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Time for HDWD Granny Graham to Get Off Her Throne

By   /   November 29, 2012  /   4 Comments

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Yucca Valley, Ca.-Commentary-The Hi-Desert Water District had a policy of rotating their President on the dais, that is, until last year when HDWD Director Sarann Graham hijacked the position for a second year in a row.  After nominating Vice President Roger Mayes to the position, Granny Graham sat in awe of herself when she was nominated for a second term. The right thing to do was to support Director Mayes instead of swooning over her own nomination.

The result of serving a second term may have helped her in the bid for re-election as she positioned herself into every photo-op possible this past year.  At the last Yucca Valley Town Council meeting, there was no one there to represent the HDWD but they forgot one thing, the elections are over and Granny Graham has no need to make an appearance after being re-elected. Look for her to distribute Christmas Cookies to the Council at one of the December meetings.

Perhaps it was due to a full moon last night or the fact that she has been sitting on the “Throne” for too long, impressed with her self importance, but Granny Graham reached a new low by chastising a citizen’s public comments.  Not only was this citizen NOT in attendance at the HDWD meeting but Granny Graham watched the dvd of the Yucca Valley Town Council meeting and added her snitty remarks against the citizen’s public comments made at the Town Council meeting.

Yucca Valley Mayor Dawn Rowe was sitting in the audience last evening perhaps giving Granny Graham encouragement. Rowe heaped on her criticism to this same citizen for her public comments last week as she defended Town Manager Mark Nuaimi’s salary of $250,000.  Nuaimi presented this fact in a power point presentation and any citizen had the right to comment on that slide to express his or her point of view.  Rowe took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the State of California and the United States Constitution….I guess she figured it was okay to toss out the First Amendment which is part of the Bill of Rights.

Okay ladies, your stint is over as rotating Mayor and President. Please go quietly without any State of the Town or State of the HDWD hoopla, okay? We are in a still in a Recession and your glory days are over until the next rotation four years from now.

By the way, your manicures are long overdue…..Meeeooow!


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Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell


  1. Dean M Gray Dean Gray says:

    A better way of explaining Nuami’s salary is he is paid $20,000 a month. Those are terms better understood by the public as he is paid more in one month than most everyone else makes in an entire year. The idea that he earns a quarter million dollars (with benefits) is offensive. In these tough economic times the question must be asked… isn’t there someone in America who is well qualified and capable of doing that job, perhaps even better than Mr. Nuami, who would be very happy to be paid – say – $10,000 a month? I believe you know the answer and that over 90% of the public would agree with you. Some cities have recently won public referendums on the ballot to limit the pay of city managers using a variety of formulas such as a multiplier of the average income of the area served. This is an excellent idea to provide traction in the next election. The concept also effectively de-personalizes the issue. Incumbents are forced to choose. Either lower the city manager wage to a reasonable amount or support their friend the city manager and actually take a public position opposing the idea of saving money. This will doom their re-election and any strong new candidate running an effective campaign can use this issue to win the election. Don’t wait until a few months before the next election. Start now. Anyone seriously interested in hiring an experienced campaign manager please contact me.

  2. Peytonplace Peytonplace says:

    hello ye all loggers! what the up? grumpy granny poseur extra ordinaraire posin’ off some youngin’ comments towards her wrinkled muffin prunin’ fishy smellin’ are we a woman or not? rowe! in a pubic’ place of worhsip? hdwd better mind those manners towards others, who are they reckin’ with, Margo? Is it hotdog or a hamburger type? they must be jealous swinefish, hell, look at them two, you are a classy, gorgeous lady! those two with their hogger in tow shop at the loco walmartty on blue light nightly specials, their clothes, their no hose, their faces and fake gold huggin’s say it all. Margo, keep it going gal, someone will show them up’ with a finale of facts, heard’ they were hidin’ under their bed at nights lately. why did not anyone say anythin’? but forgot, this is yucca and they think they rule the mighty kingdom of ingots, inbred’s, proles, and yet some of us are normal, hell, who is normal, we are!

  3. Peytonplace Peytonplace says:

    newman nuami does not deserve a salary of lettuce at all, he is a poseur, hides his whip and bat i heard in the back of his painter’s pants he gotem at bigo 5 sale by his girlfriend, hognut. nuami can start lookin’ for new jobbin’s in alaska soon, heard they were hiring’ new fishy men to catch bait for them crabs. newman would be thrown into this fishy type of netty as main bait, after all he wasted too much money for yucca. think so boys.

  4. Anotherpowergrab Anotherpowergrab says:

    Could not have said it better. Graham sense of self importance, thinking she is running the country, and keeping power, that is , President of the Board. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the ship (HDWD) bumbles and fumbles aimlessly, with no one knowing anything about the utility business.

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