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None Dare Call It Conspiracy: The Monster From Jekyll Island

By   /   March 30, 2010  /   3 Comments

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The Federal Reserve is the biggest and boldest moneychanger scam ever foisted upon a civilized nation. On November 22, 1910, a small group of banksters gathered at an appropriately named place called Jekyll Island to plan the takeover of the American monetary system. On Christmas eve, 1913 while the congress was in recess, a small group of insiders who got themselves elected to congress illegally passed the Federal Reserve Act which allowed a private banking entity to print legal tender American currency. Sound Familiar? Go to: federal-reserve.net

When the government runs a deficit and spends more than it takes in, which is most of the time, the debt is covered by selling interest bearing bonds to China, Japan, Arabia, etc., or the Federal Reserve may print money, loan it to the government, and charge the U.S. taxpayer principle and interest on money that it created out of nothing. In the name of sanity, if we have to print money how about making it debt free! Interest payments on the national debt is the governments largest expenditure. Recently, Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas) passed a landmark bill requiring the first ever audit of the Federal Reserve. We’ll see what chance that has of happening.

Tomorrow: The First Attempt at World Government

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  1. Branson Hunter Branson Hunter says:

    Hi Ron,

    The interesting thing here is that you in the past have called me a “reasonable liberal” during a telephone conversation, and I have believed that you are at the far right end of the spectrum — but I agree completely with your facts on the your first two articles. I more than agree, I know your facts and information is true and accurate.

    Have you read “Behold a Pale Horse,” by William Cooper? This book would change the way people think about government and the very real shadow government. How about “The Bilderberg Group,” by Daniel Estulin?

  2. Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

    “reasonable liberal”???????

    Ron must have been off his meds that day.

  3. Branson Hunter Branson Hunter says:

    Of course.

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