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How Dan is going to Vote Redux

By   /   November 5, 2012  /   5 Comments

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Warren G. Harding, 29th President of USA

So I guess it comes down to how old Dan will vote this year:

I purposely have stayed out of Yucca Valley Politics. I remain on friendly talking basis with all parties and factions. My concerns are what is best for Twentynine Palms and the Basin as a whole. My loyalty is with this end of the Basin. Sorry but I can’t vote for items concerning Yucca Valley so I think I might well be silent on the subject.

County Supervisor

There is only one choice. I pick Neil Derry. He is the better man

Twentynine Palms City

After this weeks candidate forum I concluded that I will cast my votes for 29 Palms City Council for Cora Heiser and Joel Klink. They seem to be more concerned with Public Safety and fiscal Conservatism.

I reluctantly reject what Warren G. Harding called,  “the art of speaking for as long as the occasion warrants, and saying nothing” he called it bloviation. I was board to tears listening to Mr. Cole. He spoke Argumentum ad nauseam. I will not cast my vote for more of the same.

We as a city can do better.

School Board

I make no endorsements. All candidates are qualified and able people.

Copper Mountain College Board

I make no endorsements. All candidates are qualified and able people.

Hi-Desert Memorial Health Care District

Martha “Martie” Avels. You  got to stick by a fellow off roader.

42nd Assembly District:

Brian Nestande


I believe we need a Representative that has core principles and stands by those principles. I believe that Gregg Imus is that unique Patriot that comes along once in a generation that says what he means and means what he says. He stands for American Values and supports the Constitution as a Contract by the People to restrain governments natural intent to control the lives of the People.

Paul Cook has proven to be an unprincipled politician who’s Arlen Specter like switch from the Republican Party to the Democrat Party in the wake of coming in second to Imus and  as a way to gain votes is unconscionable. I do not think voters in either party are impressed by a man who has no party loyalty and values that can be so easily compromised by the threat of loosing an election.

Tax Initiatives

This is simple… NO! No on the whole State Initiative slate. I think it is time we address the Initiative system. It has become the tyranny of the Majority feared by our Founding Fathers.

County Measures

No on Q, Yes on R.

We need to trim the fat and one of those fat asses sets in Joshua Tree.

So there you go this is the way I am going to vote. You can agree with me or disagree, you are free to put your own endorsements up for review.


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About the author

Dan OBrien


Cactus Thorns has been online in one form or the other since 2001. What started as a personal blog documenting the corruption and lack of Due Process of the 29 Palms Community Development Department has turned into over these many years into a hugely popular Independent Alternative News Media Outlet. We have partnered with other media including The Desert Star Weekly, Joshua Tree Star, other blogs, indie media and an incredible staff of volunteer Reporters, Commentators and Opinion Makers to create one of the most read, honest and dependable alternative to the Local traditional Media services in the country. Thanks to you the reader we are in the 5% of most read sites in the World.


  1. Larry Briggs Larry Briggs says:

    Redux to you too.

    • Hi Larry, here are my predictions:

      Measure Q and R:
      R will will and the County BOS will have their salaries cut to $60,000. Measure Q was foisted by the BOS to confuse voters, and when R passes so too are we getting closer to GETTING BACK TO PUBLIC SERVANTS.

      Measure U will fail. No problem.
      If you are going to raise local taxes during the Great Recession,
      you have to be clear what the money is going to be spent on. The
      town manager shot himself in the foot by selling a shell games
      with taxpayers.

      Proposition 37 – Food labels on Frankenstein foods.
      This important measure sadly will fail because Monsanto and
      the other monsters spent tens of million of hyperbole and
      propaganda to hoodwink the public.

      Proposition 34 – Repeal of the California Death Sentence.
      Way to costly. Cruel and unusual. Too many innocent people

      Proposition 35 – Human Trafficking.
      Will pass. Laws on the books are sufficient. Bad law.

      CD 8 – Gregg Imus vs. Paul Cook
      Cook will win. Name recognition and democrats
      will usually vote for the Republican candidate
      that is closer to center.

      US Senator — Boxer

      US President – Obama

      Board of Sups District 3 – Derry will win. It’s
      Republican country here in the County.

  2. Scots Slant Scots Slant says:

    One analyst suggests the presidential race could end in a tie — 269 electoral votes apiece.

    Or one vote shy of the 270 needed for a win.

    If that occurs, the republican majority house would cast the deciding vote for president while the democrat majority senate would cast the vote for vice-president.

    Remembering the the Bush/Gore fiasco, this could shape up to be an interesting cross-marriage.

  3. Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

    We’ve got our ballots marked…. heading down to the polls….. Fingers Crossed….. God Speed Gregg Imus… God Speed Cora Heiser.

  4. Larry Briggs Larry Briggs says:

    How did Gregg Imus do running for Congress?

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