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Cook Still Remains Silent on Imus Signs

By   /   November 3, 2012  /   Comments Off

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OBSERVATION-Yucca Valley, Ca.-The first signs were defaced along Highway 62 around September 27th. I was careful not to disturb the ground.  The set of footprints were a very large size, maybe 12 or 13 mens and there was only one set of footprints around the defaced signs.

I notified our local newspaper, the Hi-Desert Star, in the event they would run a story on the signs. As of this date, they have never reported on incidents of sign vandalism.

One day before the elections, Paul Cook has not issued any statements to denounce these actions and has remained silent.




September 27, 2012 Yucca Valley, California

The first act of vandalism.  All signs, horizontal or vertical defaced with same message, same colors and message well planned out as to size of letters.

(Cook has since removed his sign from this location shown in this photo)


“Congressional Campaign Gets Nasty”. Story>>>link










Yucca Valley, California

First vandalism footprints: Size 12 or 13?

Only one set of footprints.











October 7, 2012  Yucca Valley, California

Second act of vandalism-Tea Party Taliban/swastika messages.

One color spray can scribble.

“Cook Thugs tag Imus Signs” Story>>>link









November 2, 2012  Yucca Valley, California

Third round of vandalism-smaller foot size and a different shoe pattern.  In fact, the footprint in the sand was about the same as my shoe size, Women’s 8 medium.  I also took photographs of the tire marks near one vandalized sign.

Similar messages, sloppy paint dripping.

Smaller footprint left at scene.

Different shoe print pattern.


Note: At this location, two lawn signs placed on ground not defaced, not weathered.


“Four More Days: Ain’t this a Peach?” Story>>>link









November 2, 2012. Yucca Valley, California

Smaller shoe. One set of footprints at scene.








November 2, 2012  Yucca Valley, California

Tire marks at scene.

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