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YV Median Design Contract-$175,480 bumped up to $742,069

By   /   November 5, 2013  /   1 Comment

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UPDATE: The Yucca Valley Median project was awarded in July 2013 with only one bid for over $2.3 million dollars and construction was fast tracked.>LINK  The current project is damaging the Old Town small businesses by restricting not only semi-trucks to deliver their products but also restricting customers access to their storefronts.

My original story below was published almost one year ago on November 26, 2012.

I reported on RBF Consulting going through SEVERAL change orders which bumped up their fees for the design of the highway medians.  If the Yucca Valley Business owners bring a lawsuit against the town for failure to notify them of any construction, I hope they will be able to find out more about RBF during the discovery.

“Who the Hell is RBF Consulting?…Original Contract of $175,480 bumped to $742,069!”

Nov. 26, 2012-Yucca Valley, Ca.- Another “Consent Agenda” item was approved by the Town Council, without comment or questions, to “bump up” payments to RBF Consulting for a change order in the amount of $25, 932, bringing total compensation to $742,069.

The original contract was for $175, 480! What happened?

Staff provided the following review for Contract Amendment # 6, RBF, INC., Phase SR 62 Median Improvement Project-Apache to Palm Avenue :

04-12-2006, Town Council advertised for Requests for Proposal to prepare the Project Study Report.

06-28-2007, Town Council awarded a contract to RBF Consulting, Inc. in the amount of $72, 500 of the proposed fee of $175, 480 consulting with the balance to be awarded upon funds by the Federal Highway Administration.

12-13-2007, Amendment #1- Increase contract fee to $175.480.

08-04-2009, Amendment #2-Provide for Phase 2 PS&E services for an additional compensation of $442,251, bringing the total RBF contract cost to $617.731.

12-21-2010, Amendment #3, increasing compensation in the amount of $36, 808 bringing RBF total compensation to $654, 539, for additional tasks.

04-05-2011, Amendment #4, increase compensation another $35, 560 for additional services required by Caltrans, bringing the RBF total compensation for their services to $689,699.

12-06-2011, Amendment #5, another increase for services required by Cal Trans in the amount of $26, 440, bringing RBF total compensation to $716, 139.

11-20-2012, Amendment #6, increase to RBF proposal of September 13, 2012, requesting additional compensation in the amount of $25, 930 for additional tasks, bringing the total compensation to $742,069.

The Executive Summary states, “New requirements by Caltrans and additional right of way acquisition services necessitate additional tasks and services by the Consultant to complete the planning and design documents and to obtain Caltrans approval.”   The Staff report provided additional tasks with the proposed amendment to be approved by the Town Council adding, “(they) could not be anticipated at the beginning of the PS&E phase.”

Pretty sweet deal to start out at $175,480 bumped up to $742,069, right?

Previous Contracts Awarded:

RBF Consulting was hired for the Yucca Valley Old Town Specific Plan and on July 20, 2011 was awarded a contract for $435,000 by the Hi-Desert Water District with rival company, Nolte Associates, Inc. claiming “unfair advantage.”

RBF Reference:

A. PS&E is the acronym for “Plans, Specifications and Estimates,” which was not provided or explained in the Staff report by newly hired Town Engineer, Alex Qishta.

B. According to their website, Michael Baker Corporation acquired RBF on October 3, 2011. With the addition of RBF, Michael Baker Corporation has more than 3,000 employees in nearly 100 offices. To learn more: link

RBF Consulting Firm: 14725 Alton Parkway, Irvine, California 92618-2027  http://www.RBF.com

Margo Sturges Author>>>link



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1 Comment

  1. Ed Montgomery Ed Montgomery says:

    This is very typical of the town Council in town Yucca Valley. Now the businesses are seeing for themselves exactly how the town Council really are. They held meetings on the media strips and sidewalk projects after the fact, they’ve already planned to do this project whether anybody likes it or not. The town Council and the planning commission had no plans whatsoever to listen to anybody, by law they had the meetings and take in the comments from the public, but had no intentions of listening to anybody, this is very typical of how the town Yucca Valley’s been run over the last 21 years.

    The town Yucca Valley has a population of about 20,700 people approximately according
    to the 2010 census. I know we have room to grow, but it’s become ridiculous with all the center media strips and all the signal lights. They need to start listening to the people of Yucca Valley, but so far town Council and the planning commission will not listen to anybody and they don’t care. Before this is all said and done I hope the people have the last word!

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