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An Open Letter to Mr. George Huntington-Recent Yucca Valley Mayor

By   /   January 10, 2013  /   12 Comments

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Big Belly CompactorYucca Valley, Ca.,-Dear Mr. Huntington, The citizens of Yucca Valley have the highest respect for you. Your many years on the Yucca Valley Planning Commission served our Town well during the construction boom times and hectic reviews of all the plans submitted.  As a builder, you had a clear grasp of the elevations, set backs and required “ginger-breading” needed for a blank wall facing a neighbor on the commercial corridor.  You listened to the builders and developers when they complained their comments of the minutes did not show what they said and had no problem ordering the comments to be re-written verbatim. It is too bad there were no DVD recordings of all your wise decisions to show the dignity and prestige the Planning Commissioners brought to the table to represent Yucca Valley. I learned so much by watching you when I attended the meetings.

Now as a Town Councilman,you bring that same dignity to our Town. The town is facing some real big problems in the near future with an $850,000 deficit and a commitment of about 30% of the Town budget for a low-income housing scheme, among other similar problems.

While I have brought these topics to the forefront of the citizens, there is the situation of your appointment to the Planning Commission: Jeff Drozd

He has posted as a silly Commissioner Gordon, from the Batman cartoons, I guess, and is a poor reflection on you when he does this.  As a “Town Official,” I believe Mr. Drozd does not understand the dignity and decorum of being a Planning Commissioner.

Jeff Drozd’s Other World?


Jeff Drozd Avatar

Jamie Anderson_Jeff Drozd_Elin Loveless_Measure U DEFEATED!

YV Town Clerk Jamie Anderson, Planning Commissioner Jeff Drozd, Past Councilman Elin Loveless, Measure U DEFEATED!




I actually believe Drozd cannot accept the fact that Measure U was DEFEATED! There are too many comments that reflect poorly on you Mr. Huntington, I am embarrassed for you when your Planning Commissioner is acting out as a Batman character. Hopefully, this post will help him to seek counseling because he is setting an example to our young adults.

Here is a link to just a few comments Drozd has posted on the Hi-Desert Star-Link:   Commissioner Gordon  To date he has posted 51 comments on their site. Aside from acting out as a Batman Character, some of his comments were lucid. Not so on Cactus Thorns! I will spare you the embarrassment of posting his non-lucid comments on this blog.

Please know, in the future-each time he jams an important story trying to hi-jack the comments, I will personally point out he is YOUR Planning Commissioner and as such, is your representative that reflects on you.

Hopefully, giving him this cartoon attention he craves acting out as “Commissioner Gordon”will encourage him to take his medications if he is having identity difficulties.

Sorry to bother you George, but this guy is really acts like a jerk sometimes.



To learn more about Yucca Valley Career Pathways please contact Mr. Drozd, Career Director

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Jeff Drozd

Career Director

Phone: (760) ***-****  HQ Phone

Email: j***@***.net

Yucca Valley High School
7090 Twentynine Palms Highway
Yucca Valley, California 92284
United States
Company Description: Yucca Valley is a Southern California high desert community (elevation 3,300 ft.) that lies conveniently between the San Bernardino Mountains and the Joshua Tree…   more



Employment History

Web References
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Jeff Drozd, School to Career Director , jdrozd@yvhs.net , 365-3391 ext. 3106 , room D2
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www.yvhs.net, 6 April 2006 [cached]

Jeff Drozd
The fourth annual Yucca Valley High School Career Pathways Foundation Golf Tournament April 16th @ Cimarron Golf Club | DesertCaddie
desertcaddie.com, 23 May 2010 [cached]

by Jeff Drozd

For more information call Jeff Drozd at 760-365-3391 x3106 or email him at jdrozd@yvhs.net

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Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell


  1. Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

    Thufferin Thuckatash ive been BAMBOOZLED….. if I lose my position, job or integrity at least I still have dots…… …………. ………… ………. ……… ……. ……… ……. …….. ……. …….. …… ….. …… ….. …… ohhh you left out my accomplishment as a Twister champion last year….. ……. ……. ….. …… …… ……. ……. ……….. …….. …….. …… …… ……. ….. ……….. ……… ……. …….. ……. ……. ………. ……… ………. ………. ……… …… …… ….. ……. ….. …….. …… ……. …… .. exit stage left

    Editors note: I hate having to go back in to peoples comments to make them comply with common sense rules of HTML…. I understand you are a teacher… Then f**king type like an adult… I could care less about you guys arguing but it pisses me off when you abuse my website by not complying with common courtesy..

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      Look you stupid f**k… you do another endless series of dots… I will ban you from posting on this site….

      HERE….. Maybe this will keep you busy for 3 or 4 mins.

      • Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

        Dan, You know if you block me it only shows how slanted this site is, look at this blog, just because I defend what is just and right in my opinion and Margo has the right to try to drag me through the mud? Very twisted and unfair. I can get a little silly but only when silly lies are thrown at me, “stupid is what stupid does”. I will stop the dots, that messes with your webpage and I did not realize and I ONLY apologize for that but as the moderator of this blog calling me a “stupid f**k”?? Changing the content of my comments? Changing MY comment is VERY inappropriate AND unethical. So when are all of us doing lunch?

      • Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

        Is this a sick twisted turn on for you to send me your old stained magazine pictures. Whatever turns you on O’Brien….

  2. Dean M Gray Dean M Gray says:

    I’ve never been afraid to use my birth name to own what I say and write. Since first published in 1969 I’ve written strong worded criticism telling it like it is and never been sued because my written work is true and it comes from the spirit of correction with good intentions signed with my own name. The ordeal of written work and commentary is not intended to be popular or for the reader to like the writer. My family, church and school taught me that it is wrong to hide behind a false name and that we have a duty to do more than simply participate in the discussion but to serve the community in many ways. It goes without saying that such participation must be in the open and not secret. That means public speaking, serving on boards and commissions, committees and assemblies and that means never hiding behind someone else with a false name. Personally I abhor government secrecy and do not trust anyone who has a history of hiding with a false name. Public service in America must be open and free of secrecy else our nation is no better than governments run by tyrants, communists and religious powers that thrive on oppression and secrecy. I do not know Jeff Drodz but I know Commissioner Gordon from his writings. It appears that a foundation of mistrust has been built from which a prospective planning commissioner lives in a fragile house of cards.

    • Hi Dean, in re Jeff Drodz (Gordon):

      Although I thoroughly respect you as a journalist and a writer, I have to partially disagree with you. I believe it’s okay to use an internet handle (like I do myself) Gordon (a/k/a Jeff Drodz) is upfront about his given name and the office he holds.

      I think we ought to encourage elected and appointed officials to participate in blogging and interacting with the public. That is what Gordon is doing. Good for him and others, like Town Manager Mark Nuaimi. I believe Gordon has been treated unfairly.

      Always, I appreciate your comments.

      Ben Holstrom (a/k/a Branson Hunter)

  3. Scots Slant Scots Slant says:


    It is incorrect to assume that Drozd is, “Hiding,” behind the assumed pen name of, “Commissioner Gordon.”

    Drozd has publicly declared that he is Gordon.

    While pseudonym’s are nothing new: “Poor Richard” Saunders (Ben Franklin); Mark Twain (Samuel Clemons), would it also not be fair to interview the subject of your criticism before criticizing?

    Oh, Scots Slant = S.E. McKone.

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