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Donnelly moves to clean up Cook’s Mess

By   /   January 14, 2013  /   6 Comments

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Sacramento, CA – California offers some of the greatest OHV recreation opportunities in the nation.


However, A.B. 1595 that became effective January 1 restricting OHV use and operation has caused some confusion for the public and law enforcement agencies. Among the changes is a requirement setting age limitations for the operation of such vehicles,  the requirement for seat belts and helmets by passengers and operators, and the requirement that passengers be able to reach safety handholds.


Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R-Twin Peaks)

Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (R-Twin Peaks) believes the legislation imposes unnecessary restrictions on OHV ownership and recreation and has introduced A.D. 63 to repeal the new regulations.

A.B. 64 will restore the rights law abiding citizens enjoyed last year when participating in off-highway vehicle recreation,” Donnelly stated in a media release.

A.B. 64 will wipe the slate clean by removing A.B. 1595 from the books completely,” Donnelly continued. “A basic American sport and pastime should not be unreasonably restricted. Families are perfectly capable of watching out for the safety of those in their party without further government interference. When governing, we must be sensitive to our duty of using the least restrictive methods possible; the laws already on the books were adequate to ensure safe operation of OHVs.”

A.B. 64 will strike the language of AB 1595 from California Vehicle code, restoring the previous laws regulating off-highway vehicles.

A.B. 1595

The Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association originally supported A.B. 1595. The bill received no formal opposition during the legislative process. As a result, the bill was not vetted in a single committee, according to Donnelly’s office.  Riders and families who use and purchase the vehicles did not send in formal opposition until it was too late, and the bill had already been signed into law by the governor on July 24. Their protests, however, revealed significant problems with the restrictions.

The author vowed to fix these issues by deleting some provisions imposed by the bill. Unfortunately, the only fix that passed within Legislative deadlines last year was minor, only tweaking some of the freedom-breaching restrictions, not removing them.



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Off roader since 1971. Fan of Cactus Thorns. Don't like lying politicians. I don't ride the Donkey or Elephant! Fan of Ted Nugent! Malcolm Smith! Not a fan of John McCain, Barrak OhBama, Lamestream Media, Perpetrators of Hate such as Anti God, Religious Bigots, Anti Traditional Family, Anti Off Road Recreation Freaks, Eco Freaks (terrorist) and Anti Original Intent. I have been subjected to eco terrorist attempts that could have resulted in loss of life to me or other off roaders. I say screw China and tell them they made a bad investment.


  1. Paparrazi Paparrazi says:

    I know that the people of the Morongo Basin might not be familiar with Tim Donnelly’ name. He replaced Anthony “Rhino” Adams who signed a pledge promising not to raise taxes. As soon as he got in office raising taxes was the first thing on his agenda. Under intense criticism he did not seek reelection and thankfully Donnelly was elected to his seat. Donnelly was easily reelected despite an embarrassing incident at LAX in which he was arrested for carrying a loaded weapon before boarding his flight. Humbly he apologized for forgetting to remove the bullets which would have made it lawful to transport the weapon. Voters instinctively knew that this was a blooper rather than an intentional act of lawlessness. So back to my point. Tim is more like Sheriff Joe Arpaio, A no nonsense politician who’s record made me switch my vote for him as he sought reelection. He’ll need support from us to address the harm caused by Paul Cooks ill conceived legislation.

  2. Tim Humphreville Tim Humphreville says:

    I Hope that he will be successful in fixing this mess. I would also like to point out that he must have voted for AB 1595 because it got one hundred percent vote. Paparrazi, why don’t you ask him why he voted for this in the first place? You just said he is not a Rhino. It sounds like he is playing the politician game to run for re-election,or maybe congress in two years.

    • Paparrazi Paparrazi says:

      Apparently Mr Cook slid the bill under the radar. Seems that like Obamacare the devil was in the details and were not brought to the assemblyman’s attention until after it had passed.

      From Tim Donnelly: AB 1595 was supported by the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association. The bill received no formal opposition during the legislative process. As a result, the bill was not vetted in a single committee. Riders and families who use and purchase the vehicles did not send in formal opposition until it was too late, and the bill had already been signed into law. Their protests, however, revealed significant problems with the restrictions.

      So yes Tim did vote for it in session 3 which Cook promised to have cleaned up. After citizens pointed out other flaws Tim did the right thing by seeking to strike AB 1595 from the law. I’m sure your aware that politics are not about disagreeing to win the battle but lose the war. But there are some battles worth fighting to win so you can win the war as well. You’ve got to pick and choose your battles. Obviously since he’s been made aware he’s seeking to rectify the error. A Rhino would have remained content to wallow in the murky pond and remain cool and hidden from the public. Tim’s no Rhino and I can tell you that from first hand experience with him. Thanks for trying.

      • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

        Cooks first press release on his latest meaningless do nothing legislation is once again cloaked as good for Veterans.

        We got it Cook…. You are a veteran, you were an officer puke, and you won the standard Officers Bronze Star for showing up in theater and two paper cut awards. Must we hear this same mantra in every press release you make?

        Cook needs to Stop spending money and start proposing how he is going to save money!!

      • Tim Humphreville Tim Humphreville says:

        So, Paparazzi what you are telling me is that he voted for it without reading it. I hope he learend his lesson, and will read everything before he votes. That is what they get paid to do right? Again I hope he will be successful in fixing that mess, But with the state of politics here in California, I will not be holding my breath

        • Paparrazi Paparrazi says:

          Tim, I would hope that you would be more familiar with how bills like this come across. California passed over 800 new laws last year. That’s over 2 per day. Some have very complicated issues and require a lot of attention. Some don’t. As always there will be something that gets overlooked as they may appear fine on a surface level. Others as this one slid under the radar. I’m sure that you have voted for something only to find out that there was something you didn’t like about it later. Your making way too much about this. Carrying on over something so trivial is petty.

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