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Department of Finance……”Under Penalty of Perjury and other Criminal Penalties…”

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Yucca Valley, Ca,-The Department of Finance is unwinding the 400 RDA, Redevelopment Agencies, by allowing the Towns and Cities to send their claims of ROPS, Recognized Payment Obligations, with some trying to back date the transaction dates and others choosing to tie up the funds by illegal bonding hoping no one is going to notice.

While the Town Manager of Yucca Valley displays little respect for the newly formed and inexperienced DOF, there are NO documents with his signature on certain letters of clarification or negotiations with the DOF.  I checked with the DOF and asked if all documents submitted to the DOF were considered submitted under penalty of perjury as I have not read that language on the ROPS filing.  I was assured all documents were considered by the DOF as submitted under penalty of perjury.

In a recent letter, dated November 30, 2012, addressed to Curtis Yakimow, Finance Director of Yucca Valley, there is some stronger language that is appearing for the first time: …”willful failure to return assets that were deemed an unallowable transfer or failure to remit the funds identified above could expose certain individuals to criminal penalties under existing law.” It seems Yakimow missed a filing deadline too.

The letter goes on to say the General Plan Update and National C.O.R.E. Low/Mod Housing projects were denied October 15, 2012 and continued to be denied in the amount of  $576,353. The DOF asked for payment within five working days of the letter.

In closing, the DOF stated,“Pursuant to HSC (Health and Safety Code) 34167.5 and 34178.8, the California State Controller’s Office (Controller) has the authority to claw back assets that were inappropriately transferred to the city, county or other public agency. Determinations outlined in this letter and Finance Housing Assets Transferred letter dated August 31, 2012, do not in any way eliminate the Controller’s authority.”

Letter dated Nov.30, 2012:  http://www.vote29.com/newmyblog/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Yucca_Valley_LMIHF_DDRNov_20121.pdf


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