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Jennifer Collins wants to be the next Yucca Valley Councilwoman

By   /   December 28, 2012  /   12 Comments

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Yucca Valley desperately needs diversity on its town council. 

Candidates for elected office need not refers to fellow citizens as “cockroaches”.

While some will say it’s too early to write about candidates running for a vacated seat on the Yucca Valley Town Council in a special March election, others will say it is not too early since ballots will be sent out via the postal service in mid-February.

The time is ripe to get involved in this election. All things considered, ballots go out in about 45 days and after that time runs out. Forth-five days is not a lot of time to be involved in local elections — especially when so much is at stake in terms of the future of Yucca Valley .

Four individual have taken out papers. One of which is just not a good fit for the community for the following reasons.

Jennifer Collins, Candidate for Yucca Valley Town Council in a March special election.  Many say no.

Jennifer Collins —  Many say no to her  run for seat on the Y.V. Town Council.

For one, Jennifer Collins is not a good compliment to the town council considering it will beef-up the Sky Harbor dynasty that has control the town for far too long. Moreover, a town council ought not be ruled by a phalanx of council members all from the same controversial church — which has manifest influence over town government.

Jennifer Collins is both a Sky Harbor neighbor and a member of said referenced church which is also situated in Sky Harbor.

The town is awash in a flawless and successful scheme to control local government. A lopsided control that has driven the town to the edge of a financial abyss in terms of overspending.

Whatever else this candidate would do as councilwoman – she has  tipped her hat that she will shadowed and carbon copy the controversial and flamboyant town manager who overspend taxpayers’ money like it were New Year’s confetti.

Collins patently lacks sound judgment as demonstrated by her support of a 30 year general tax increase without earmarks,  to wit, failed Measure U.

While President of the Y.V. Chamber of Commerce, Collins naively and foolishly went on record linking the Chamber to support of  Measure U. Collins was advised to keep the Chamber out of the Measure U politics since the Chamber is a nonprofit/tax exempt organization under the jurisdiction of California Corporations Codes and Federal IRS Codes. Yet, she obstreperously and defiantly ignored the warning. 

Blogger and politically activist Margo Sturges wrote: “As President of the Chamber, she should not have stepped into the tax debate, period.”

Jennifer Collins alleges she conducted an email survey of the Chamber members. She thus revealed that the results of that survey documented that 88% of the members she polled didn’t want Chamber involvement (there was only a 12% approval of the entire membership). That’s not very democratic.

Even so, she spent Chamber money to promote the measure and she created a Political Action Committee to that end. The foolish and stupid political faux pas was a gaffe that could have possibly caused sanctions against the Chamber.

Moreover, Collins digressed with the use of scare tactics to influence the voting process. She signed a “Rebuttal to Arguments Against Measure U,” stating that Yucca Valley is under assault from Sacramento.

This was a blatant distortion. To the contrary, it was seen as a money grab for power by an overzealous and ambitious first-time town manager. 

Another departure from the reality foisted upon town residents was Jennifer Collins’ signing on to the same publishing stating that “Yucca Valley residents, taxpayers and local businesses all agree yes on U.” That was another blatant and egregious distortion. It was an absurd and a preposterous intentional misrepresentation to sway voters.

Obviously it fell short of any credibility whatsoever. Collins didn’t stop there. . . she verified in a signed statement that the statements were “True and Correct.” Goto this Link.

Some residents go as far as to say Collins is a bible thumping and self-righteous politically motivated candidate. However so, it does appears that Ms. Collins if going down the end-road to don the jacket of a burgeoning political Machiavellian.

When a candidate for elected office refers to fellow citizens as “cockroaches” — as Jennifer Collins wrote on her social media page — that’s the last straw that broke the camels back. The town needs a responsible leader: Collins seems to falls short of this rudimentary requirement.

Her enter into the political arena thus far has been disastrous  — a harbinger of things to come. Simply put, Jennifer Collins is out of step and out of touch with the community. She is not the right stuff to take the town into the future.

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For more on Jennifer Collins’ run for town council, her Track Record and alleged anomalies of professional conflicts of interest, Click Here.

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About the author

Branson Hunter

(This story was posted by Cactus Thorn contributor Branson Hunter)

"The ends do not justify the means." If you use illegal mean to accomplish a legal and even desirable result, the good result does not make the bad means you used justifiable.


  1. Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

    WOW so much error in your blog, the spin on this is making me dizzy. Jennifer never said cockroach I believe someone said it on her page not Jennifer, it may have been me…ha ha. Seriously, I understand the Sky Harbor concern and also Joshua Springs BUT it is merely coincidence,Jennifer and Mr. Hildebrand are the ONLY viable candidates and both have similar connections in the community… as I said this is by coincidence. I support Jennifer based on my knowledge of her stances on Town issues. My colleague Mr. Hildebrand seems well rounded and knowledgeable as well but I have not discussed much with him about specific issues. My friends out there that would like Yucca Valley to thrive and prosper, to be the hub of the Morongo Basin without infringing on the rights of nearby communities to remain the awesome small communities that they are then vote for Jennifer or Mike. My personal support is behind Jennifer I truly believe based on my personal discussions with her that she has the best interest of Yucca Valley in her heart and I know her well enough to know that her intentions are pure and good for Yucca Valley.
    Mr. Hunter, have you attempted to contact Jennifer and discuss your issues? It seems to me that you base your opinion about Jennifer on rumors.

    • Steve Spear Steve Spear says:

      Hi Gordon,

      Good points that you make. Is she a member of that Church?

      • Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

        Hey Steve,

        I am not a member so I do not have 1st hand proof that I have seen with my own eyes but I have heard that both of the above mentioned candidates do attend there.

      • Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

        Its not some conspiracy its just by chance in my opinion, it is a rather large church.

    • Hi Gordon,

      For the sake of accuracy do yourself a favor, ask Jennifer about HER cockroach comment. Then tell us what she told you okay?

      Moreover, Ms. Collins was quoted in a STAR comment as follows: “She’s the person that likes to call over 3500 people that voted NO on measure U “cockroaches” she said that on her Facebook. So even if she takes it off her facebook, we still saved it. [EDJM posted at 11:27 pm on Thu, Dec 27, 2012.]


      As President of the Chamber, didn’t Ms. Collins undemocratically for the first time in Chamber history use the chamber for her own purpose –and membership funds — in spite of her own admission that 88% of the members she polled didn’t want Chamber involvement?

      Didn’t Ms. Collins in fact sign a statement promising that it was “True and Correct” that “Yucca Valley residents, taxpayers and local businesses all agree yes on U” — and didn’t she alleged “Y.V. was under assault from Sacramento” for a power grab. How was that not a scare tactic and grossly inaccurate?

      Steve S. raises a valid concern about the council being at the same place at the same time listening to the same person and it is not at a council meeting.

      “Diversity” is the mother’s milk of a well-balanced town council. Since Jennifer is a neighbor living in Sky Harbor and a member of the same Sky Harbor Church in question, where is the diversity? Be sure Sky Harbor is overrepresented, while the rest of the community is underrepresented.

      Where is the spin Gordon?

      The facts speak for themselves: Ms. Collins is not the best choice for councilwoman.

      BTW, have a terrific 2013 replete with good health and free from financial worries.

      • Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

        Ok lets get this straight.

        1 You said Ms. Collins said said the cockroach comment? You link shows others accused her of it, an accusation is not truth especially since I have heard Mr. Mongomery lie with my own ears. Calling someone a cockroach does not fit Jennifers personality anyway. If I saw it I would believe it, we can all get angry and do dumb stuff… so what? Anyway I am sure she never said it.

        2. ANY Chamber’s goal is to further the interests of businesses. Supporting Measure U fulfilled that obligation, the measure was supposed to do exactly that. Without the spin of non-trust that the NO people pushed relentlessly, the measures true form, the way it was written though it possibly could have had the wording a little different was to promote business. The spin people were the fear mongers that did not trust one person and threw the baby out with the bath water. There was plenty of oversight with the money and the SPIN won out this time.

        • Gordon — Below is the text from Jennifer Collins’ social media website wherein she calls Yucca Valley people “Cockroaches” (this will bury her chance of being elected). Have you talked to Ms. Collins about the comment as I requested? You cannot deny the obvious and you shouldn’t drag yourself down with her.

          Ms. Collins posted, as follows:

          Jennifer Collins

          November 2 via mobile
          So I received a call this morning telling me that Margo has posted two more “hate attacks” about me and The YES on U committee! I have not read them and quite frankly I’m sick of the lies! What happened to telling the truth Margo? Margo: have you always had such a black heart? When did you become so hateful & evil? I realize that when someone accuses a person of wrong doing it is a reflection of t
          heir own lives…she must have a bad one….
          Other people that barely know me keep saying that if I want to run for Town Council that I must distance myself from my friends. Well people just so you know….I will continue to be me! I will run for Town Council and I will bring my Best! I am not running to have another title or to be a seat warmer. I am running because I want to fight for Yucca Valley’s future! I want to continue to be an advocate for business owners and citizens alike!
          The cock roaches will be even more verbal with their personal attacks and I say bring it on! It will just make me stronger….tougher…it will make me continue to realize that I am doing the right thing!
          God is my Rock,along with my family…Kris!
          I will continue to be selfish and step up to do my part in making a better future for my family…for Yucca Valley!
          Thanks for listening…… :)

          Gordon do you really want to pursue the matter?? Ms. Collins is not a good choice for town council.

          • Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

            As I said if thats not doctored we all get frustrated so NO I do not hold it against her. I was just called a bootlicker on this blog…. we all get frustrated and say things we regret. Have YOU talked to Jennifer about her stance on the issues?

  2. Steve Spear Steve Spear says:

    I don’t think anyone is suggesting a “conspiracy”. If that “church” is running candidates that is fine.

    If I lived in Yucca I would certainly think twice before I elected yet another member of that church to the council. Why? I just don’t think I need a forum where my entire council is at the same place at the same time listening to the same person and it is not at a council meeting. Just saying…..

    • Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

      Steve, I do agree with you at a certain level in life in general but we are a small town and I truly believe its coincidence that we have so many from that area volunteering to help our Town. Maybe its because that neighborhood has people that are successful enough to donate their time for the Town?? I really dont know the answer BUT I do believe that there are only TWO viable candidates and both have similar ties. I know both and like both but I know Jennifer more and I know that I believe what she believes about Yucca Valley from my conversations with her and I do know that her intentions are good. As I said Ms. Colling and Mr. Hildebrand are both incredible, generous good caring people, I just know Jennifer’s political stance better. Of the other two candidates I know one personally, Mr. Short and he is a good person also I just differ about his political views alot. As for Mr. Leone, he just seems angry and a little uninterested, only pushed along by others. Just my opinion, thanks for commenting on my comment Steve.

      • Steve Spear Steve Spear says:

        Good luck with your Town. We in 29 Palms have our own issues and if I had to compare the two your issues are miniscule.

        • Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

          I have not heard of much on your end but I am glad Cora gets a chance. Our Sewer is the biggie but its really a water dist prob but it effects everyone, hopefully we will all get it solved soon. Good luck in 29, you seem very level headed.

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