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Mark Nuaimi 2012- A Closer Look —— Part One

By   /   December 29, 2012  /   24 Comments

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Yucca Valley, Ca.,- OPINION-A small rural town of 20,700 population with an average income of $35,000 per household has weathered the storm of the Great Recession under the leadership of Town Manager, Mark Nuaimi….or perhaps not.

Nuaimi Hired July 2010-Salary $20,000.00 per month.

This Manager set out to rip out the very fabric of “Community” in this tiny Town in order to run things as he sees it, as an outsider who lives in Fontana.  Nuaimi has brought in every Yucca Valley project over budget awarding multi-million dollar contracts to his associates from Fontana and has over committed the Town with excessive spending.

An Assistant Manager for Colton, Nuaimi left under unusual circumstances to save costs to stop the red ink of their budget deficit. Offering himself up “to save costs,” Nuaimi was the only Colton employee to be “laid off” receiving a severance package bringing a $175,000.00 hit to their budget. Nuaimi was Mayor of Fontana for over 12 years and at the height of his political career in 2006 was increasing Fontana spending by 17% and approving budgets in excess of $208 million dollars. Source>>>link

Measure U Defeated-Spent $199,000.00 General Fund Dollars

Forgetting this small Town of Yucca Valley has an annual budget of $10 million dollars, Nuaimi has been the “High Roller” betting on the come. Setting out 18 months ago to bring in his general Fund 1% sales tax for 30 years, Measure U divided our community with the voters defeating this tax at the polls last November. The low-end estimate of $199,000.00 General Fund dollars spent by Nuaimi to promote  Measure U through “education” will bring a big hit in the upcoming budget for the next fiscal year.

Department of Finance Denies Nuaimi ROPs

Nuaimi is now in a “Wishful Thinking” meltdown with continued denials by the State Department of Finance of submitted ROPs, Recognized Payment Obligations, with the dissolution of the Redevelopment Agency. Pulling the wool over the inexperienced Town Council, Nuaimi continues his Razzle-Dazzle with “creative financing” and internal loans with the ease of  a 3-Card Monte. >>>link

Yucca Valley Senior Housing Scheme-Project cost exceeding $17 million dollars

The biggest scheme is the Senior Housing project with his Fontana connection at C.O.R.E Renaissance. >>>link.

After touting the maximum cost for Yucca Valley would be $1.5 million dollars, Nuaimi has worked this naive Town Council to commit $2,925,000 permanent financing and $1,540,000 construction financing to build 74 one-bedroom units and one two-bedroom manager unit at a cost of $227,299.00 per unit. Source>>>Link 

The loans by the Town of Yucca Valley and the County of San Bernardino are considered soft loans and will be paid last by residual funds. Documents indicate payments of $2,230 by the 10th year/$179.00 in the 15th year…no typo, less than $200? This housing scheme will never pay back this loan to Yucca Valley, see page 44 >>>Link

Yucca Valley Animal Shelter-Project costs $3.9 million/Spends $50,500 to Impound Two Pets

Project bumped up to $3.9 million dollars from $3.1 million. Awarded to Fontana connection and no local vendors or sub contractors slated to receive any work from this project. Begin page 32: >>>Link

Nuaimi spent $50,500.00 General Fund dollars impounding two pets! >>>Link

To Be Continued……….

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About the author

Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell


  1. Mark Nuaimi Mark Nuaimi says:

    Here are the facts:

    1. Colton layoffs occurred in December 2009 and every employee who was released received a severance package. Three other directors also were let go and each received severance according to their contracts. Margo one again misstates the facts to suit her agenda. Also, I have down multiple times that the severance amount reported it’s simply wrong.

    2. The salary I receive at Yucca Valley is not $20k monthly. I also receive less than my predecessor and my total compensation it’s below that of other chief executives in the region.

    3. Animal shelter total project costs include hundreds of thousands of dollars spent years ago for the current facility. The agreement with the county is costing the town less than the prior agreement. Ms. Sturges has opposed the project from day 1 and advocated for another site be tfound. That would have cost additional hundreds of thousands. She also criticized the value engineering that was completed to keep costs close to the original budget.

    4. Ms. Sturges misstates the facts regarding the senior housing project. Staff always reported that the max investment by the Town would be around $3 million and that we were working on other grants to bring the amount invested down to $1.5-2.0 million. The amount contributed us a single amount capped at $2.9 million during both construction and permanent financing.

    Lastly, the town did not spend $199k on Measure U costs. Ms. Sturges has all the costs for mailers as a result of her public records requests and they are nowhere near that amount.

    Stay tuned for the next round of responses to misinformation…

    • Misinformation? Hardly!-Mark Nuaimi contract:(2.1) salary $190,000, plus (2.2) $10,000 401K, plus (2.3) Cost of Living increase, plus (2.6) Auto allowance $600.00 monthly, (6.1) Annual leave 80 hours vacation + 80 hours sick time, plus (6.2) Life Insurance, Accident/Sickness and Dental Insurance, Major Medical Health Insurance,Short and Long term Disability Insurance and Dependent’s coverage. (6.3) Other benefits and (7.1) Dues and License fees paid and (7.2) Paid travel and expenses paid for conferences and I believe Nuaimi has a Town Credit card to pay for “Business lunches.”

      Nuaimi recently agreed to a modification to his contract whereby he contributes more towards his PERS but receives a larger amount towards his “cafeteria” health insurance. Town Council/Employees receive $1,000 per month towards health insurance.

      Here is the link to Nuaimi’s Contract dated 07-1-2011:


      • Mark Nuaimi Mark Nuaimi says:

        Misinformation continues. Cafeteria plan increased from $756/mo to $1,050 per month. This was done at the same time that staff increased their payment of retirement from 2% to 8%. So do the math. Cafeteria increased by $3,600 annually. This was offset by my increased contribution to retirement that comes out of my pocket (over $11,000). There has been no cost of living increase to any staff.

        salary ( /ˈsalərē/)

        Definition: Agreed-upon and regular compensation for employment that may be paid in any frequency but, in common practice, is paid on monthly and not on hourly, daily, weekly, or piece-work basis.

        So when you claim $20,000 per month salary, you intentionally overstate my salary by $50,000.

        • Nuaimi’s smoke and mirrors by splitting hairs(Middle English hērs)Drop the focus on “salary” and add up TOTAL compensation AND perks….pretty close to the $20,000.00 per month. Are you stating your “salary” is only $15,834.00 per month by your calculations? Now, add up all the benefits and perks…

          1.How about addressing the Senior Housing scheme and if the loans are going to be paid back to Yucca Valley?

          2.How about addressing all the multi-million dollar Yucca Valley project contracts awarded to your Fontana/Rancho Cucamonga connections?

          3.How about addressing NO ONE in Yucca Valley has received any work, if only temporary, by the awarding of the contracts to outside vendors?

          Blubber all you want about your “salary” and cry “mis-information”…boo-hoo!

          How about addressing the real issues stated in 1,2,3 in this comment?

          • Mark Nuaimi Mark Nuaimi says:

            Misinformation continues from Ms. Sturges. See how the subjects have changed from the original “story”…

            1). Senior housing project is a residual receipts loan. If there are not residual receipts from the operation of the affordable housing project, then the investment value continues to accrue interest and the Town has an ownership interest in the project at the end of the 55 year operating covenant. Nobody EVER guaranteed that the residual receipts loan would be repaid. It is an investment made from low/mod funds, redevelopment land, and development impact fees.

            2). The next myth is that I’m steering contracts to “Fontana/Rancho Cucamonga connections”. It started with the selection of National CORE for the senior housing project. The unanimous selection of this development entity was made based upon their financial strategies for bringing the project forward. Eight proposals were evaluated and several of the proposers had projects throughout the Inland Empire … Including another developer who built the projects in Fontana and wasn’t selected by Yucca Valley.

            The contracting myth was continued with the award of the animal shelter construction contract. The project award was made based upon public works contracting requirements… Went to the low bidder from Orange County, but the company has a subsidiary metal firm located in Fontana. So obviously this procurement was manipulated to ensure a Fontana connection.

            It’s pretty difficult to award contacts to local contractors when they don’t bid the projects. But don’t let those facts continue to cloud the discussion. Any other multimillion dollar contracts that our claim were awarded to Fontana/Cucamonga connections?

        • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

          Cafeteria plan increased from $756/mo to $1,050 per month.????????

          No shit a flipping Cafeteria plan???? That is the funniest god damned thing you ever wrote…. No shit a flipping Cafeteria plan???? Where is this f***ing Cafeteria? Can anyone go to this son of bitch? Whats the address? what are the hours of operation? When was it built? No shit a flipping Cafeteria plan???? So when are we going to do lunch?

          What the hell are you running over there, Hal Roach Studios??

          • Mark Nuaimi Mark Nuaimi says:

            A cafeteria plan is a type of employee benefit plan offered in the United States pursuant to Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code.[1] Its name comes from the earliest such plans that allowed employees to choose between different types of benefits, similar to the ability of a customer to choose among available items in a cafeteria. Qualified cafeteria plans are excluded from gross income.[2] To qualify, a cafeteria plan must allow employees to choose from a selection of two or more benefits consisting of cash or qualified benefit plans.

            • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

              As you bureaucrats graze at the buffet of the treasury’s largess, We the People are left with but scraps.

              Whilst we beg for bread, all we hear from the banquet is, “They have no bread? Feed them cake!”

              What to make of it?

  2. Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

    Mark Nuiami says… “…The salary I receive at Yucca Valley is not $20k monthly. I also receive less than my predecessor and my total compensation it’s below that of other chief executives in the region.”

    Well could you tell us how much it is a month, Mark?

    Is it $15K or $10k? So how many months does it take for you to exceed the $35K medium income of folks in Yucca?

  3. Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

    Mark you are appreciated by many, you are worth the cost. Some past Town Managers used to take 3 hour lunches gossiping on a regular basis several times weekly. They made more than you so I guess you dont always get what you pay for but in this case you earn your bucks. You have the education & experience, you applied for a job, you got it… I dont get the $$$ criticism. You do a great job what more could we ask. If Bozo were Town manager and had the qualifications he would be paid the same or more because YOU took a cut. Yes you make alot but your criticizers are only envious of your success. If they have policy issues then discuss the ISSUES, you never evade questions but I am tired of the bashing…ughhh. Thanks again for helping to make Yucca Valley all that it can be.

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      My God Sir, Does the taste of boot leather, Kiwi polish, and dog shit not fill your mouth? You are the grandest of boot lickers. For you to surrey in to and interfere with this exchange takes the cake. Why you need a Town Proclamation and a Plaque. You need to open a shoe shine stand!

      Just because there are more than one government body willing to over pay their bureaucrats and low level functionaries does not mean you or your town …. or come to think of it my city….. have to pay (some as in our case, ill mannered and disagreeable) fellows with zero real life management skills 6 digit paychecks.

      There is a grand difference between lets say the businessman Tim Humperville or Bob Dunn who are actual businessmen who must make a profit to survive against a guy like Mark Nuaimi. They as any business man must do with what they have…. work with it and are expected to make ends meet…. They are not given allocates and have a guy like you gravel at there feet if they are not able to make ends meet.

      In most worlds when a guy spends all his political powder on a loosing proposition and go down to defeat he would fall on his proverbial sword. The guy put everything on the line and lost….

      I don’t give a rats ass if he can fart the Star Spangled Banner out his ass, he is has shown that he is unable to bring home the bacon. His single most important political battle to date, Measure U, went down to defeat. He should by all that is honorable, tender his resignation. Resignation should be expected of any battlefield commander that was defeated by Little old ladies and Left-wing Loons with a bankroll of $700 bucks.

      I don’t think you guys in bubble Land realize this, but you were humiliated. You do know that the rest of the basin watched that fiasco, don’t you? He was your leader. He got spanked, the social elite got spanked and you all look like fools. He should by all rights at least offer his resignation to the Council. Now whether they accept it is up to the Town Council.

      You can not repair this with out a change of leadership. That is a fact you will have to live with.

      • “U” was a slam dunk failure from the get-go but Mark wasn’t able to think clearly beyond his own little bubble coupled with being surrounded by yes men and a yes women.

        No town is going to vote for a 30 year tax without clear earmarks during a near depression. And the fact that it would have been 10 years before any money found its way to sewers projects clinched the deal.

        Any high school student would have known better.

        It was all the political maneuvering and obvious (bullshit) hype shoved in the face of voters. Mark and his flock on the town council ignorantly misjudged the intelligence of the people they represent. The town council and city manager are living on planet Uranus.

        Then there was all that spending frenzy with RDA money… when the RDA was on its deathbed. Any high school student could have figured that out too.

        • Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

          200+ votes is not an embarrassment or failure and it is really naive to think you think I need a shoe shine stand because I agree with the Town Manager on many issues. I guess its ok then for me to call you Ed or Margot’s bootlicker then… it is totally absurd to call names over the fact that I agree with someone you dislike. It is unfortunate that Measure U came along during a recession and during huge state cutbacks when the state had similar ballot measures. But that negates the fact the the sewer debocle of past HDWD directors has been put on this generation of directors and council members. Measure U was not a survival issue for me it was a “I Love my Town Issue” and I want my Town to thrive and not just survive. Some people are happy with surviving, but Yucca Valley has the potential to thrive and I am confident that some day it will.

          • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

            When you spend $199,000.00 and have the full weight of the local media and the free use of public employees hanging signs and are WHOOPED …. (the key in elections are remember winner takes all)… by a rag tag group of gadflies with a war chest of $700.00 it can be called a dramatic defeat…. If you are not embarrassed by that then I need you to dress up the Winnie Suit we use to advertise the hot dog stand.

            It was a poorly run campaign and heads should roll for it not passing….

            • Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

              Its ok you disagree but you keep quoting bad figures…. at least quote facts… most of U money was donated…. but of course the Town spent some money on it, it would be ludicrous not too…

            • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

              ? Parle Vu Anglais?

              So what you are saying is, “the operation went well Mrs. Jones but your husband died on the table….”

              A woman is either pregnant or she is not…. no half way about it.

              You lost….. You guys were defeated…. it does not matter if it is by 200 votes or 10,000 votes. You spent one hell of a lot of money against less than 1,000 bucks and lost….

              It was as the battle of New Orleans my friend… the power of your collective universe was unable to beat the rabble on the field of battle….. Why not admit it and move on?

            • Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

              This blog mentioned Measure U AGAIN…. I suggest you guys move on. All I did was respond.

            • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

              Well there you are then…. and you received like kind.

            • @Gordon:

              One Chamber member, Edward Montgomery, resigned in protest from the Yucca Valley Chamber of Commerce and requested a refund of his dues. Moreover, The Chamber of Commerce openly campaigned for “U” even though the Chamber receives money every year from the Town of Yucca Valley. Can you see a conflict here Gordon?

              Former Chamber member, Ed Montgomery, wrote: The Chamber of Commerce will kick out any member who doesn’t agree with them. That came to pass, didn’t it Gordon?

              With Collins, if you don’t go along to get alone you get the boot. Ms. Collins may love Yucca Valley, but she is a very bad choice for councilwoman because she has shown she is intolerant to the views of citizens whom she calls cockroaches. Haven’t we all seen enough of stupid politicians driven by Machiavellian ways?

  4. Dean M Gray Dean M Gray says:

    SO, Is it $19,000 a month? How much is the dude paid before taxes? And counting the benefits? Why are they keeping this secret? It’s government money and we deserve to know. Fuck Communism! as Paul Krassner said. Communists keep secrets and no one knows what they pay party member bosses. Commissioner Gordon says, SKY IS THE LIMIT… because even the commissioner doesn’t now (or does he?) but Gordon ‘splains Nuaimi “is worth the cost.” So what exactly is this cost? And why does this know it all commissioner apologize for Nuaimi by making the PR spin positive for Nuaimi saying he is worth it (whatever it is) when no one exactly knows (or is saying) how much the dude is being paid.

  5. Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

    Everything is a conspiracy with many on this blog… its getting old…. The bigger question is who said “Koo Koo Ka Choo” first, The Beatles or Simon & Garfunkle…. hmmmm…????

  6. Scots Slant Scots Slant says:

    Blood pressure Dan, blood pressure….

  7. Paparrazi Paparrazi says:

    What ever happened to being a public servant? Seems that these so called public servants have appointed themselves as kings and queens ruling over the masses of faithful taxpayers with an indignant reckless abandon of any sense of moral duty or obligation to actually serve. They seem rather to be desirous of being served.

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