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Together We Will Do Better!

By   /   November 7, 2012  /   8 Comments

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Dear Voters,

Thank you 29 voters! I did not receive the endorsement of the paper or the radio, but as I stated, it was the people’s endorsement that I sought. I am thankful that you did endorse me, and I am willing to work with you to make 29 a better community.  The next few weeks, I will try to gain a better understanding of how the council works so that I will be ready to go in January.

I have to thank my family and friends for all of their support.  They  worked tirelessly in doing whatever needed to be done. I also want to say thanks to the community of 29 for treating me so kindly during this long campaign. It was truly inspiring to listen to you and what you desire 29 to become. Together we will do it!

A special thanks to Dan and Fay O’Brien who never stopped believing that I could do this.  Thanks to all my CT friends!

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About the author

Cora Heiser

Twentynine Palms resident


  1. Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

    Congratulations Cora, you are a person of integrity and I am so very happy that you are on the City Council.
    Be careful of some of the people that supported you, once you achieve notoriety many will turn on you because of that same notoriety that they once supported, they hate anyone that is successful.
    Again, congratulations on the deserved win.

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      Fay and I are so very proud to be listed by Cora and Vic as their close friends…. We have a lot more than politics that hold us together. We are held by our common heritage. We are CIA, California Improved Arkies. In our veins runs Arkansas Razor Backs, off roading, a common love of our town, and country, and our submission to the will of the All Mighty and his Son.

      We believed, through hard work and clean politicking we would see Cora obtain a victory. It worked.

      Cora is the hope of many in this town.. We are confident she will do what is right and what is proper.

      I believe in Cora and the core values she has displayed. My wife and I have Cora’s back. I think when I say that we are not alone, a whole lot of folks feel the same way.

    • Cora Heiser Cora Heiser says:

      Thanks Commissioner!

  2. Terry Elam Terry Elam says:

    Congratulations. I certainly expect to see the same integrity when you run for supervisor.
    Nice clean campaign.

  3. Commissioner Gordon Commissioner Gordon says:

    You are the Queen now for sure….lol Career Academy again in December….

  4. Steve_In_29 Steve_In_29 says:

    Congratulations Cora. You will definitely help bring responsibility and accountability back to the City Council.

    The lack of endorsements from the paper/radio is very telling as to where their interests/loyalties lie. I hardly ever listen to Gary but is he still maintaining that “the race is to close to call”?

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