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“Changing comment highly unethical”…. Really?

By   /   January 14, 2013  /   3 Comments

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Cry-BabyWe need to thank the Hi-Desert Star for the free advertising that it provided this weekend.

I almost fell from my chair in laughter as I read…  Changing comment highly unethical by the deranged  man child, Jeff Drozd.

What ticked me most about the article is it was printed in the local paper who regularly deletes whole threads of conversations. And let me tell you if they do not like what you have to say the lose your comment or letter in the circular file system. So what was funny about that was the hypocrisy.

Did I edit that lunatics comment? You bet your sweet ass I did. The man acting like a juvenile delinquent attempted to hack our website by inserting incompatible html and over runs. Did I warn him? Yes I did… I told him not to continue doing it. He continued…. He got edited.

The guy is obviously an idiot. He is too silly to be a public servant as a planning commissioner and I question who is the adult in his classrooms. To bring such trivial complaints to of all folks, the Hi-Desert Star? Really? You figure that is going to hurt Cactus Thorns, Drozd?

I reserve the right to edit comments as has been from day one been part of my terms of service. Now Mr. Drozd you want to whine because I caught you in the act of hacking my website? I should have called the FCC. I should have called Homeland Security, but I figured I could handle it right here. If you think I should feel some guilt in editing your comment, you have another thing coming.

My Grandfather and my Uncle Sam were both Hollywood Publicity Agents and always said, “It doesnt matter what they say about you, as long as the are saying it…”

It matter not what you call me as long as you are talking. Long Live Cactusthorns.com

Once again…. Thanks for the free publicity….. Watch there goes the post in the paper…. LOL…

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  • Published: 2 years ago on January 14, 2013
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  1. Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

    WOW, what lies, I stopped my “incompatible html”… you mean a series of periods as soon as you pointed that it caused you technical issues. WOW I had no idea who you were till recently but I see that you are very irrational. If you think that not posting a comment because some people think its offensive is equal to ALTERING a comment you are crazy. PLEASE delete me from this blog but I doubt you have the guts to do it because you love controversy. If anything I can take you to court for altering my post, THAT is a form of hacking me. Back off O’Brien or I will see you in court. Differing opinions are ok but outright lies are not, quit the lies. Lets see if ANY of your Cactus Thorns (another word for Cactus Thorns are Pricks)friends have the guts to call you out on this, your sooooo obviously wrong, altering a comment is way overboard. I will NEVER POST ON HERE AGAIN………… Adios and Koo Koo Ka Choo, there are too many things of much more importance than to waste time blogging with people that have no common sense and have no sense of humor. AND to think our comments could be altered is horrendous. Rolemodel.jpg

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      Comments are regularly changed in such prestigious publications as the Los Angeles and New York Times. While you think you have a unfettered right to your first amendment here or for that matter the Hi-Desert Star, you do not…. That first Amendment Right is owned by the Publisher not the Gadfly Comment warrior who comes along and disrupts the flow of information for his own entertainment.

      As for you not posting……

      Thanks for the memories…. adios…. see yeah…. ado… bye bye… We have enough ass hats and evil clowns in government…. you are one of them. And need to go.

      • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

        Oh yeah and by the way….. You want to take me to court on this issue? Well lets do it to it…. As a public Person and yes my dear sir you are in all ways a public person you had better get your ducks in a row… I don’t think you are in the drivers seat and you might check with the Town Attorney on that threat….

        The law is pretty clear… but you can try…. I could use the money…

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