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Look the man’s nuts! Grab’em!

By   /   January 11, 2013  /   19 Comments

Richard Warne in one dramatic move will destroy a 25 year record of cooperation, trust and mutual admiration between the City and the Water Board with his incredible attack upon the Water District and the management of the Fire Department.

Attached is a 70 page Power Point that is even worse that what was expected when we were denied an early peek at it from Rutan and Tucker. It is a full blown attack on the Water District…. A declaration of War.

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Kzq4T7M4O6-2 Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder in which the individual is described as being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity. This condition affects one percent of the population. First formulated in 1968, it was historically called megalomania, and it is closely linked to egocentrism.

Richard Warne in one dramatic move will destroy a 25 year record of cooperation, trust and mutual admiration between the City and the Water Board with his incredible attack upon the Water District and the management of the Fire Department.

Attached is a 137 page Power Point that is even worse that what was expected when we were denied an early peek at it from Rutan and Tucker. It is a full blown attack on the Water District…. A declaration of War.

If this Power Point and the recommendations listed in the attached Agendas are allowed be aired in a public meeting without the Water Board having the ability to answer the false allegations then all hell will break loose.

51rPKpeO0hL._SL500_AA300_Take it from me… a guy who threw caution to the wind and declared war of a government agency. Win lose or draw  it took 13 years to find some sort of  peace. This is not just one guy fighting  a windmill but Agency against Agency. This has the potential of permanently dividing the town in such a way that nothing in the future will get done.

Richard Warne has no idea how this town works and the interrelations of Family, friends and experience. Without this knowledge he sets friend against friend, family member against family member. He has declared, in these documents, Civil War.

I pray that the City Council call for  an emergency special meeting to put a stop to this insanity, make a formal apology to the Water District, renew the desire to find a equitable answer to the Fire Department Issue and terminate this Megalomaniac before he causes blood in the streets.

Folks we have to live in this town long after this guy is gone…. He is dangerous… he needs a 72 Hour Evaluation…. He needs a Net!

The guy is insane!!!!!




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  • Published: 2 years ago on January 11, 2013
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  1. Steve_In_29 Steve_In_29 says:

    If the City Council doesn’t make an IMMEDIATE disavowal of Richard Warne’s mud slinging presentation, then it can only be assumed they are in COMPLETE agreement with him. Such agreement would only do permanent damage to their reputations in this town and their ability to get reelected.

    • Cora Heiser Cora Heiser says:

      I want to give Council Member Jim Harris a big thanks for going on the Up Close Show this morning. I just listened to it online and he did an excellent job of explaining what happened. I am very disgusted in the garbage that City Manager Warne put together,and there is no excuse for it,but we are having the meeting,and I hope that 29 will pull together and work through this. We will be here long after Mr. Warne is gone. Remember, never take advice from a person that won’t be around long enough to see the consequences.

      • Steve_In_29 Steve_In_29 says:

        I didn’t hear the show but good on Jim.

        Was the explanation that Richard Warne had acted improperly and that the presentation was NOT the City’s official position?

        • Cora Heiser Cora Heiser says:

          Yes, that is correct. We were given that document about 30 min before it was posted online.

        • Cora Heiser Cora Heiser says:

          and to explain further that document was denied to several people because it wasn’t ready. In discussions with Mr. Warne in prior days, I specifically said that the presentation was not to be rude and not to embarass anyone. He showed me a slide show, but it was not that one.

          • Steve Spear Steve Spear says:

            Cora I am with you on this. There are two issues at play here that I feel need to be addressed at different times, and as it is so easy to do combine the two, and make the problem possibly harder than it needs to be.

            The first issue for Monday night is not to explore how we got to where we are in regards to the fire department as some would like to do and in so doing blame and belittle.

            Rather we need to be able to recognize that public safety is the paramount duty of any city. With that being said the issue of fire protection in our city, in the final analysis, is an issue of a flat revenue stream – the parcel assessment.

            Weather we save our own fire department or default that responsibility to county fire will not change the fact that even county fire will need to increase the revenue stream in order to provide services to the city. Just as the county Sheriff increases costs for law enforcement services on an annual basis so too will county fire should that option be selected.

            They will try to increase the parcel assessment in 2014 and if unsuccessful they will cut services even further below what they are proposing now.

            We can do that on our own and we do not need county fire in order to do it.

            I have studied this matter for years as did Jim Harris and Sam Moore and a few others that are still around. It is a funding issue.

            Given that conclusion there then remains the only viable option and that is to, in some manner, get the city to understand that it can not simply keep the entire general tax levy and not provide a single cent for fire protection.

            I will be looking forward to the discussions on Monday night to see how each of the council members perceives exactly what their primary duty is and that is of providing for public safety.

            The second issue that needs to be addressed but not on Monday night is the termination of Richard Warne as the city manager.

            The arguments for that termination are many and will be brought up at the appropriate time which according to his contract is March 2013. Nothing in that contract prohibits the council from starting the information collection process now.

            • Cora Heiser Cora Heiser says:

              I agree that there are several issues. The first being public safety. We need to get through that and then deal with what I beliieve is a broken system, in which Warne is a symptom of the broken system.

  2. The CC needs to pull Richard Warne’s disruptive power point presentation from Monday’s agenda. If not, Monday will not be a honest in fact discussion of the future of public safety and fire services, but more of a backstabbing kangaroo court and an arena to defaming and slander two departments serving the city and its community. That is not the way to conduct one of the most important city meetings in years.

    Upon review of all the Links, Richard Warne is throwing excrement to the fan to see what sticks in order to divide and concur the community. The Power Point presentation is incendiary, bloated with propaganda and detrimental any fair and responsible discussion concerning the future of public safety and fire services.

    It’s time for the CC to take control (but do they have the ability?).

  3. Mark Clemons Mark Clemons says:

    The last time I was posting about the water district and fire department I was threatened with Steve S. moderating (censoring) my post, pissed me off so I stop posting.

    In these times of economic uncertainly we need some level heads not a witch hunt. That said after a brief review of the attached link it confirms my belief that the good citizens would be better served if not only the county took control of the fire department but it also took over all city services. Just look at the saving of the elimination of the financial burden of a city manager that has an all-inclusive cost close to or maybe even more than $300,000.00 annually.

    2013 let’s fire the city and take our fine town back from the carpet bagging out of town consultants managers lawyers and such. Give the citizens the protection they deserve by the transfer of the fire department to county to include professional paramedics. It should be a no brainier.

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      this isn’t because of content but kids playing with the programming language of the board…. You want to try to crash my board I’ll moderate you too….

    • So Mark, you’re okay with gutting fire protection and public safety by one half if the county would takes over the responsibility of providing services? They cannot maintain the public safety we have today.

      What if there are simultaneous emergencies in town, one of your structures is on fire, and the engine and firefighters — that would have saved your property — have been discontinued so cannot come to your rescue?

      I’m interested in your thoughts. Thanks in advance.

      • Mark Clemons Mark Clemons says:

        I am more concerned about medical aid (County paramedics) than my structures. Insurance can pay for rebuilding a structure they can’t replace a loved one.

        I have found that the public funded institutions have this system that if you don’t spend it you lose it. Steve has spent a lot of time in these institutions maybe he has a story or two about this practice of waste.

        I don’t believe the county, I think they are positioning for as much funding as possible, it is not above the bureaucrats at the top to use the fear factor to leverage as much of the pot as they can. Just as they do on the local level.

        In these times of limited funding we may need to fire the waste the city so as we may have the essentials. We need to eliminate the waste fraud and abuse and keep focus on the big picture.

        • Steve Spear Steve Spear says:

          Good concern. I took some research time and found on the city website video of Chief Hartwig where that paramedic you speak of is part of the response team from the downtown Adobe station.

          That other paramedic, which is not addressed, presumably will be an on-call paid firefighter at the Lear station.

          In the event that the primary team from the Adobe station is already on scene at an emergency that second team from the Lear station will need to be paged, leave their homes, wherever that might be, respond to the station, put on their turn out gear, man the equipment and then drive to the scene of the second emergency.

          I am “guestimating” that could be 20 to 30 minutes.

          No paramedic is going to solve a medical situation that is 30 minutes old.

          I would rather have our highly trained first aid responders of the Twentynine Palms Fire Department at my house within 3 to 4 minutes than have to wait 30 for a paid on call fire fighter. My heart attack or sliced artery or whatever just won’t wait for that paramedic.

          The tragedy of this whole situation is that the city manager has not addressed the issue in terms of public safety. Rather he layed blame and is only thinking in terms of the General Fund.

          He does not want to address the very real issues of having to cut the city budget in terms of grass at the parks, money for non-profits, and a slew of other items that are simply “nice to have” as compared to “must have”.

          He also fails to address the following inconsistency in his slanted presentation. He is very fast to point out that the contract for law enforcement has increased about $500,000.00 since 2004. The Sheriff’s Department is a county entity that charges for its services.

          County Fire is also from the COUNTY. Does he not think that the cost of fire protection from county fire will also increase each and every year? How does he propose to pay for that increase with a parcel tax that is flat in terms of growth?

          What is certain is that we as citizens will have our three minutes to attempt to address our concerns on this very complicated subject and then be told to sit down. On the other hand city staff will have as much time as they desire to sell their option to the council.

          Too many questions and concerns and not enough time for the average citizen when it comes to public input.

          • Steve, the CC rejected the TPWD Board’s written request for a good faith Joint Community Meeting. Since then they scheduled their own CC Monday meeting. That is not a joint meeting of all concerned parties (the community, the CC, the fire department and the water department).

            It was done such that — lets be serious — the city now has absolute control (under the legal advise of a bad attorney and his sidekick, out of control Richard Warne.

            We all know Warne’s Power Point presentation format is a MEETING TO PERSECUTE the fire department and the water department. That power point should be pulled from the agenda because the Monday’s CC meeting is a sham if it is presented as published.

            Who in the “F” rejected the water board’s request for a meaningful and good faith correspondence of all parties into a contentious and one-sided platform? The Mayor, Mayor ProTem or the city manager?

            The bigger question that got lost in Warne’s maneuvering is why has the CC not accepted the invitation to meet jointly with all parties?

            Steve S. wrote: “Too many questions and concerns and not enough time for the average citizen when it comes to public input.”

            • Steve Spear Steve Spear says:

              Hi Branson,

              It is my understanding that the CC had nothing to do with the power point presentation.

              I also understand that there was a meeting of the Mayor and Mayor Protem with the Water Board President and Vice President on Wednesday the 9th in order to flesh out further discussions.

              I somehow think that could all be scuttled now given Warne’s reckless behavior.

              I also understand that Warne interpreted what he was told to do by the council in a very narrow light and that is why this meeting on Monday is not the joint meeting that you and I as well as Heiser and Harris thought it would be.

              Right now Branson as I see it Richard Warne is a major problem to meaningful discussion.

              But discussing his failures on Monday night will not help solve our fire department issue. His time is coming in March.

              lets stick with trying find a solution that works then we can deal with Warne afterwards.

            • Steve, can three CC members pull the plug on Richard Warne’s power point presentation? If that presentation isn’t pulled, the meeting will accomplish little in terms of a meeting of the minds over the future of fire services. Both issues need to be bifurcated. We we are in agreement.

              It’s also my understand the CC had nothing to do with the power point presentation.

              You are right “that right now Richard Warne is a major problem to meaningful discussion.” That problem was created by the CC and his errant behavior continues to be a glaring problem.

              It’s almost like the CC and many of us look to Warne as though he were some sort of out-of-control the Wizard of OZ that calls the shots, not the CC. This is an developing issue to which it seems may be addressed the CC at a later date.

              However, if the power point presentation is not pulled by 3 council members — Richard Warne has successfully taken control of the meeting — “exactly the way Warne designed it”.

              Everyone but Warne and his supporters) will have wasted their time.

            • Steve Spear Steve Spear says:

              Yes Branson three council members can order him not to make the presentation.

              At the very start of the agenda the first item of business is “City Manager’s Report”.

              One council member would need to address the Mayor at that time and before Warne speaks and make a motion that the city manager not be allowed to use the power point presentation. It would need to have a second then a vote of three.

              I do not see that happening. I believe that Warne has been warned and his wings have been clipped to only using a few of the slides that have no opinion only factual information. We will see.

              If he deviates into the blame mode I can almost see things getting heated in that chamber.

              Joel Klink needs to tread softly with the public and ride Warne hard and put a leash on him.

              There is going to be the entire fire department there, citizens, the water board, basically all the people that Warne insulted with his publication of those original 137 slides.

              Good Luck.

    • Steve Spear Steve Spear says:

      Hi Mark,

      Sorry I upset you last time. However, last time you were making claims and asserting positions that were not on the table and were confusing the issues.

      This time you are not.

      You believe that the county fire option is the best option. I disagree with that but it is a valid option that needs to be discussed.

      In the event that the city does decide to have county fire provide fire protection services then I would think that there may many more citizens at that point that may just agree with your position of dis-incorporation.

      Welcome back!

    • LINDAG LINDAG says:

      Yes! We have the same problem here in La Quinta…with now a carpet bagging City Manager from RSG, Frank Sp. leading our bobblehead council. It will only get worse as he led us into the abyss of RDA debt to the tune of a half-BILLION DOLLAR DEBT! It will only be a short time before he bankrupts our City…you can only assess just so much, which I know is what he has in mind. DISINCORPORATE AND SAVE THE TAX PAYERS MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!

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