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Five Reasons God Created Cockroaches

By   /   January 10, 2013  /   14 Comments

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ENTERTAINMENT-I want to thank School Teacher Jeff Drozd for his comments about Cock Roaches, the Who_What_Where and Why she did what she did. Perhaps she has many as pets? Let us turn this into a “teaching moment.” There are many articles and YouTube videos on the subject of cockroaches: cockroach sermons, cockroach recipes, guides for cockroach pets and studies that show they are good for the environment.  Considered an insect, cockroaches may also be a food source to cure world hunger.


Worldwide, the insects are a significant food source for many birds and small insectivorous mammals, such as mice and rats. (Even humans eat them in some parts of the world.) None of these animals rely solely on cockroaches for food, Kambhampati said, so they probably wouldn’t go extinct, but their numbers would drop. Parasitic wasps, which specialize in parasitizing cockroach eggs, do rely entirely on the cockroach. “These would almost certainly become extinct,” Kambhampati told Life’s Little Mysteries.

If you can’t get very worked up about a dent in the rat population or the extinction of something called a parasitic wasp, consider this: A dearth of mice and rats would, in turn, impact the species that prey on them, including cats (both wild and domestic), coyotes, wolves and many reptiles, as well as eagles and other birds of prey. Many of those animals, we’re quite fond of.”


“Furthermore, the disappearance of cockroaches would mess with something truly vital for us all, called the nitrogen cycle. “Most cockroaches feed on decaying organic matter, which traps a lot of nitrogen,” Kambhampati said. “Cockroach feeding has the effect of releasing that nitrogen (in their feces) which then gets into the soil and is used by plants. In other words, extinction of cockroaches would have a big impact on forest health and therefore indirectly on all the species that live there.

In short, we really, really need cockroach poop.” 

Five Reasons Why God Created Cockroaches

  1. The food chain.  Apparently roaches make a nice snack for huntsman spiders!  And they’re food for other critters too I’ve learned.
  2. They Motivate Us Clean.  It’s true!  People living with a roach problem typically don’t leave food out, keep dishes washed, and take trash out quickly.  After all, who wants roaches?  Nobody!  Oh, wait.  The spiders want them.  But you know what I mean.
  3. They Show God’s Creative Side.  Roaches show God’s glory.  And His creativity.  Think about it.  Only God, the greatest, ultimate Creator could come up with something like a cockroach.  As undesirable as they are to most of us, if you really think about it, roaches quite fascinating.  Look them up in Wikipedia and you’ll see what I mean.
  4. They Show God’s Sovereignty.  Just the simple fact that humans can’t get rid of them (i.e., 100% extinction from planet Earth) shows the sovereignty of God.  Hey, if God wants roaches around, then dog-gone-it, there’s nothing we can do about it.  Man has tried (unsuccessfully) to eradicate them from the planet.  Kind of like the killer bee that continues to reproduce themselves despite man’s best attempts to wipe them out.
  5. They Make Good Sermon Illustrations.  Yep, sermon illustrations.  Preachers can compare roaches to many things, making them “allegorical” (say that 3 times fast).  I did a Google search on roaches and “sermon illustrations” and actually found quite a few.So there you have it!  Now you know why God (possibly) created roaches.  If you have other suggested reasons as to why our sovereign Lord and Savior created these hideous things.


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Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell


  1. Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

    Why is my name on this, could this be slander? Jeff Drozd has never used the word cockroach to refer to anyone….. Margo needs attention again I suppose…..

    • Gordon, you are correct you didn’t use the word. Nor did Margo didn’t say you used the word. But you have defended someone running for town council who has used it for name calling purposes. In fact, you have given your unconditional endorsement for Jennifer Collins. She is not the best fit for public office. Rather, she has demonstrated she is the worse choice. You ought to understand.

      • Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

        She is the best choice along with Mr. Hildebrand, difficult decision, as far as Jennifer, we are all human and if she said it then so be it, I agree with her policies for the most part AND it can get frustrating so I kind of understand her lashing out.

        • Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

          If your theory is correct because I defend Jennifer and she used that word then thats the same as me using it? So if I listen to Elton John does that make me gay?

        • Yes, Gordon, forgive and forget.

          However, when you are a public person you are held responsible for your actions. Jennifer Collins’ “lashing out” is a sneak preview of the havoc this lady would cause on the town council. She lacks judgment, temperament and control. You know or should know this. Your candidate will loose. Wanna bet some money on it Gordon?

          • Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

            I have no idea who will win I just know who I support and why I support her, it was a difficult decision. BET??? Edchadas??? ha ha

  2. Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

    Ohhh I forgot, I can do dots…… …….. …… …… ……. …… …….. ……….. …….. ……….. …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… …… yippee ……. ……. ……… ……… ……… ……… ……… ……… ….. ……. …….. ……. ……. …… ….. I am such a douche bag…..

    • Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

      Is it irresponsible to ADD remarks to my blog comment??? You edited my comments to say “I am such a douche bag”, hmmmmmm I bet you will edit or delete this. But all I can say is WOW.

      • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

        Oh but it is alright if I have to edit you comment so it will not cause a page run-over on the right margin…. that’s ok…. Me having to a dozen times jerk with you silly comments to get them to fit on the page…. oh that is alright cause you are so f**king cool…. Well lookie here dip shit… This is my classroom not yours. I could care less about your content… Its not my argument… all I say is don’t break anything in the room … Your silly “dots” ruse attempted to break stuff… that puts you on my shit list.

        I told you… no more endless dots….. You have a website, you know how irritating that kind of immature shit is…. You might be the “smardest” teacher on campus, but you sure as hell aren’t here… I expect that you will adhere to my rules.

        • Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

          Then you better NEVER add to my comment…. that is soooooooo unethical. I cant even begin to say how unethical that is. You just lost my confidence that my comments wont be changed. The dots were a joke, I was not thinking about your website and have apologized for only that.

        • Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

          You could have messaged me privately, I would have understood.

  3. Scots Slant Scots Slant says:

    I was talking to Jeff Drozd at the post office the other day when we saw a cockroach run across the parking lot.

    Drozd casually walked to his car, opened the trunk, and, I’ve never seen anything like it, he grabbed his spare arm and used the stump end to club the cockroach; just squashed it….

  4. Very good Scot! I saw Jeff Drozd up on the roof of the Yucca Valley Post Office yesterday and thought how strange that was. A student yelled up to him, “Say what are you doing up there Surfer Dude?”

    He replied, “I only have one arm and I don’t think I can go on with life, not being able to do the things other guys can do with two arms. After clubbing that cockroach with my spare stump the other day, I’m trying to build up the nerve to jump.”

    As he’s standing there a guy comes walking on the sidewalk below.

    Jeff notice’s that this other guy has NO arms at all. He watches as the guy stops on the sidewalk and starts dancing and spinning in circles. Then Jeff thinks to himself how selfish he is… in that he has one arm and is ready to end it all! So, he decides to go down and talk to the No-armed man.

    He goes down and walks up to the guy and says, “Hey Dude… I’ve been up on the roof of the Post Office considering to end it all because I have only One arm… Here you are with No arms and are dancing around. What’s your deal?”

    The guy with No arms says, “Arrrrr… Dude I’m NOT happy! My nose itches!!!

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