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Will Mayor Rowe Serve a Second Term to Deal with Her Legacy of Debt?

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Yucca Valley Mayor Dawn Rowe/ Town Manager Mark Nuaimi

Yucca Valley, Ca.-OPINION.  Measure U was defeated.  The costs to promote the 1% General Fund tax for 30 years have exceeded $200,000.00, including Mayor Dawn Rowe’s personal contribution of $1,000.00 not including her time. The projects brought in over budget during her time on the dais as Mayor and over commitments of funds will now be passed along to newbie “Appointed Mayor Pro-tem” Merl Abel, or will they?

Mayor Dawn Rowe could do the right thing by serving a second term to personally deal with her legacy of debt. Her participation in the advocacy of Measure U to cross the line prove the degree of her desperation to pass this General Fund tax that piggy-backed off the town’s sewer crisis to cover the Town Manager’s bets. Story>>>link

Rowe’s recent remarks to the Hi-Desert Star reveal her primary concern for the Town’s immediate needs, while failing to even mention the sewer crisis, “Measure U was a general tax measure because we had needs coming up in the town that we’re not going to be able to meet,” Rowe said.  Story>>>link  (Please note the Hi-Desert Star recently removed all the reader comments on the story without any explanation)

As I outlined in a previous post, the list of over committed projects is unbelievable!

While the citizens of Yucca Valley were at  the polls deciding the fate of Measure U on Election Day, November 6, 2012,  the Town Council held a meeting to approve the awarding of the contract for the new animal shelter, which was also brought in over budget. Originally estimated at $3.1 million, the approved amount was $3.5 million dollars for the total project.  Add the $50,500.00 that Nuaimi spent to impound two pets and you have a case of cause for termination due to mismanagement, in my opinion.

The Town Manager continues on his spending spree because the Town Council have no experience and have no spine. Now that his Measure U failed to cover these debts, Nuaimi will have to blame someone for the shortfall and fiscal crisis he created during Rowe’s watch.

On second thought, Mayor Rowe should just hand over the reins to Councilman Merl Abel as our next Mayor, we can’t afford another year of  her legacy of debt.

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