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Twentynine Palms City Budget:The Novella

By   /   January 13, 2013  /   1 Comment

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fighting over moneyThe new version of the city’s budget has yet to appear online, so I thought I would summarize the top 3 or 4 city departments for your reading pleasure. Taking top honors is the Police Department. According to Warne’s numbers, we pay 3,199,000.00 to the PD and that accounts for 38% of the budget. No complaints here. I like to see our police men and women around town.

2nd place is awarded to Non-Departmental. At approximately1.2million, Non- Departmental takes up 14% of the budget. Non-Departmental expenses are expenses that are not directly attributable to another department or activity. For example in 29 Palms; printing, 4,000, advertising,1,000 office supplies,12,000. postage ($10,000; I heard the price of stamps were going up, but that much? Holy Cow, I think I will email!), credit card administration fees ($10,000), Miscellaneous, 50,000 (Try that on your spouse and see what reaction you get!) Cafeteria plans, 1,500, Dues and Subscriptions, 10,000, League of CA Cities dues, 11,000 (not as cool as The Justice League), Copier leases,$9,100, audit 30,000, Property Tax Collection Charges by the County $75,000. Other Public Employee Benefits $215,0009prior year) 50,000 current year, Gen Liability Insurance$150,000 etc…

3rd place-at 13% of the budget Community Services Dept. $1.1 million. Community Services is the umbrella from which Park and Rec, Senior Citizen Center, youth club, and community center operate.

Community Services Admistration Expenditures- Salaries- $186,090-Vehicle allowance-$1,200 and Insurance and Retirement $72,000. Maint and Operation hmmm……how did Public Art Advisory Committee end up here? $15,000. Is this a misprint?  telephone $7,500,  office supplies-$5,000. Now I don’t understand this, in 2010 and 2011 water expenditures are listed in the 6,000 range and telephone is o. Then in 2012 and 2013 water is 1,000 and telephone is 7,500. I guess I will have to ask for clarification, if we ever have a mid-year budget on our agenda. Maint and Operation $64,000. The total for Community Services Admin Expenditures-$323,940.

Recreation- Salaries full time-$322,000-temp youth and day camp-$16,000, Insurance and Retirement-$150,000

Maint. and Operation-$162,500- Total Rec Expenditures $650,880

Luckie Pool- Salaries and benefits $34,200- Maintenance and operations $36,600- Total $70,800

Senior Center-maint and operation-$33,000

Youth Club $8,900

Community Center- $21,750

I believe that’s enough excitement for one night.



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Cora Heiser

Twentynine Palms resident

1 Comment

  1. Thanks Cora for posting this.

    A Cautionary tale:

    Similarly, the City of San Bernardino contracts out police services to the County. Given an article on the SB Sun Monday, that may change with cuts in county policing services and the County may be requiring more money for less service.

    HENCEFORTH, the cautionary tail is that is it really the best option to contract with the County for fire protection… Once on board, the County sets the terms.

    Thanks to Cora for posting this info. Holy cow, the community has real council member with real desires to really serve the community with sincere transparency.

    She’s going to embarrass the other councilmen who have rejected a written request from local inter-agencies for an for an open and meaningful community/joint meeting to discuss the options for city fire protection.

    Don’t forget the CC meeting tonight wherein the city manager and legal council will discuss the future of public safety and fire protection.

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