spent a modicum of time looking at the parking lot and water flow could tell that the water didn’t originate from either of our theaters.
2. Pursuant to the Hi-Desert Cultural Center’s request for a retraction to this incorrect and false reporting on both your station’s regular news airing and on your station’s website, kindly inform me as to when this retraction will occur.  It must be of the same prominence and distribution as the originally “aired” piece.

3. Your station’s story stated that “workers then discovered…”. Specifically state what entity the “workers” were associated with that you or someone from your station allegedly communicated with as your source for this story.  The Hi-Desert Cultural Center will file whatever public information requests or complaints are necessary to ascertain whether any water district or fire department personnel spoke to Z107.7 and, if so, what was officially in their documentation.  We do not take this lightly.

4. Identify what actions you or someone from your radio station took to verify this story.  Did you attempt to contact anyone with the Hi-Desert Cultural Center?  If you did verify the story, please provide the position of the person with whom you spoke and their name.  

As an aside, I find it quite interesting that, to me, it seems that you choose to no longer run our press releases — even if they are of the same nature as those of Theatre 29.  From a myriad of theatrical performances, theatre auditions, concerts, arts entertainment, arts education, multi-media and technology classes, the Strings Conservatory, and our Desert’s very own Philharmonic, among many other Hi-Desert Cultural Center offerings. . . none of these press releases are considered news by your station, yet you seem to find this inaccurate story worthy of occupying your precious airtime.


Jarrod Radnich

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Hi-Desert Cultural Center

The mission of the Hi-Desert Cultural Center is to operate a Cultural Center that provides venues, support facilities, funding, promotion, leadership, innovation, education, and other resources for programs and productions whose focus is on the aesthetic arts - including dramatic, musical, visual, and other forms of artistic expression.

The Hi-Desert Cultural Center is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation incorporated in the State of California as the Hi-Desert Playhouse Guild, Inc. doing business as the Hi-Desert Cultural Center. As required by law it is also registered with the CA DOJ Registry of Charitable Trusts. Donations to it are deductible to the full extent of the law; it is exempted from both federal and state taxes.


  1. Paparrazi Paparrazi says:

    LOL. As I was reading this over reaction to Gary’s sloppy joe reporting. I knew there had to be a dog somewhere in the fight that I couldn’t see. Seems ole J rod’s bent that Gary choose not to do any press releases for his institution. J rod, did you really think Gary was going to play ball on a level field? And I’ve just gotta know, did you ever thank Gary for the free PSA’s he gave you in the past? Sure hope ya did. I know of one event that the MB would shell out some hard earned greenbacks for at the Hi-Desert Cultural Center, a little mudwrestlin fest with you and Gary wearing nutin but some pink leopard thongs ala Bruno Tonioli. All the paid tickets will get scoring cards on the match and the loser gets to wear depends to work for a week.

  2. This inaccuracy indeed creates the perception of impropriety that the Kaye Ballard Theater) is negligent and does not maintain it facility. Of course this is false since the Center has made enormous improvements and investments in the theater.

    Since reporter/operator/owner Gary Daigneault is a mover and shaker involved in a competing theater in 29 Palms, it makes it more necessary to run a broadcast and website correction.

    The Z107.7 story made a strong point “that pipes had broken AGAIN (emphasis added) inside the playhouse”.

    stay tuned… Will Gary make a meaningful correction?

  3. UPDATE: 8:12 AM Tuesday:

    The station just made a correction.

  4. UPDATE to correction: The station DID NOT make a correction on its webpage news. After yesterday’s morning broadcast, the station put the incorrect story up on its print news webpage absent the correction. Thus, the story stands in its original incorrect form. It also still mixing incorrect news content with an additional insult by adding the pipes broke “again”.

    Hence, the Cultural Center in Joshua Tree continues to be harmed on the worldwide.

  5. Gary Daigneault’s public Facebook response posted today, January 16, 2013 at about 5:00 pm.



    Jarrod, that is what we were told by the fire department. We have corrected it. Your hysterical overreaction belittles you. You have refused to answer to the people who have donated many thousands of dollars to see their beloved community Theatre restored. Are you actually restoring it as a theatre as you pledged or turning it into a hi-tech soundstage and recording studio for rent. You took money from the public for a community theater, not a soundstage. When you stop refusing to answer questions, we will consider covering your activities.


    Gary- Overreaction is not correct. Your story that was not verified with us caused people to think that the renovations we had made with their money were wiped out or negated — which was not accurate. And your implied charges are not taken well. We have given updates and held events for our donors and put out the Kaye Ballard Theater online brochure. It clearly outlines the theater being completed and programs that will be offered. You know that the money raised from the public is a fraction of that needed to restore the building, absent any additional production facilities. And we weren’t asking for millions of dollars. When our press is not out there and your reporters are prevented from covering our fundraisers and productions, that makes it all the much harder to raise those funds… and you know that. We own our buildings and have constant upkeep — that’s a lot of work for all our volunteers. I have put more volunteer hours into that theater than most people can imagine, and during a time in my life/career when most people would never donate that much time. We have always explained that the production facilities are a vehicle, Gary, to fund the arts (including live theater) and education programs we offer and want to offer and that our community deserves and will benefit from. It’s a vehicle to make sure that competent staff are able to be hired, and the facilities do not ever again experience the capital deficit and lack of upkeep of the past. A self-sustaining cultural center that can produce theater, music concerts, educational arts programs, and teach our talented community members new skills in multi-media production is something that should be lauded by those taking roles as leaders, not ostracized. I look forward to the day when the Kaye Ballard Theater not only reopens its center stage, but it takes center stage in the Morongo Basin as the arts and economic landmark it will be.

  6. disduke disduke says:

    Well Jarrod, it sounds to me like you’re one of the few people up here who was man enough not to kiss “gary don’t know’s” ass. good for you:) I wouldn’t worry too much about the effects of his “news” story, most people don’t take anything coming from that station as the truth anyway, despite what he might think. How do you think he got the name “gary don’t know”?? Good luck with the theater:)

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