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A secure water future begins in Joshua Tree….

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Joshua Tree, CA—After 20 years, Joshua Tree residents truly have something to celebrate this season: water! In 1991, the residents voted to help pay for secured water through access of the Morongo Basin Pipeline that reaches Yucca Valley through property bond taxes. While Yucca Valley has been recharging its water basins for years through this waterline, Joshua Tree residents have yet to realize one drop from their investment—but that’s soon to change.


During the past two decades, the leadership at the Joshua Basin Water District (JBWD) has worked diligently to acquire grant funding to connect their community to this flow of water and by securing a site for replenishing their over-drafting aquifer.


“Recent studies from USGS have confirmed our water supply is diminishing with our current community’s use,” stated William Long, retiring board member who has worked on this project for the last nine years. “Past water conservation efforts from our residents have bought us valuable time in securing the additional funding we needed for completing this project. Their continued efforts at water conservation will impact the future amount of water we’ll need to purchase,” he added.


On December 12th, the current Board of Directors, along with the contractor, Jones Bros., broke ground to officially start the four mile project from the East end of the approved pipeline water route. The anticipated timeline for completion of this huge fete is estimated at approximately 18 months.


The Water District received funding in portions for the two phases of the project. Three million of these funds came from a grant of the Department of Water Resources through the Mojave Water Agency, and another 3.2 million was awarded directly to JBWD from the Department of Public Health. The grant that is financing this portion of the project comes from the “Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2006 (Proposition 84, Chapter 2)” from the California State Department of Water Resources.


As the project develops, residents and commercial entities will be afforded visibility of the ongoing progress with the movement of the project’s “water buffalo.” Residents with questions are encouraged to contact Kathleen Radnich, Joshua Basin Water District’s Public Information and Outreach consultant at 760.218.2822, or by email at, kjradnich@jbwd.com.


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