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The Brouhaha Over the Nick Name of “Lazy.”

By   /   December 15, 2012  /   4 Comments

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Yucca Valley, Ca.,- One of Yucca Valley’s Appointed Planning Commissioners, a Town Official, hijacked the comments section with his issue regarding a name used in a story which exposed a Council member voting with a Conflict of Interest. Story>>> link.  The issues raised while posing as “Commissioner Gordon” and stating he has “Bat Business” has me wondering why I even bother to continue the discussion with him while he gives the impression he is unable or unwilling to use his real name and leave Gotham City. (For the record, he is Councilman’s George Huntington’s appointment.)

Not wanting to learn about any comic strips or discuss the pros and cons of Batman, I have chosen to offer this artwork as my Christmas present to this story with the Batman theme by the designer clothing company named “Lazy Oaf.” 

Commissioner Gordon wrote:

December 15, 2012 at 8:31 am

“I know the website as a whole is not yours but the owner gives you permission to write this blog. Your name calling detracts from your point in my opinion. We all know people with goofy endearing names, I have several for myself that people call me for fun and some are based on the loss of my arm, I approve of them BUT “Lazy Lombardo” is not endearing and I am sure he does not approve. Your argument still makes me feel like I am arguing with a stubborn teenager that will not give in. If you don’t know the difference between calling someone Fatty or Scooter, Fatty can drive a kid to suicide and Scooter probably wont, if you think both are affectionate then I guess my posts are done.. I have “Bat Business” to attend to anyway, adios.”

 @Jeff Droyd, please know I am aware of the difference between “Fatty” or “Scooter” in your comment as you presented.  This is a valid point you bring up so I created this story to discuss your concerns and to hear from our readers.I understand your point of view because you are a teacher dealing with high school students in this crazy world. However, please remember this, you are not a classroom on this blog, you are an adult dealing with other adults in a civil discussion or debate on the issue of name calling. Therefore, if you state you feel like you are arguing with a teenager that will “not give in,” then we have nothing further to discuss at this point and you can go off doing your “Bat Business.” Otherwise, shall we can proceed this adult exchange? If so, please continue reading….You stated, “Fatty can drive a KID to suicide and Scooter probably won’t,” (Bold caps added for emphasis) and I do see your point. You are referring to a “KID” and that changes everything to a different level, in my opinion. Let us reverse your comparison of these two words. We have a business in our area named “Fatty’s Fencing,” and I would think a “kid” dragging one foot would not want to be called “Scooter.” After I slipped and fell on some black ice years ago, I was called “Scooter” because I needed to use a walker to scoot along. I refer to my one little pet as “Scooter” when she is due to have her glands attended to by the groomer and she scoots across the room….well, you know. Are we speaking of shades of gray or do we agree this point can be debated ad nauseum?

What may be name calling to you, as demeaning and derogatory, might be an affectionate nick-name when I was growing up, through my eyes. The kids called me Bozo because my ears were sticking out at 45 degree angles. I liked Bozo the Clown and always thanked them for calling me that name. As a young teenager, my younger brother called me “Mushy” because he watched me putting on frosted lipstick and I chased him around the house pretending I was going to give him a “Mushy Lipstick Kiss.” We all grew up with “affectionate” nicknames…..back in the day. Many were distortions of the last name like Sturgeon or Sturgy instead of Sturges.

There are 7 Daves in our lives now, my husband and I sort them out by calling them: Erica’s Dave, Cheap Dave, Big Dave,Goofy Dave,Indian Dave, Biker Dave and Tweeker Dave. I don’t know their last names but this works for us and they are fine with their nicknames too! If you grew up in a neighborhood where the kids did not have nick names then you will never “get it.” Our Generation wore their nicknames with pride. For fun, ask your Mom and Dad what were some of the nicknames used when they were growing up and look for that twinkle in their eye.

L-A-Z-Y: Lazy River, Lazy People, Lazy Bum, Lazy Bones, Lazy Eight, Lazy Song, Lazy Comic……Wikipedia anyone?

For the record, I do not want to cause any hurt feelings or cause any kid to contemplate suicide by using the word “lazy.”  I was specific to describe an ADULT elected official NOT reading and comprehending the full packet agendas.  Per your suggestion, I will take the “Journalistic Blogger High Road” and use the most commonly accepted journalistic word of  “Incompetent” instead of  “Lazy.”

@Jeff, are you happy now?

Margo Sturges Author >>>link







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About the author

Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell


  1. Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

    Yes I compared it to kids but I did say its just rude to do to anyone ESPECIALLY AFTER you stood up at a Town Council meeting and spun a yarn about stopping all the name calling, YOU urged everyone to STOP calling names and work together. Don’t touch that dial, will Gotham City finally be rid of the Riddler’s riddles and the Nicknamer’s nicknames? Not likely but stay tuned to this same bat channel for updates. Oops, did I just called you Nicknamer…..

    • Hi Jeff, your memory appears to be selective of the meeting. Fortunately, there are DVD’s available of that Town Council meeting where I stated I would try to overlook citizens being called “Cock Roaches” because they were opposed to Measure U without naming that person.

      There was a death threat to me that same evening by the same person who was sitting in the audience and had previously posted similar suggestions for public view on Facebook. The Facebook comments were sent to me and I was told were also sent to many voters in our community. Additionally, my membership to the Yucca Valley Chamber of Commerce was rescinded as retaliation for my opposition to Measure U. There has been retaliation against other citizens in our community over Measure U and it has been reported to the authorities. That’s all I am allowed to say at this time.

      Measure U divided our community and there are many unable to cope with the defeat that was voted down by the citizens. I am only one vote.

      Measure U was a 1% General Fund tax for 30 years that was estimated to bring in $160 million to the Town of Yucca Valley’s coffers. A General Fund tax cannot be legally ear marked or designated despite the efforts to mislead the voters it would pay for sewer costs.

      Over $200,000.00 of our tax dollars was spent to promote and pass Measure U, that I was able to track down. Keep that in mind when we look at the Town budget for next year…where could we have spent those dollars?

      Measure U was defeated. Period. I have stated previously that I give all the credit to the “Big Guy” upstairs. Period.

      Thank you for your comment.

      • Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

        So why did you “hijack” this subject about name calling and turn it around to be about the blah blah blah stale old subject of Measure U??

  2. Is this the same lindividual running for a seat on the town council? Bloggers don’t stoop that low and call local people “cockroatches” on their facepage page.

    I don’t think her caliber is needed in public service. She would only spread contempt and loathing in the community. Do you want someone like that raising their right hand taking the oath to hold public office?

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