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Mayor Dawn Rowe gets Slimed on her Last Day by Mark Nuaimi

By   /   December 4, 2012  /   Comments Off

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Yucca Valley, Ca.-OPINION- Mayor Dawn Rowe may be happy to exit her 1 year seat on the dais leaving her “Legacy of Debt” for the Town of Yucca Valley. Unable to rein in the spending and financial over commitments of “High Roller” Town Manager, Mark Nuaimi, one project after another has been brought in over budget. Even worse, Nuaimi has been bumping up the costs in increments on the Animal Shelter project to achieve his goal during Rowe’s watch as Mayor.What the hell, it isn’t his money and Nuaimi doesn’t’ live here.

This evening, Nuaimi has one more slime to heap upon Mayor Rowe before she returns as a “Civilian Councilman” arranging for her signature to bump up the JPA, Joint Powers Authority, Animal Shelter project costs, again.  Nuaimi called a Special Meeting for this evening at 5:45 PM, barely 20 minutes within the 24 hour requirement, the reason for this meeting is to have Mayor Rowe sign on to the approval of increasing the YV Animal Shelter budget to $3.99 million dollars from the original $3.1 million dollars as her final act as “Mayor Rowe of Debt.”  Agenda>>> link

At two previous Town Council meetings Mayor Rowe voted No to increasing the costs/budget for the Yucca Valley “Replacement” Animal shelter which apparently fell on deaf ears.  As his parting gift for her firm stance to try to hold down costs, Nuaimi arranged for the Special meeting for this “bump-up” with Rowe’s signature on this project as a record for future generations right alongside the signature of San Bernardino Board of Supervisors Chair, Jose Gonzales.

Will Mayor Rowe vote No a third time or will she just throw in the towel and sign on?

This agenda item is on the SB BOS meeting today cited the increase in budget was due to higher expenses and was tabled from their November 27th meeting, more on that in a separate story.

Please note, other documents for this evening’s Town Council meeting, except the Animal Shelter, are prepared in advance for the signature of the “Not-yet-selected-Mayor/Appointed-Mayor-pro-tem” Merl Abel. It is an agenda item this evening to select a new Mayor….Hmmm, do you think that is a done deal with Nuaimi’s serial meetings to make this determination?

The Animal Shelter was a Run-Away Red Ink Train with Nuaimi as self-appointed Conductor of this project that started out as a “New State-of-the-art” animal shelter using the Upland facility as the example. After Nuaimi took over this project, the costs went from the original $3.1 million dollars to $3.99 million dollars for a “Replacement” shelter that will not house any more animals than before. I would not be surprised to see a $4 million dollar figure come into play.  Nuaimi Runaway Red Ink Train story>>>link

What the hell, it isn’t his money and Nuaimi doesn’t’ live in Yucca Valley.Again, another multi-million dollar Yucca Valley building project with a connection to the City of Fontana where Nuaimi lives.

What the hell, it isn’t his money and Nuaimi doesn’t live in Yucca Valley…

For the records: I sent in a Request for Public Information to the Yucca Valley Town Clerk on September 21, 2012, 8:15 am requesting the list of all the vendors/subcontractors/designers and any other costs related to date.  I copied this request to Town Manager/Project Manager, Mark Nuaimi, and SB JPA Animal Shelter Director Brian Cronin.

Ms. Anderson told me she was still gathering the information I requested.
Somehow, I feel I am being stone-walled, again.
Margo Sturges Author>>> Link  

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