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Yucca Valley Mayor Pro-tem Lombardo too Lazy to Recuse Himself.

By   /   December 12, 2012  /   7 Comments

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IMG-20120120-00035(1) (480x640)Yucca Valley, Calif.,- The Yucca Valley Town Council met on December 4, 2012 with a light agenda. This included a “State of the Town” address by the outgoing Mayor Dawn Rowe with the theme,”Two Steps Forward, One Step Back,” to memorialize her service on the dais as Mayor.  What you did not see being addressed was all the debt and over committment of spending of the town’s General Fund by a “High Roller” Town Manager betting on the come relying on the passage of Measure U, a 1% General Fund tax for 30 years.

Okay, looking forward to what’s next, Councilman Merl Abel rotated to the seat as Mayor of Yucca Valley and after being given the oath of office by Congressman-elect Paul Cook, Councilman Robert Lombardo, rotated into the position of Mayor Pro-tem.

Yucca Valley Mayor Pro-tem Lombardo Did Not Recuse himself….

I am trying to figure out why Mayor pro-tem Lombardo did not leave the room and recuse himself from the discussion and vote regarding the Town of Yucca Valley website where he is currently advertising his dental practice.  Didn’t Lazy Lombardo receive ethics training regarding Conflict of Interest, or the “perception” of Conflict of Interest in voting on matters where he will personally benefit?

Does Lombardo think he is above the law or was he too lazy to read the agenda, again, and did not know this was going to be addressed?

I am speaking about agenda item #17  to extend the Town Contract for three years to CGI Communications. It was presented by Staff as a “free of charge” service on the website to promote the Town with “Icons” around the border of the video. Bottom line, in plain english, these are advertisement buttons to promote private businesses. If you watch the DVD of this meeting, you can barely hear Lazy Lombardo mumble about the terms of the advertisement and stopped short about discussing the costs to advertise his business on the Town website.

“Free of Charge” or not, this website is a disservice to our Town because the content is “cheesy” and not current. This is something one would expect on the Yucca Valley Chamber of Commerce website to hawk advertisement but not on the Town website, in my opinion.

In voting to extend this contract, Lazy Lombardo did not recuse himself and he will continue to benefit by advertising his personal business on the Yucca Valley Town website.

This is a Conflict of Interest…..”Free of Charge,” or not.

Here is a real simple handy guide: 1-2-3.

1. Announce prior to the agenda item, ” I need to recuse myself.”

2. Give the reason for recusing to discuss or vote on the matter.

3. Walk away from the dais and leave the room.


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About the author

Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell


  1. Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

    WOW Margo, I always try to see the best in people but once again the name calling starts again. Its ok for you because? I guess I better allow some of my students to also do that if they feel like they have a good reason, you are a great example for our youth.

    • @Commissioner Gordon, Yucca Valley Planning Commissioner-Jeff Drozd,

      Why do you say you “see” when you are blind to Lombardo’s violation of the law regarding his Conflict of Interest?

      No name calling, just an “adjective” to describe his decision to not read/comprehend the full agenda packets for the office he was appointed, now elected.

      Remember, there is the Deed and the Person.

      Bob Lombardo is a a good person but is not above the law. I asked the question, “Was he too lazy to recuse himself?” Are you speaking to this issue on his behalf?

      Will you represent him to the FPPC, California Fair Political Practices Commission,that he is okay by your standards to vote on an item where he will personally benefit to advertise his business on our Town website? Please send me your letter of recommendation on this matter in a comment.

      Here is a template for you:

      Commission Chair Ann Ravel
      Chair of the California Fair Political Practices Commission,
      (appointed by Governor Brown in March of 2011)

      Dear Ms. Ravel,

      I am an appointed Yucca Valley Planning Commissioner by Yucca Valley Town Council member George Huntington, whose has authorized me to speak in defense of Yucca Valley Mayor Pro-tem Robert Lombardo regarding his voting on a matter which was a “Conflict of Interest”…..

      Let’s see, you van state:

      Lombardo really needs to keep this feature up on the Town website so that he can continue to advertise his business as he has for the past two years. A DVD is available for your review which captures his discussion of advertising terms while seated on the dais and direction given to Staff to sign up for three more years.

      Well, there ya go…

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

    I am not referring to ANY issue, its your blog so write what you want, being the blogger you have the responsibility to maintain a standard. Name calling is a low standard in my opinion. Just because it seems fact to you does not mean it is a fact. So a high school student can call another student any name they want if they believe the word that they preface the persons name with is an adjective that describes them in some way? “Gimpy Drozd” would be ok? Or if a student thinks another student named Sally does not wash well enough they can call the student “Smelly Sally”. Whether its an adjective in your opinion or not, names are wrong, even when you, Margot, are called names in comments on your own blog it is wrong BUT you being the blogger need to have a higher standard than the people commenting. I hear this stuff all the time and your argument is no better than most high school students, name calling is just wrong.

    • @Jeff, Please know this NOT my blog. There are rules and standards for contributing to this blog, but it is pretty much an open forum for Free Speech.

      My posts are about Public Figures and Elected Officials. Number one rule, children and family members are off limits, no exceptions, and DanO has rules against using four letter words on his blog.

      If I am accused of writing about someone’s children or grandchildren, it is a lie.

      As far as name calling, it is only a nick-name like we used when we were growing up. The kids would call me Bozo because my ears were sticking out at 45 degree angles but I liked Bozo the Clown and always thanked them for calling me that. Then my younger brother called me “Mushy” because he watched me putting on frosted lipstick and I chased him around the house pretending I was going to give him a “Mushy Lipstick Kiss.” We all grew up with “affectionate” nicknames…..back in the day. Many were distortions of the last name like Sturgeon or Sturgy instead of Sturges.

      There are 7 Daves in our lives right now, my husband and I sort them out by calling them:Erica’s Dave,Cheap Dave,Big Dave,Goofy Dave,Indian Dave,Biker Dave and Tweeker Dave. I don’t know their last names but this works for us and they are fine with their nicknames too!

      If you grew up in a neighborhood where the kids did not have nick names then you will never “get it.” Our Generation wore their nicknames with pride. For fun, ask your Mom and Dad what were some of the nicknames used when they were growing up and look for that twinkle in their eye.

      I once posted a comment on the Hi-Desert Star with the incorrect spelling of your last name of Droyd and someone thought I was calling you a name? It should be D-R-O-Z-D.

      The bigger issue of this post is the conflict of interest. That should your concern and if it isn’t, why not?

      • Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

        I know the website as a whole is not yours but the owner gives you permission to write this blog. Your name calling detracts from your point in my opinion. We all know people with goofy endearing names, I have several for myself that people call me for fun and some are based on the loss of my arm, I approve of them BUT “Lazy Lombardo” is not endearing and I am sure he does not approve. Your argument still makes me feel like I am arguing with a stubborn teenager that will not give in. If you don’t know the difference between calling someone Fatty or Scooter, Fatty can drive a kid to suicide and Scooter probably wont, if you think both are affectionate then I guess my posts are done.. I have “Bat Business” to attend to anyway, adios.

        • I like your comment Jeff, and I do know the difference between Fatty or Scooter. You continue to comment “off topic” on the Conflict of Interest issue so I will take your comments as a basis for a story. Then you can comment “on topic” over there.

  3. Dean M Gray Dean M Gray says:

    Since there is apparently no penalty for FPPC conflicts of interest, no penalty for violations of the Brown Act, and no criminal enforcement agency is available or interested in matters happening in the wild wild west then what is the point? If there was an enforcement agency and a Brown Act Jail or something like that then this would make more sense. The way I see it these people get away with anything they like because we lack a public integrity unit enforcing violations that are on the books but useless without enforcement. And no private practice attorney is willing to represent the people and go after civic violators just to win a judgement for doing the right thing and limited to only winning back only the costs of doing the litigation. In some big cities there is enforcement. Elsewhere not.

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