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The Nut Job Posse

By   /   November 2, 2012  /   4 Comments

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I needed to go to the post office today so I pulled up and noticed that the parking lot was just jammed.

Wow, I thought what the hell is going on here?

Then I see Margo and the “the nut job posse’ using the sidewalk by the parking lot of the post office for their political stand. What happened to Margo the watchdog for the elderly?

Well I will tell you, she and the rest of the posse were all parked in the lot while the little old retired folks were having to hike across the busy intersection to use the post office so that Margo did not have to walk too far to hold up some sign.

This is just the kind of selfish behavior that she shows all the time with her community, someone else can take care of me while I indulge in my self-serving interests.

How can someone one else pay my way while I live out my life as cheap as possible, not caring how she leaves the town for the next generation? Well just another day in the life of the nut job posse.

Margo, you may have been legally on the sidewalk in front of a federal building, but that parking lot is for their customers, which means you were parked illegally.

I will await your written apology to all the old folks who had to go out of their way because of you. Kinda like I’m still waiting for you to show up last Wednesday at the farmer’s market to make your video… we missed you.

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  1. Again, this Village Idiot jumps to conclusions. The participants of this peaceful “teach-in” car pooled to this location. The vehicles were parked across the street in the parking lot of the funeral home because there was no service today.

    My vehicle was parked in two slots for 15 minutes each. The first was to check mail of two post office boxes. I then left to do some errands. The second time I was able to park closer to walk less steps to purchase stamps. You could have asked first instead of jumping to conclusions….with a post even?

    You and Rowe parked your big rigs right near the front door. Seems you could have waddled your wide hips to park across the street and sassy across the street to do YOUR business, eh?

    Once again, your post and your actions confirm that you Sir, are indeed, the Village Idiot.

    (PS. Will someone send me that photo of Tim in drag trying to look like me at the last rally? The one with his hairy arms holding the sign wearing a cowboy hat, boots and long skirt? I was told there is one out there. Halloween costume? Yeah,right. Thanks!)

  2. Tim? Is this you Sweetie? Trick or Treat!


  3. Tim, start carrying your camera or cell so you can document your stories. Just a suggestion from someone who has been posting in here for something like ten years.

  4. Peytonplace Peytonplace says:

    i can see ye all that Humperville the hip hugger’ for a man ye all say’. can fix yer teeth but heck ye all those timmy boy yer’ hippos are hmmm womanly to a man. margo, drag photos i hear ye all’ are in a overt location on a NTK basis. You are a class act and ye keep shrugging’ thos’ little boys ears and well hips!

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