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Paul Cook for Congress? Not on my vote!

By   /   November 4, 2012  /   10 Comments

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Some time ago I requested a meeting with assemblyman Paul Cook. After six or eight weeks of relentless pursuit I was contacted by a lady who introduced herself as, Dawn Rowe, his assistant. After several return calls I was told that I could meet with the Assemblyman at our local Starbucks at 10:00 A.M. on a Wednesday morning. I expressed my concerns and stated that this was an important matter and I would prefer to meet in a formal setting, primarily his office. I was told that I didn’t have a choice if I wanted to meet with Mr. Cook this was the opportunity and the place. As I approached the cafe that morning, I spotted Mr. Cook and his assistant seated at a table in the outside area. The assemblyman was perched on a high chair sipping a popular Starbuck’s beverage. His assistant at a lower chair across the table with a clipboard in her hand was listening intently to an elderly gentleman complaining about the noise from black helicopters that fly over his house at night. After a few moments he was politely brushed off and their focus of attention turned to me. Normal greeting, salutations, Smalltalk and idle chitchat and then I bluntly stated my point and purpose. I asked Mr. Cook to help me write legislation that would make it mandatory for the Constitution of the United States to be taught in every classroom in the state of California. Very much to my surprise, by the time the word California came out Mr. Cook blurted out his answer, “NO! That’s too hard!”. And his assistant said, “When would we ever find time to do that?”. Again, taken back a bit I said, “You don’t find time to do that you make time to do that.” I continued to reinforce my point but each argument I made was met with a more and more disturbing counterpoint. The two of them talked down to me and treated me as a second rate citizen that could be brushed aside with a mere fan of their exalted titles. After a few semi-courteous exchanges I realized that this meeting was going nowhere and decided to look for a better partner. At this point Mr. Cook said, “What’s the matter Bill, are you out of ammunition?” I assured Mr. Cook that he knew me well enough to know that I was never out of ammunition. I followed up with a mandatory farewell and told my disappointed and disgusted self, it was time to get out of there.

And now Paul Cook is running for Congress!

Do we really need another politician in Congress that doesn’t want to do something because it’s too hard, that so readily dismisses someone’s attempt to reinstate the Constitution, that doesn’t want to do something because the unions would not approve or allow it? I thought we had enough of those types of politicians in Congress already.

Let’s take a look at Mr. Cook’s record as I remember it.
Shortly after being discharged from the Marines he made his presence known to all the local groups and individuals in town and worked his way into getting elected to the Town Council. He did not do very well on the Council and at times appeared disgruntled and incompatible. Although I’m sure he must have done something while on the Council, nothing worthwhile stands out in my mind.

He left the council to run for state assembly, representing our district and somehow got elected. He ran on a ticket that promised to secure the borders and support family values, well, so much for that.

Now he is running for Congress and his billboard boldly states, “For Country – For Congress.” What does that mean? For country, what about for the Constitution. For Congress, that’s the problem now, Congress is for Congress with little regard for the plight of the people or for the rights and liberties they are sent there to protect. I’m sorry but we have enough Paul Cooks in Congress already.

In conclusion I must admit, I don’t really know who’s getting my vote for Congress in my district. But I do know who’s not, Paul Cook, for country – for Congress, not on my vote.

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  1. Paparrazi Paparrazi says:

    Bill, I think you misunderstood Paul Cook. He didn’t mean that it would be a hard bill to pass. He meant that for him, learning the Constitution of the United States was too hard. If he did he would actually have no excuse and he would rather remain ignorant!

  2. John101 says:

    I’m a bit disturbed by this post and your comment Paparrazi. Wasn’t Paul a marine colonel for 26 years? I have a hard time believing that someone like him doesn’t care about our Constitution. You do know that Paul taught history and political science at the college level right? I would bet money Paul knows the Constitution a hell of a lot better than most of us. I’ve met Paul before and the man is brilliant, and was an excellent leader for the town of Yucca Valley and was able to get stuff done in the state against all odds. With that said, I have also met Gregg before and I think he is a good guy who means well. I just hate all of this biased nonsense that keeps being spewed out of some of the people on this blog. God Bless America! Romney 2012!!!!!!!

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      Look John… the responses are in response to the Mailers that have been sent to us by the Cook Campaign. Now maybe you think outlandish accusations by the Cook campaign and their surrogates don’t need to be responded to but They are going be dealt with here by those of us who think that kind of campaigning is wrong and a person who promotes it need not be elected.

      Romney 2012

      • John101 says:

        I received the same mailers Dan. If you look carefully you will see that they were sent from a pact that supports Paul, not his campaign. Paul could be sending attack mail out like Imus has been but Paul chooses not to because he is against having a negative campaign.

        • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

          Bull shit John if he was against such tactics he would have came out and said so…. his silence speaks volumes.

          • John101 says:

            Whats he gonna do Dan? Are you saying Imus would have done that if he were in Pauls position? Your being irrational. Judging from Imus’s attack add, Paul has a much larger campaign fund than Imus. He hasn’t used a dime to attack Imus, he could devastate Imus politically if he did attack adds. Yet he chooses not to. Show me where on the adds attacking Imus does it indicate they were from Paul’s campaign.

            • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

              Yes I do believe Imus would….. Imus is a man’s man…. He is real his word is his bond.

              He (cook) hasn’t had to use his own money? He has used Munger money then and that of the Democrat friends in the Assembly that owe him favors for rolling over like a good little fellow.

              Just like Obama he has the power of his opinion to tell his super pacs to stop with the negative expenditures and follow the 11th commandment. He and his PACs went negative day one…. That is going to haunt him for the remainder of his political career…. Because believe me folks do not forget.

              If Cook is unable to pull his bacon out of this fire.. after all this sick negative campaigning he will be unable to get elected to a directorship at the senior center.

              So bull shit…. Cook could have put a stop to his negative campaign and made this a campaign on the issues….. But if you got nothing and you have no answers…. negative is all you got.

    • Richard Deaver Richard Deaver says:

      Having a degree in political science, or teaching at a community college level is akin to having a degree in dental hygiene or a beautician(no offence to the dental hygienists or beauticians out there) a political science major means you have learned how to run a campaign to get elected, not that you have any knowledge of the Constitution of the United States, nor will the course instill any fidelity to said document, that only comes from a real and true reverence for the meaning of the document. I would bet money Citizen cook knows a hell of alot less about the Constituion than my 13 year old son. He was a self serving “leader” of Yucca Valley, granting help to only those who supported him. And now to the mailers, he and you can hide behind the billion dollar apron strings of the Mungers, and pretend you have no control, but a simple statement renouncing those tacticts would have gone a long ways in restoring a shade of decency and character to your beloved comandante’, but no, there is no decency or character to be found, if there was at one time, that would be long in the past. And lastly in recognition of the dental heigenists and beauticians out there, what they have to learn to earn their degrees is applicable knowledge to the execution of their profession. It is not the art of glad handing, back room dealing, and the jedi mind trick of telling someone it’s raining while your pissing down their neck. Minimum wage is not enough for what your trying to do here, John, if that is your name, but stick around, you are adding a dimension of humor this site would be lacking without you.

    • Time4David says:

      I served in the U.S.Army and what I dislike about Cook’s campaign is that he’s using his service as practically the ONLY reason to vote for him. He’s a RETIRED Colonel. That’s it. I know nothing more about him. When I served with Officers, they couldn’t tie their own shoelaces, let alone speak their mind, afraid that anything they’d say would be used against them in terms of no promotion to get that ‘star’. So in my opinion, serving the military is great and EVERYONE should do it. It’s not for the chosen few that want to be ‘Patriotic’. And just because you’re an Officer, doesn’t make You God.

      I personally would like to hear Paul Cook’s views on how we get this Waste Water Treatment Plant Paid for by the Federal Government so the poor, and I mean POOR people of Yucca Valley don’t have bond issues hanging over their heads for decades. Yet, all I get in the mail, day after day, are huge postcards asking for my vote. These PAC mailers have no details as to how he will change things for the folks here in Yucca Valley and make life better.

      My vote isn’t for the other candidate because I like the other Candiddate . . . as a matter of fact, I dislike His tactics of advertising as well. As if the only ones that believe in the right to bear arms are Republicans! I’m a registered Non-Partisan and proud to NOT belong to any party. I believe in the freedoms in our Constitution, but I don’t want Machine Guns available at my local Walmart.

  3. Richard Deaver Richard Deaver says:

    Time4David, is this One-eyed-John? Please expound on “the other candidate’s tacticts of advertising” that you dislike, since there was not one deceptive or slanderous mailer, or any mailers at all for instance. A few radio adds to dispel the deception coming from the citizen cook campaign, and the internet adds showing his true conservative values and character to stand for what is right could hardly be offensive to someone who claims those values.(“freedoms in our Constitution”?) And as much as I would like it to be true, there are, have never been, nor, will ever be “Machine Guns available at my local Walmart” hell they can’t even stock a decent supply of ammo for that matter, nice try anyway, John or David(Peach?) or whoever you want to call yourself today, in the words of Kidd Rock, “Suck it Commie!”

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