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Say Bye Bye…. for the Last Time…. Project Phoenix is Over!!

By   /   November 7, 2012  /   3 Comments

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The problem with marginalizing two members of the council, I’ve been told, all they need is a like minded candidate to get elected and the worm turns.

This morning City Manager Warne and City Attorney Munoz woke up to a whole new ball game. I believe that Project Phoenix is once and for all time a dead issue.

I believe that the waste of taxpayer funds for the next 30 years because of the Bonds passed at the complete disregard for the Law is a big chicken who is about to come home to roost. The make up of the Council today reflects a far more reasoned group of individuals that are not about to fall for the hood winking of “Staff.”

This scheme of floating bonds and making grand promises is over.

I hope to never hear the combination of those two words “Project” or “Phoenix” in combination again. I hope that we can defease these bonds as soon as possible and close this horrid moment in our towns history.

Finally the Tax base is safe from eminent domain and private lands being removed from the tax rolls.It better be more than a theater to bring about the theft of private lands to give to a small group of what to be thespians.

I foresee a move to reduce regulation and improve the business climate in this town. Its really not that bad folks. We can make this work.  I am a happy camper today.

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  1. As far as “PP” goes (project phoenix), are there three votes on the CC to prevent a yes vote for litigation? That’s the last ditch efforts of Richard Warne and Bad Legal Advice Attorney, A. Patrick Munoz.

    I shall never forget his (Munoz) bullshit during the first council meeting wherein Munoz proclaimed there was an covenant that allowed PP to move forward with ease, in spite of the DOF. I was shocked because any first year law student knows better.

    I KNEW — at that moment — we have a shyster lawyer advising the CC.

  2. Larry Briggs Larry Briggs says:

    I didn’t see Ben, Cora or Dan at the PC meeting last night. Too busy waiting for the returns?

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      Yes…. I was awaiting returns as it has kind of tradition for me to watch the returns come in…. I understood the issues last night and felt that the PC would do what was right in falling into line with State and County Health Department Guidelines.

      It was a no brain-er.

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