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YV Animal Shelter Project-Another Nuaimi Fontana Connection?

By   /   December 4, 2012  /   Comments Off

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Welcome to Yucca Valley…..

Yucca Valley, Ca.,-COMMENTARY- It may take a forensic audit to unravel the doings of Town Manager, Mark Nuaimi, and the Yucca Valley Animal Shelter saga.  Having appointed himself as the project manager, he has managed to twist this construction project to his own desires and creation of metal buildings while driving up the estimated cost of $3.1 million dollars to the now approved $3.99 million dollars, just shy of $4 million dollars. Don’t worry, it hasn’t been built yet by his buddies from Fontana so it may just surpass that figure.

Background: Controversial Shelter, Location-Turned down by vote of Yucca Valley Planning Commission, Costs, Questionable selection process, Construction Award…

Will Yucca Valley have to pay for the high costs of heating and cooling for this project? Having “selected” an architect under questionable procedures, this firm from Rancho Cucamonga proposed metal buildings “in order to save money,” on the construction costs. Only one architect firm addressed the issue of the high costs of heating and cooling and they were located in Palm Desert familiar with our extreme weather conditions.One bidder for the construction of the shelter, RC Construction, specializing in concrete tilt up came in with the lowest bid UNTIL they had to add in $400,000 for Metal Buildings. There is an elaborate explanation for this brouhaha in several agendas explaining it was a typo which allowed them to withdraw their bid. Something smells fishy to me.

After eliminating the low bidder, the path was cleared to award the construction contract to Facility Builders and Erectors of Anaheim, California. Here is their website >>>link

The Fontana connection? 


The President, Ken Thomson, and the Vice President, Steve Sindelar, are also listed as President/Officers and Shareholders of Steel Systems Erectors Company with a location in Fontana.
For some of you information slueths out there, here is a starting link>>>Corporationwiki
Another multi-million dollar contract awarded to Nuaimi’s buddies in Fontana? You decide.

Remember, the Town of Yucca Valley is paying Nuaimi $20,000.00 per month NOT to make any mistakes. 

Pretty nice gig for Nuaimi to learn on the job and help out his Fontana cronies, ya think?

Margo Sturges Author >>>link 


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