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Get a GPS or something, dudes!

By   /   November 14, 2012  /   3 Comments

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On Wednesday, November 14, 2012, the Palm Desert Police Department responded to a report of two lost hikers on the Art Smith Trail between Palm Desert and Rancho Mirage. The two adult males began their trek this morning on their mountain bikes in the Cathedral City Cove. They had hoped to take the trail to the termination point in south Palm Desert at Highway 74. The hikers left the trail and soon became disoriented. They became stranded and realized they needed assistance. The hikers called for help on their cell phones.

The Sheriff Department’s Desert Search and Rescue was activated and the Sheriff’s helicopter responded. The hikers started a small fire and the helicopter located them at about 5:00 PM. They were found approximately four miles southwest of the Magnesia Springs Canyon. Both were airlifted out along with their bicycles. Neither hiker sustained any injuries.

The Palm Desert Police encourages hikers to carefully plan their hikes and to take plenty food and water and adequate clothing, especially during this time of the year.

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  1. Paparrazi Paparrazi says:

    Mommy, I’m scared. I might have to sleep out in the cold tonight and don’t have my blankee. Please send my Nanny Mommy. Although I’m healthy enough to ride a mountain bike off road I’m fragile.
    Have these loons ever watched one episode of Survivor? Geez, if snow boarder and skiers can face rescue fines for getting lost if they venture off the trail and need assistance surely these careless wonderboys should pay back every penny to the local government bodies that they willfully called upon.

  2. Steve_In_29 Steve_In_29 says:

    I believe MOST Police/Fire/Rescue services do in fact now charge the idiots to recover the costs for these types of non-emergencies.

    How lame were these outdoorsy types that they couldn’t have simply waited until dark and then headed for the bright glow in the sky? It’s not like they were out in the wilds of Alaska. It’s pathetic what the nanny state has reduced many people to.

    Though it has been going on for quite some time, as I saw when I was still in the Marines and my unit was in the Philippines for the evacuation after Mt Pinatubo blew. They had moved the Air Force personnel from Clark AFB down to Subic Bay to load them on ships to get clear of the ash cloud. While on Subic they were housed in some just completed barracks. They were thrashing the rooms and when we confronted them about the mess, their reply was that “the maids would clean it up”. They couldn’t grasp that there were no maids any more!

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