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37 Things You Should Stock but Probably Aren’t

By   /   November 18, 2012  /   3 Comments

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UPDATED:  67 Items! Every survivalist message board and prepper blog tells you to stock the same things; weapons, water, food basics, etc. So, I went looking for a list of things that you should be stocking, but probably aren’t. Everything on the list will make your life many times easier after the SHTF, especially in a Bugging-In scenario.

1. Toothpaste and Toothbrushes

2. Gun Cleaning Supplies -cotton pads, Hoppe’s, Rem Oil, etc

3. Duct Tape

4. Cooking Oil

5. Shampoo

6. Deodorant

7. Laundry Detergent

8. Books or other reading for enjoyment materials

9. WD-40

10. Sewing Supplies

11. Bolts, Nails Screws

12. Games

13. Paper and Pencils

14. Spare Parts for any and all gear

15. Musical Instruments

16. Lantern Mantles

17. Hand Tools

18. Broken window fix/replacement/cover (plywood or plastic panes)

19. Bleach

20. Household Cleaning Supplies

21. Sponges

22. Towels and Wash clothes

23. Gold Bond or Baby Power

24. Baby Supplies – diapers etc

25. Aloe

26. Sunscreen

27. Bug Spray (wearing kind)

28. Bug Spray (killing kind)

29. Comfort Foods – for morale

30. Chains and Locks

31. Isoprophyl (rubbing) alcohol

32. Mouse Traps

33. Lamp Wicks – for Oil and Alcohol Lamps

34. Lice Shampoo

35. Salt

35. Liquor

37. Glasses – Prescription and OTC


38. Alcohol Wipes

39. Eyedrops

40. Pet Food

41. Fertilizer

42. Coolers

43. Buckets

44. Clothes Pins

45. Childrens clothes in sizes larger than they wear

46. Superglue

47. Wash board

48. Spray paint in black, white, green, brown and black.

49. Zippers, buttons, snaps, knee patches, velcro

50. Patches for tents and tarps

51. Garbage bags

52. Lime

53. Charcoal/lighter fluid

54. Birth control

55. Vitamins

56. Razor blades

57. Saw blades

58. Garden tools

59. Spark plugs

60. Motor oil

61. Manuel Air/Tire pump

62. Bird seed to attract wild birds (food source)

63. Fire extinguishers

64. Wire

65. Q-tips

66. Cotton balls

67. Corn Starch

68. Thermal Wear

What Else?

This is a short list of things we are probably forgetting. What other things are going to be essential, or especially useful in a survival scenario that you don’t hear about a lot? Leave a comment and tell us yours.

via 37 Things You Should Stock but Probably Aren’t.

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  1. Good list, but I can do without the Deodorant.

  2. Which reminds me,a few day ago I helped a friend move.

    There were two burly guys that helped us move. When I arrived in Y.V., the four of us were loading everything but the kitchen sick into my pickup and a trailer I was hitched to.

    I noted a grossly offensive foul order coming from my friend. He smelled like a French whore (not that I have ever been with a French whore). I ask him why he doused himself with man perfume to help men move his stuff.

    I succeeded in embarrassing him. Moral:When SHTF who cares about perfume and smelling pretty?

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