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No! No! Nuaimi! Town Council Cinches Up Purse Strings…

By   /   November 26, 2012  /   32 Comments

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Please? Let me try again?

Yucca Valley, Cal.-OPINION-Last week the Town Council sent Town Manager, Mark Nuaimi, home for the Thanksgiving holidays without authorizing him any more Staff time or money to rush his proposed tax measure for the March 5, 2013 ballot. After his surprised defeat of Measure U, Nuaimi scrambled to throw out a Plan B which was another “Rush Job-Act Now!” that fell flat.

After spending in excess of $200,000.00 by the Town for the passage of Measure U, 1% General Fund tax for 30 years, three Councilmen found their backbone saying no more Staff time or Attorney fees to place another tax measure on the ballot without any citizen input and discussions with the Hi-Desert Water District.


Nuaimi’s “Hidden” Agenda (Literally)

On the agenda there was an item stating, “Town Manager remarks regarding Measure U.” It was placed after Public Comments and the agenda packet did not have any further information.  Turns out, Nuaimi presented a Power Point offering up 6 possible options to place another tax measure on the March ballot promising to work the Town Attorney on overdrive to achieve the language for their December 4, 2012 meeting.

To this date, there is NOTHING on the website about his presentation to the Town Council.  A very bad habit of Town Manager Mark Nuaimi to spring something NOT disclosed on the agenda or Staff report until the moment he flashes it on the big screen. The scant minutes of this meeting will not disclose his power point presentation either.

“Lazy Lombardo,” who doesn’t read his agendas and only relying on weekly meetings with the Town Manager for his talking points boldly stepped on his Rolodex to support Nuaimi’s plan to rush another tax measure. Councilman Robert Lombardo, recently appointed, was recently elected on the November 6th ballot but will probably remain a YesMan for Nuaimi for the next four years. He was the ONLY member in favor of Nuaimi’s half-baked Plan B proposal and his comments indicate how out of touch he is with the citizens of Yucca Valley.

While Mayor Dawn Rowe was in a snitty mood to scold a member’s public comments, she also scolded the Hi-Desert Water District for not appearing at this meeting. Looks like Nuaimi’s Eau D’ Arrogance worn off on Rowe this past year, pretty smelly stuff, in my opinion.


Margo Sturges Author>>>link


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About the author

Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell


  1. Mike Hawkins Mike Hawkins says:

    Is there video of the meeting? Will it be televised?

  2. Hi Mike. There is a DVD available and it will be televised. I have an extra DVD I can bring to you. Just let me know,ok?

  3. Mike Hawkins Mike Hawkins says:

    Thanks Margo – but better yet – maybe you could stick the part with Nuaimi’s presentation on You Tube and provide us all a link.

  4. Mike Hawkins Mike Hawkins says:

    …or something.

  5. Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

    WOW, I was slightly moved by your speech at the meeting about all of us getting along and condemning the name calling that has been going on THEN this blog condemning people again and name calling ie: “Lazy Lombardo”. I did not see all the nuances that you did at the meeting. I did see that many people want a alternative to Measure U soon and all Mr. Nuaimi did was give us a choice. Then calling Mr. Lombardo a yes man? Obviously two people that you dislike cant agree on a subject without you thinking that it is a big conspiracy. Shame on you, this is disgusting especially after your not so heartfelt speech. Ohhh yes and you stated at the meeting that the no on U group never said they will have an alternative in March??? I heard it over and over and over and over again through that bullhorn while I was standing on the street for Measure U… they did say it and so did you near the bottom of these comments.. http://www.hidesertstar.com/opinion/letters_to_editor/article_43a25bfe-f145-11e1-8b5e-001a4bcf887a.html this is your quote: “Vote No Measure U.A Citizen’s Initiative on the March 5th ballot will have all the funds go to Phase One of the sewer system to save Yucca Valley!” So why did you lie at the Town Council meeting about all of these things. Again I say shame on you!

  6. @Planning Commissioner Jeff Drozd/Batman Gordon or what ever Halloween costume you are wearing as a Yucca Valley Town Official-I am not amused with your sillyness.

    1. You live in Phase Three with your “significant other” who somehow delights to give me a thumbs down as you both drove up 247 to your abode. It was about Measure U but you turned it to a personal issue. You are not going to ever have to deal with a sewer in your lifetime up on the Mesa.

    2. Lazy Lombardo deserves that name becasue HE DOES NOT READ his agendas. You blindly defend this (now) elected Town Councilman without any knowledge. You seem like a nice guy but your defense of someone that does not read the full agenda packet is misguided.

    3. Measure U was defeated by the voters. I am but only ONE vote. If there was a 70/30 defeat or victory either way, there would have been a clear mandate. Politics 101. Our Community was split down the middle.

    4.Only a fool(s) would rush to place another measure on the March ballot. As the very wise Councilman Huntington said, “We’d be shooting ourselves in the foot.”

    • Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

      But you guys have been saying for months that you had a March iniative in place?

    • Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

      Besides YOU are the one who said no name calling then your the FIRST to do it? Its only ok for YOu to call people names?

  7. Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

    Im just being silly with my screen name but it is irritating how you expressed your dismay over name calling and expressed your wish to get along then you smash and call names about 1 week later. I seriously liked your speech at the Council meeting and was a bit moved, hoping we could all work together but this blog shows me that you were not serious. It is dissapointing. I want what is best for Yucca Valley as you do but we all have different opinions so a compromise would be nice but name calling is not going to help. I made up my name Commissioner Gordon but I doubt Mr. Lombardo approves of your degrading name for him. 1 week out and we are back where we started, I see no way to work together if this continues.

    • @Batman-Dentist Lombardo,DDS,(Not a real Doctor)knows that I very disappointed he is not reading his agendas. He personally told me he meets with Town Manager, Mark Nuaimi, once a week for “updates.” I do not feel that is “appropiate” instead of reading, and comprehending, the facts of the agenda items. Often approving millions of dollars and/or making laws, “Lazy Lombardo” relies on Nuaimi’s guidance. That makes him a “Yes-Man” and is not name calling.

      Would you prefer the description of “Incompentant?” I’ll be sure to tell him you approve the change over the (affectionate) “Lazy Lombardo.”

      Even Lombardo’s colleagues know he is skating along to fake his way through the agenda. They do read the full packet agenda, as do I, and their questions and comments reflect as such.

      You don’t have a clue about what you’re talking about, either.

      Now Man-up and get out of that “Robin outfit” and don’t bother me with your sniveling because today is not a good day to cross me.

      • Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

        Cross You

      • Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

        AND because he said something ONCE does not dictate his philosophy for his entire lifetime. YOU said that the no on U crowd never said they had a March 5th alternative but now that I quoted you we can see they did so what does this mean? People change, grow and learn including myself I read my Commission packets but I also talk to staff about them, thats part of seeing all sides. But never mind I have no clue about what I talk about.

  8. Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

    The nice thing about a tax is that we ALL help pay no matter what phase we are in. I am not stuck on the loss of U but it is dissapointing that distrust and fear won and our Town may suffer. We have septic problems but we have other problems also, I hope for a future plan that addresses everything, it will be worth every penny that we invest in our community.

  9. Tim Humphreville Tim Humphreville says:

    Magot, Your flat out lies as part of the so called “truth posse” hurt this town, And you will soon see that the people of this town know this, in your run for town council. what happened to Bob ,the liar Leone guess he saw the light of you people uh?. You seem to have missed the fact that Bob Lombardo got the most votes. I know that’s just the truth to you, Does not matter. Your hat is just about to get stomped in the mud, will be fun for all of us to watch. I have noticed that you are not posting on the star web site anymore, What happened? did you get bloggers block? What is your platform for council going to be? I was asked to step down from the planning commission by the worst council person we have ever had. Or vote for me, Ive been kicked out of every volunteer club in Yucca. what happened to the alternative for March you promised everyone you lied to during your no on U campaign.

    • Oh, no, it’s Timmy the turn again calling people liars again wothout providing examples of where alleged lies he’s refering to. The fact if — the Basin is a “To get along one must get along.” That’s what this town is all about.

      Since Timmy fails to show where someone allegedly lied is a smack in the fact to bear no false witness against our neighbor. It’s obvious Timmy the turd has a personal vendetta against Ms. Margo.

  10. Citizen’s Initiative: http://www.VoteNoMeasureU.com. Read the pros and cons.

  11. Poor Timmy-Luckino’s Leftovers.Wasn’t on Lombardo’s short list. Boo-hoo!

  12. Mark Nuaimi Mark Nuaimi says:

    As Town Manager, I typically meet with EVERY Town Council person weekly in order to keep them updated on projects, developments, answer questions, address issues, etc. During weeks when we have Town Council meetings, this includes Agenda Review.

    During Agenda Review, I ask if there are any items that they need additional information on prior to or at the Town Council meeting or specific questions that they have. This way, I can ensure that Town staff are prepared to answer questions or have the information with them to be able to do so.

    I also put together a (mostly) Weekly Update that highlights activities around the community. This weekly update is emailed to all Town staff, Town Council, and I believe many forward those updates to their contacts in the community.

    The citizens of Yucca Valley can rest assured that their elected officials are well informed about what’s going on in Town.

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      As Town Manager, I typically meet with EVERY Town Council person weekly in order to keep them updated on projects, developments, answer questions, address issues, etc. During weeks when we have Town Council meetings, this includes Agenda Review.

      Wait wait… you meet with every Town Council Member weekly, this includes Agenda Review???? Really? You admit to having weekly serial meetings? WOW!

      • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

        Really Dan?? You’re smart enough to know that the Brown Act prohibition against “serial meetings” requires the manager to:

        “contacts at least a quorum of the members of the legislative body to discuss, develop a collective concurrence, or communicate each member’s respective positions on an issue within the body’s jurisdiction.”

        A manager is not doing his/her job if they are not meeting regularly with their bosses to keep them informed.

        And your point…… I was not concerned until you said Agenda…. that is communicating to gain collective concurrence…. Any of the other meetings really are simple meetings of no import again it is that agenda meeting that concerns me.
        • Steve Spear Steve Spear says:


          This same stuff went on and is going on in 29 Palms. I learned early in my 8 year stint on the council to absolutely not meet with the city manager and speak my mind about agenda items.

          Why? Because I found his very arguments against my ideas being parroted back to me by fellow council members in a public meeting.

          If a city staff and my fellow council members are not prepared to answer questions I may have as their boss or debate in an open forum as their peer at a public meeting then they are not even adequate at their jobs.

          Mark – you and I would have real issues but I live in 29 and you are the CM of Yucca so have fun!

        • Dean M Gray Dean Gray says:

          There is no Brown Act Jail and no Brown Act Police. The Brown Act is not relevant to anything.

  13. Scots Slant Scots Slant says:


    You said: “(Humphreville)fails to show where someone allegedly lied.”

    You may recall where it was claimed on the Cactus Thorns website that town of Yucca Valley manager, Mark Nuami, had applied for the position of manager in the city of Chino.

    Turns out the claim was blatantly false as well as a complete fabrication as evidenced by a letter from the city of Chino directed to Dan O’Brien.

    O’Brien posted that letter on this site summed up with these comments: “Nuiami did not apply for the job at Chino as per the City of Chino Human Resources Director.”

    What would you call a person who levels a charge on a public domain that is found to be not true?

    • Sounds like Nuaimi is behind this comment. Two sources without the ability to confirm/verify the Chino incident. No fabrication of the story but no documentation either. Win some-Lose some. Maybe after the shakeup with certain “legislators” being voted out of office, someone will go on the record. Until then, don’t hold your breath.

    • Scot, I would say they were mistaken. I would not say they were a liar. I would say that Timmy the turd is unfit for office and brings disgrace to the public office he holds. I would say he is violating of his online Ethics 1234 training.

  14. Dean M Gray Dean Gray says:

    Mr. Nuaimi is paid $20,000 a month not to make mistakes. 5 years is the average time city managers keep their job. Some less, some more. Often when the city manager does not have full and unanimous support of the city council he is replaced. Replacing the city manager is less expensive than a recall. Mr. Nuaimi is paid $20,000 a month not to make mistakes. Mr. Nuaimi is paid $20,000 a month not to make mistakes. Mr. Nuaimi is paid $20,000 a month not to make mistakes. Mr. Nuaimi is paid $20,000 a month not to make mistakes. Mr. Nuaimi is paid $20,000 a month not to make mistakes. Mr. Nuaimi is paid $20,000 a month not to make mistakes. Mr. Nuaimi is paid $20,000 a month not to make mistakes. Mr. Nuaimi is paid $20,000 a month not to make mistakes. Mr. Nuaimi is paid $20,000 a month not to make mistakes. Mr. Nuaimi is paid $20,000 a month not to make mistakes. Mr. Nuaimi is paid $20,000 a month not to make mistakes. Mr. Nuaimi is paid $20,000 a month not to make mistakes. Mr. Nuaimi is paid $20,000 a month not to make mistakes.

  15. Nuaimi hired July 2010. Salary review January per contract.

    Senior housing-over budget, bumped up from $1.5 million to $3.5 million. (Brought in buddies from Fontana,C.O.R.E.)

    Replacement Animal Shelter-over budget by $50,000. Using outside vendors.

    Sky Harbor Dog Park-Internal loan from future DIF to fill gap bumped up to $300,000 from $250,000.

    Impounded two pets for 8 months/litigation costs of $50,500 (not shared by SB County).

    Dismantled Citizen Volunteer Commissions.

    Swiped CDBG-Community Development Block Grants from assisting local charities to hire pro-active Code Enforcement Officer.

    Delayed funding 3rd year savings of CDBG funds to build zero depth splash park.

    Dissolved Veterans Day Parade.

    Leans on Town vendors to contribute to political campaigns/advocate for Measure U.

    Brought in his friend as full time in-house engineer originally suggesting a cost savings over contracting/out sourcing as needed.

    Reading emails/texting while Town Council fumbled in a circus act to appoint TWO councilmen instead of calling for an election to fill 3 1/2 year term.

    Closed Town offices on Friday. Machine answers calls to front desk.

    Spent over $200,000 and 18 months Staff time to promote Measure U.

    Measure U was defeated splitting the Community down the middle.

    What’s that you say?

    Yucca Valley Town Manager Mark Nuaimi is paid $20,000 per month NOT to make mistakes.

    Why should the Town of Yucca Valley, population 20,700 with average income of $35,000, continue to pay for this novice manager’s training on the job?

  16. AND-

    Citizens footed $20,000 bill to hire a Grant writer to seek Prop 84 funding for the privately owned Brehm Youth Sports Park while Town obligated to maintain at the cost of $180,000.00 per year,plus $40,000 for scholarships and $50,000 to fund the Boys and Girls Club. This item was pulled off the regular (recorded/televised)Town Council meeting and approved at an afternoon meeting (not televised) the following week. Councilman Isaac Hagerman voted on the two items and it is not known at this time if the loan to Hagerman by Cindy Brehm Melland of over $10,000.00 was before his vote or after he voted for her project.

    Nuaimi has again over-committed our town to a revised amount of $300,00 per year to maintain the “gift” of the Brehm Youth Sports park/soccer fields.

    Most of these financial blunders took place during Mayor Dawn Rowe’s term on the dais.

    Nuaimi was spending Measure U income before being passed by the voters.

    Worth repeating: Yucca Valley Town Manager, Mark Nuaimi, is paid $20,000.00 a month NOT to make mistakes.

  17. Peytonplace Peytonplace says:

    hey ye all they are all PROLES, proles are low class wanting to be a high class people, lazy lombardo was a prison dentist yeap, think about opening ye mouth to him before he sticks you with an ex prison thought! this ye town has the truth to be told and soon ye all. no normalcy here, home grown folksies, we have ex-prison dentist dentically lombardo,as he known, gritty nitty needing some female traits mayor, hogger hogger warts old school future town council wanna be, spineless fish caught off the coast, any coast of 80 percent volume liquid huntington and abel seems ok as of now ye hear. can you imagine our elected folksies going with the rest of the californias’ officials, hell brother, ours are inbred!

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