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Colton’s Struggle to Unravel Nuaimi’s Mess and Unseat Yzaguirre

By   /   November 2, 2012  /   1 Comment

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OPINION- When the Yucca Valley Town Manager was hired on July 11, 2011, no one bothered to do a Goggle search on this applicant.  In fact, there is only ONE Town Council member presently sitting on the dais involved with his hiring.  Council members Bill Neeb, Chad Mayes, Frank Luckino and Lori Herbel are no longer seated on the dais, leaving George Huntington the remaining member involved with hiring Mark Nuaimi. Currently seated are three inexperienced Council members of which two were appointed. Taking a naive Jennifer Collins under his wing, Nuaimi will try to have her seated for a fourth inexperienced member to secure his Three-Vote Block.

During the hiring process, the interim Town Manager, John Tooker, assured everyone all was okay and Nuaimi even brought in Paul Cook’s name during his interviews. (Cook is now trying to distance himself from Nuaimi as per his comments at the YV Republican Women meeting.) Having secured a starting salary of $190,000.00 plus benefits, Nuaimi, crafted his own contract to provide a healthy severance package when he is fired by the Town of Yucca Valley.>>>LINK

Before coming to Yucca Valley, Nuaimi worked for the City of Colton for 3.75 years and tried his hand at creating building monuments only to leave the city struggling with debt. The citizens of Colton organized to take back their city from the Nuaimi’s control of HIS council and HIS Mayor Kelly Chastain.  Barely surviving  a recall, Chastain lost her bid for re-election, and and a new City Manager was on his way to take hold of the reins. Seeing the handwriting on the wall and losing his Three-Vote-Block, Nuaimi offered to “lay himself off in order to save money for Colton.” Besides, it would look best on his resume that he took “one for the Gipper” rather than being fired. The Citizens of Colton have been trying to clean up Nuaimi’s mess since he left:

-There is the Colton Senior Housing Fiasco>>>LINK   (Nuaimi suggests contacting Colton Councilman Vince Yzaguirre in a comment.)

-Nuaimi’s “Creative Financing” cost the Colton Water Department $2.1 million dollars for 2012. Nuaimi’s Super Block Fiasco>>>LINK

-The Attorney General confirmed Nuaimi violated the terms of his Colton contract with his Conflict of  Interest. LINK>>>AGOpinionOnNuaimi

HOWEVER. There is one remaining Nuaimi pawn still left on the Colton chess board named Councilman Vince Yzaguirre.  He was brought in for Nuaimi’s secure third vote receiving large mysterious campaign funds from outside developers that had no ties with Colton. Yzaguirre moved in with his mother to establish Colton residency but did not pay attention to their districts and he was elected for the wrong district. Yzaguirre is up for re-election and refuses to step down despite the serious charges filed against him.

This ” Nuaimi Left-Over” is resisting his eviction from office like a tick burrowed in for another term.  The following letter to the Editor was sent to me by email and was also published in the Sun newspaper referring to participation in the Super Block fiasco:

 Response to San Bernardino Sun’s Endorsement for Colton

  Your comment – “Yzaguirre, the deputy director of real estate in Riverside County, is well versed in development and understands the constraints the city of Colton faces,” then why did he use the power of politics as part of a Majority Council, and vote to put the City in serious danger of going bankrupt like our neighbor San Bernardino. Councilman Yzaguirre used his vote for poor decisions on development and wasteful spending.  Namely the “Super Block” project in my District which never occurred and never will as previously conceived.


  Your Comment – “We must pause here to mention that Yzaguirre has been slapped with serious charges.” These charges are based on a private investigation concluding among other things that Yzaguirre has “committed multiple Penal and Election Code violations by filing false declarations of candidacy documents and voter registration forms under penalty of perjury. The complaint further alleges Mr. Yzaguirre fraudulently voted in 2008, 2010 and June 2012.”
  Your Comment states he “acknowledges he maintains a secondary residence elsewhere in town” but you “choose to give Yzaguirre the benefit of the doubt”????


  It’s hard to believe the Sun Newpaper would take a stance to endorse someone with “serious charges” pending against them, and giving that individual the benefit of the doubt, instead of taking at least a neutral stance. Should the accusations be proven correct, your paper will also have defrauded the Public by supporting and giving credence to those people who vote for him, based on your endorsement.


  As a newspaper with investigative reporters, why didn’t you do as I did, and obtain the full investigation, or go out and find out for yourself?  It was as easy as walking down the street and talking to the people in the district.  I have learned, it’s almost common knowledge that the accusations contained in the complaint have merit and are accurate.  Of course, for any criminal consequences to occur, one must be found guilty in a court of law. Personally, I find the complaint to be accurate based on verifying the documentation myself, which is something your newspaper could have done. I also personally verified that Councilman Yzaguirre made a false statement regarding his residency in another local newspaper. As a Councilmember who has run on ethics and integrity I find this breach of public trust to be totally unacceptable.

  Based on my research and personal knowledge that the Councilman has not been honest in his statements regarding his residency, I publicly call for the immediate resignation of Vincent Yzaguirre from the Colton City Council.  Based on his residency issues he should remove himself from the City to prevent the embarrassment of another Council member attempting to go through the Justice system to prove his innocence when the evidence shows the contrary.


  I call upon our Mayor, my fellow Council members, as well as other outside Public Officials who endorsed Councilman Yzaguirre to personally look at the information and take a public stance on this issue with zero tolerance toward unethical or questionable if not guilty activity. 


I also urge the Public and Voters of District 3 that are aware of Councilman Yzaguirre’s residency to make sure to come to the Polls and use the  power of your Vote, to show your dissatisfaction with Mr. Yzaguirre on this issue and make a strong statement that deceiving the public will not be tolerated and is completely unacceptable in our community.


David Toro

Colton City Councilmember – District 1


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Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell

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