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Gregg Imus vs. Paul Cook

By   /   November 1, 2012  /   40 Comments

With the fiscal cliff looming, can we afford to send someone to Congress that supports the stimulus package? Can we trust a person that voted to raise our utility taxes by $390,000,000.00? Can we trust a person who will not sign the taxpayer protection pledge? With our 16 trillion dollar debt, can we trust a person that supported California High Speed Rail? Can you trust someone to represent you when they have been financed by special interest?

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Gregg Imus


Paul Cook

Career Entrenched Politician

Taxpayer Protection Pledge
Signed the pledge
Refused to sign the pledge
Stimulus Package
SupportedSource: www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJv6ISbswGw 

Illegal Aliens
Opposes Amnesty
Supported a bill to prohibit police from impounding the vehicles of unlicensed drivers.Source: Official legislative voting records, AB 353 

High Speed Rail
SupportedSource: www.cahighspeedrail.ca.gov 

Opposes new taxes
Voted for a $390 million utility tax increaseSource: Official legislative voting records, AB 723 

Campaign Funds Raised
$900,000 from Special Interests and Charles MungerSource: The Press-Enterprise 

Attended all candidate forums/debates
AWOL, Missed nearly all candidate forums/debates

With the fiscal cliff looming, can we afford to send someone to Congress that supports the stimulus package? Can we trust a person that voted to raise our utility taxes by $390,000,000.00? Can we trust a person who will not sign the taxpayer protection pledge? With our 16 trillion dollar debt, can we trust a person that supported California High Speed Rail? Can you trust someone to represent you when they have been financed by special interest?

It is time to send someone to Congress from the People, who is not financed by special interests, who is accessible, and who will represent You!

Paid for by Imus for Congress 2012 ID# C00498311

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  1. Scots Slant Scots Slant says:

    Paul Cook is not AWOL.

    A debate was scheduled for last Monday evening at Victor Valley Community College. Cook’s gear was packed and he was ready to debate when his campaign received a call that the event was canceled.

    How come the public was not made aware or offered an explanation from the Imus camp as to why that event was cancelled?

    As for the, “29 missed votes,” while Cook was in the assembly, was it a convenient oversight not to mention that he cast over 12,000 votes while seated there?

    Also, “Missed,” vote is not correct, “Did not vote,” is.

    “Did not vote,” sends a message to the bills author that you are neither, “Yea,” or, “Nay,” but rather, that the bill requires revision.

    Next, AB 353: This bill was introduced to stop the racket of tow companies and protect the registered owner of a vehicle; it is NOT to protect illegals.

    A friend loaned a friend his truck. The man who borrowed the truck was then pulled over where he was found to be unlicensed and the truck was impounded for a mandatory 30- day impound. The guy who owned the truck lost his truck because he could not afford to pay the tow and impound fees.

    To make it worse, the guy who lost his truck showed up at the scene and pleaded with the cop not to tow and impound the vehicle; sorry, MANDATORY 30-day impound.

    This bill allows the opportunity for a registered owner to retrieve his vehicle before it is towed. I know the owner who lost that truck; he got burned trying to help a friend.

    Finally, Cook, a “Coward”?


    Manufacturing a You Tube video showing a guy firing a weapon at a tin can is a world away from a guy who watched muzzle flashes from the end of a gun barrel firing back.

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      Jesus Scot, don’t be a Dave Peach….

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      AWOL, Missed nearly all candidate forums/debates

      What part of missing “nearly all” do you not comprehend?

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      Wait a second… Who is this stupid friend of yours that would do the following: A friend loaned a friend his truck. The man who borrowed the truck was then pulled over where he was found to be unlicensed and the truck was impounded for a mandatory 30- day impound. The guy who owned the truck lost his truck because he could not afford to pay the tow and impound fees. Huh?

      Are you personally stupid enough to loan your car or truck to someone who is unlicensed? Really?

      Anyone dumb enough to let an unlicensed, illegal alien drive their Truck deserves having it impounded.

    • Paparrazi Paparrazi says:

      Scots Slant said “I know the owner who lost that truck; he got burned trying to help a friend”
      You seem to overlook the fact that the owner put drivers, occupants, pedestrians and property owners in harms way by facilitating an unlicensed uninsured driver to drive on public roads. First, enabling someone to drive illegally is not what friends do. Second the friends you keep tell me a lot about you.

      • At issue, it involves constitutional issue. The law is a good law which upholds the Constitution of the United State.

        I support protections of due process and “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

        • Paparrazi Paparrazi says:

          Branson: Let’s say someone is arrested for shooting someone to death. That same logic say’s they can keep their gun correct?

    • Richard Deaver Richard Deaver says:

      The term ‘common sense’ needs to be replaced with ‘uncommon sense’ because if it were common everyone would have it. Dan & Scot are lacking any sense, except maybe their sense of smell, and that is one sense I could do without considering the pile of shit they are shoveling. Citizen cook HAS been AWOL, IS a COWARD, has been using past glory to attempt to gain current stature, doesn’t respect the rule of law, the Constitution, his position of power(except to enrich himself or increase his ego) has lied to his constituents, wont stand for what IS right, will stand(and vote) for what is wrong in America, and your friend who let an unlicensed, uninsured driver borrow his vehicle is an absolute idiot and deserved to have it impounded for sheer stupidity and reckless endangerment of the public. On tuesday you and your ilk will have to slither back to your super secret, flat rock, bunker, hiding place to scheme and plot your next takeover, but you’re done here, pass that along to your chief, since he doesn’t get out much.

  2. Scots Slant Scots Slant says:


    You got me pegged about the company I keep — I guess I do have friends in low places.

    Maybe I better heed O’Brien’s advice and make sure they’re licensed before lending a hand.

  3. Scots Slant Scots Slant says:

    “You and your ilk…you’re done here”


  4. Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

    Maybe I better heed O’Brien’s advice and make sure they’re licensed before lending a hand…

    Well, not so much lending them a hand but you better make sure they have a current and valid drivers license, and that you are covered on your policy before you loan your vehicle out.

    You want to take someone some place in your vehicle, that is fine. But to willy nilly loan your vehicle to someone with no license or legal right to be even here is well….

    S T U P I D and potentially expensive.

  5. Paparrazi Paparrazi says:

    Gregg, thanks for posting this comparison for us. If Mr Cook who shows little regard for his constituents by hiding from public debates were to be elected it would be a shame for our district.

  6. Peytonplace Peytonplace says:

    Look ye all hear ye all, IMUS is a real man, not a coward like Cooked Crinkle! IMUS will win this Tuesday election’ and stop the cycle of corruption stop stop stop! COOK is like a man yer all who drives the big ole 4 x 4, sort of like the Timmy Hipperville’ character, they look big, tough in their car seats looking down at others yer hear, once they get out of their cars, they are tiny men of no substance or character. COOK is worse’ ye all than a whore in the brothel I visit in ye all Nevada!

  7. Scots Slant Scots Slant says:

    Imus claim: Paul Cook refused to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

    What follows is a press release from Paul Cook and the list of those who signed the pledge (Posted on Cactus Thorns, April 22, 2011).

    Assemblyman Cook Reaffirms Pledge Not to Raise Taxes or Place Tax Hike on Ballot
    April 22, 2011
    By Paul Cook

    Assemblyman Paul Cook reaffirmed his pledge to vote against raising taxes or imposing new taxes. Cook signed the Americans for Tax Reform Taxpayer Protection Pledge last year and has never voted for a tax increase during his time in the Assembly.

    Cook stated, “Californians already suffer under one of the highest tax burdens in the nation. I won’t vote to raise taxes, and I won’t vote to place tax hikes on the ballot.”

    For a list of the signers of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, you can view the press release from Americans for Tax Reform here:

    CONTACT: John Kartch
    Adam Radman
    7 JUNE 2010
    ATR Releases 2010 list of Pledge Signers in California
    Federal and state candidates join incumbents in making no-new taxes promise in upcoming election
    WASHINGTON D.C. – Today, Americans for Tax Reform released an updated list of State incumbents and challengers in California who have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. These candidates have made a written commitment to their constituents to never raise their taxes. Americans for Tax Reform strongly encourages taxpayers to consider those who have made this commitment. The list of incumbents and challengers who have signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge is as follows:
    Sam Aanestad (S-4)
    Roy Ashburn (S-18)
    Dave Cogdill (S-14)
    Dave Cox (S-1)
    Jeff Denham (S-12)
    Bob Dutton (S-31)
    Tom Harman (S-35)
    Dennis Hollingsworth (S-36)
    George Runner (S-17)
    Tony Strickland (S-19)
    Mimi Walters (S-33)
    Mark Wyland (S-38)
    Anthony Adams (A-59)
    Joel Anderson (A-77)
    Tom Berryhill (A-25)
    Sam Blakeslee (A-33)
    Connie Conway (A-34)
    Paul Cook (A-65)
    Chuck DeVore (A-70)
    Bill Emmerson (A-63)
    Nathan Fletcher (A-75)
    Jean Fuller (A-32)
    Ted Gaines (A-4)
    Martin W. Garrick (A-74)
    Danny Gilmore (A-30)
    Curt Hagman (A-60)
    Diane Harkey (A-73)
    Kevin Jeffries (A-66)
    Steven Knight (A-36)
    Dan Logue (A-3)
    Jeff Miller (A-71)
    Brian Nestande (A-64)
    Jim Nielsen (A-2)
    Chris Norby (A-72)
    Jim Silva (A-67)
    Audra Strickland (A-37)
    Cameron Smyth (A-38)
    Van Tran (A-68)
    Mike Villines (A-29)
    Chelene Nightingale (Gov)
    Dave F. Ogden (Gov)
    Steve Poizner (Gov)
    Meg Whitman (Gov)
    Sam Aanestad (Lt. Gov)
    Scott Levitt (Lt. Gov.)
    John C. Eastman (Att. Gen.)
    Michelle Steel (Board of Equalization)
    Shawn Hoffman (Board of Equalization)
    Joel Anderson (S-36)
    Tom Berryhill (S-14)
    Tim Campi (S-14)
    Earl DeVries (S-32)
    Heidi Fuller (S-14)
    Rick Keene (S-4)
    Lucille Kring (S-34)
    Doug LaMalfa (S-4)
    Tom Marsella (S-14)
    Nachum Shifren (S-26)
    Greg Stephens (S-36)
    Jeff Stone (S-36)
    John S. Stammereich (S-28)
    Tim Thiesen (S-16)
    Marcel Weiland (S-6)
    Phil Wyman (S-16)
    Mark Wyland (S-38)
    K.H. Katcho Achadjian (H-33)
    Jerry Amante (H-70)
    David Armstrong (H-17)
    Naomi Bar-lev (H-76)
    Allen Barker (H-39)
    Corey Calaycay (H-59)
    Paul Chabot (H-63)
    Robert Chandler (H-24)
    Steven S. Choi (H-70)
    Bill Conrad (H-25)
    Davis William Crowe (H-63)
    Alvaro Day (H-44)
    Craig DeLuz (H-5)
    Eve Del Castello (H-13)
    Dennis DeYoung (H-40)
    Tim Donnelly (H-59)
    Jack Doyle (H-79)
    Jim Faison (H-16)
    Dan Fernandez (S-59)
    Jeff Gorell (H-37)
    Rex Gutierrez (H-63)
    Curt Hagman (H-60)
    Linda Halderman (H-29)
    Robert Howell (H-37)
    Brian Jones (H-77)
    Suzanne Jones (H-5)
    Janice E. Keating (H-25)
    Carol Kemmerer (H-79)
    Krayton Kerns (H-58)
    Matt Kokkonen (H-33)
    Jeff Kover (H-77)
    Chris Lancaster (H-59)
    Allan Mansoor (H-68)
    Don McKinney (H-29)
    P.J. Mellana (H-50)
    Ken Mettler (H-32)
    Gladys Miller (H-50)
    Jack Mobley (H-17)
    Ray Moors (H-61)
    Mike Morrell (H-63)
    Kristen Olsen (H-25)
    Laura Peter (H-39)
    Andy Pugno (H-5)
    Anthony Riley (H-59)
    Christine Rubin (H-77)
    Steve Sanchez (H-80)
    Jack Sieglock (H-10)
    Adnan Shahab (H-20)
    Brandon Shoemaker (H-31)
    Darren Spellman (H-5)
    Mike Stoker (H-35)
    Jeffrey Lemasters Tahir (H-64)
    David Valadao (H-30)
    Bill Wells (H-77)
    Kurt Vander Weide (H-25)
    Don Wagner (H-70)
    Alberto Waisman (H-19)
    Acquanetta Warren (H-63)
    Etta Waterfield (H-33)
    Bob Whalen (H-29)
    Americans for Tax Reform is a non-partisan coalition of taxpayers and taxpayer groups who oppose all tax increases. For more information or to arrange an interview please contact John Kartch at (202) 785-0266 or by email at jkartch@atr.org.

  8. Terry Elam Terry Elam says:

    Unemployed in 10′ and a business owner in 12′. Either great credit to Obama, for fixing the lousy economy that forced our hero on public assistance, or a lie. Sort of like the pledge thing. It was a different election. Does it expire? How often does one sign it? Who made it up?
    Now this is where I get attacked for trolling, clowning, picking my nose, looking like someone’s mother,,,but it is not where any of you have a real answer or anything other than more BS.

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      Well yes it does Evil Clown…… Since Cook is a Schizo and a man of multiple pesonalities, we need to nail him down to this moment of reality.

      In 2010 he was a Republican and wanted to protect our Borders, This year he is a democrat and wants to have open borders… In 2010 he wanted to stop illegal Aliens, in 2012 he wants them to vote for him. You seeing a pattern here?

      He stands for NOTHING, and only believes in doing and saying what it takes to get elected.

      And besides Terry you don’t even live in this district…. Aren’t you supposed to be dishing Bono-Mack right about now?

      • Terry Elam Terry Elam says:

        I didn’t know free speech ends at district lines. Now if you can’t answer the question, just say so.
        After 2010 when your man was forced on public assistance, did he build up his business himself? Was the economy no longer to blame? What changed in 2011?

    • Paparrazi Paparrazi says:

      Terry said the economy is fixed. LOL coolaid drinker.

      • Terry Elam Terry Elam says:

        Perhaps you can answer the questions I gave to Dan. What changed with the economy in 2011 so it no longer forced your guy to depend on socialized insurance?

  9. Richard Deaver Richard Deaver says:

    @Scot & Gacy,
    Citizen cook has not returned questionaires from Campaign for Liberty, National Right to Work Comitee(Anti Forced Unionization) and Americans for Tax Reform, if, as a candidate, you believe in what each questionare asks, you sign every one, every time you are asked, unless you are afraid to go on the record or you disagree. Citizen cook will not go on the record because he is hiding his true intentions, he is anti liberty, he is for public sector unions and will raise taxes if elected to congress. Cook is a crumb.

  10. Mark Clemons Mark Clemons says:

    The reality of these two republicans Cook and Imus running without a democrat challenger is the democrats are likely to be the deciding factor, it is reality boys. I just don’t see many dumbercrates voting for Imus while I see many voting for Cook. Cook may be an ass but he is not overly stupid, of course he didn’t answer to the ultra-right by filling in answers that would surly alienate the democrats. The ultra-rightwing dumblicans are easy just hate and more hate carry a gun and hope to bag an illegal.

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      You know Mark that is absolute gibberish. I on the other hand feel that Cook is the worse of the two. He is a out and out charlatan he has no core values and stands for nothing…. I believe that as we have seen here that our Democratic friends will abstain from this race or they might well vote for Imus because he does stand for something. I would rather deal with a man who had core values than a limp wrested lollygagger like Cook.

      Your track record at choosing winners is not that good… just saying.

    • Paparrazi Paparrazi says:

      Mark, we live in a decidedly conservative county. If it were a statewide vote you would be correct. I love your backhanded compliment that Cook is not overly stupid. Your also wrong on guns. Most SB county is in favor of legal gun ownership. Thats strike 2 for you today. Facts are facts. Ignoring them does’t make you overly stupid, I know your not, but when guys like Steve Spear and another high profile democrat from the MB Democratic party has indicated to Gregg Imus that he will cast his vote for Imus you know your logic is flawed.

  11. John101 says:

    After reading some of these comments I want to puke. Some of you are saying that Paul stands for nothing. ARE YOU ABSOLUTELY INSANE !!!!!!!! This is a man who served for 26 years in the Marine Corps!!!! AND HE STANDS FOR NOTHING ?????? Seriously what has Imus done for this country that can compare to what Paul has done??? How many purple hearts does Imus have? ROMNEY 2012!

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      Johnny Boy…. I can tell you never served your country in the service.

      You pick to join the Corps… you do not get drafted, you choose to serve your country. You are compensated to serve your country…. A Lt. Col pretty well, I might add. Officers are given ribbions and medals for things like service in a combat theater and Purple Hearts for sprained wrests for missing a stroke. So don’t blow smoke up this old Vets ass about how I’m supposed to stand too for some old supply officer that managed to ribbon up.

      Let me ask you Johnny, I know a few guys down at the VA in the wards that have Silver Stars and Purple Hearts for loosing parts of themselves on the battle field…. Some are so f**ked up they do not know their butts from bisquick, You think we ought to make them Congressmen too? If all it takes is a medal and a ribbon or two there are guys in every drive bar that fill that criteria.

      Mr. Cook and I served our country so Mr Imus did not have to earn a Purple Heart, you twit.

      • John101 says:

        I wrote this to respond to your comments regarding Paul not having values. I believe that Paul’s service shows that he has values so that’s the point I was trying to make. Steve, I in no way said that military service alone qualifies someone for political office. This is a discussion about values sir. And I’m not comparing Paul to your son sir, I’m comparing Paul to some building contractor who while means well, will be an incompetent and useless legislator if elected. Again, my comment was regarding the foolish and hateful remarks from people who are desperate, who say Paul has no values when he clearly does have values. There are several more reasons that make Paul qualified to serve as our congressman. Imus just runs his mouth about everything hes going to change while he doesn’t know sh*t about what hes getting into. Dan, did you really just call me a twit? are you mad or something?:) Election day will come soon enough and even if Imus wins Ill be happy because all of these biased and hateful posts that degrade this blog will hopefully stop.

        • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

          If you served you would know that, we serve so others may live.

          For you to denigration a shopkeeper because he does not carry a sword or a builder because he does not have cannon to demolish is unbelievably out of touch with the reality of what this country is all about.

          Ben Franklin never took up arms nor did Thomas Jefferson nor did most of our founding fathers. For you to make it a prerequisite or a condition of office to have served in the military is NUTS.

          There is nothing inherently smarter or wiser of a person who has served or has not served in the military. Most of our Presidents did not serve in the military. Some of the ones that did were absolutely horrible Presidents… US Grant Comes to mind.

          A Lt Col does not necessarily make a good Congressman, nor does a Lawyer make a great Judge. And a professor sure as hell does not make for a sage.

          It is the totality of the man (woman), it is the content of their heart, it is their Moxie that makes a candidate.

          As Martin Luther King Jr. Said:
          ….I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”….
          ….And when this happens, when we allow freedom ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God’s children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual:

          Free at last! Free at last!

          Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!….

          And we shall pray for the day, “He shall judge between the nations, and shall decide disputes for many peoples; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.” Isaiah 2:4

          So please do me a favor tell us what Cook brings to the table to make our country more prosperous, more at peace, more secure and more united?

        • Steve Spear Steve Spear says:

          John 101,

          We disagree.

          I think Paul Cook is useless and I worked with him while I was om the 29 Palms Council.

          Sorry, this is one democrat that is voting for Greg Imus.

          Had he not played the look at me I’m a Colonel, and have a Bronze Star, and was a Marine card, I might have thought different. It is the same as playing the race card but this time he is playing the patriotism card and it seems to carry little weight with some of us Veterans.

        • Richard Deaver Richard Deaver says:

          I hope you are being payed like the rest of the citizen’s ‘volunteers,’ although jugding by the context of your post you shouldn’t be getting any more than minimum wage, in 1979, the only thing citizen cook ‘values’ is his ego and pensions, living in past glories, hiding from recent voting records( when he did vote), secretly converting to the unholy doctrine of liberalism, yes, valueless, like a zinc pennie, an empty, ugly, shell of a man, pompous, self-righteous, sactimonius prick, unworthy of any present or future respect. And don’t forget the “hate” and “fear” and destruction of private property is solely owned by the low level, collectivist, scum that occupy the liberal side in this election. Run along now and report back to the comandant before his bedtime, those old timers need their rest. BTW, if you are drawing latrine/depends duty I’d ask for a raise, maybe up to 1986 minimum wage would be fair.

    • Steve Spear Steve Spear says:

      John 101,

      Please – My son Michael has 4 bronze stars and one with a combat “V”. He has been in harms way at least 4 times more in regards to time than Paul Cook.

      My son does not broadcast that he is a medal recipient – in fact he hides it.

      My son also does not qualify to be a congressman.

      However according to your logic my son might qualify to be a Senator because he has served and fought and won medals – hogwash!

      Take your flag waving to another place.

      I too have served in the Corps and have the rank of Major and did not vote for Paul Cook simply because all of his hype was about his Bronze Star, Mount Suribachi – he was not there, and Vietnam.

      Please Paul what do you plan to do to help us that are in the trenches? I did not see any of that helping for us in the trenches in those fancy mailers.

      Take a hike John 101.

  12. John101 says:

    You guys are acting like a bunch of angry kids. All I’m trying to do is dispute your affirmation that Paul has no values. I think hes a hero and I just ask that he be shown some respect. You all need to calm down and stop being so angry. Dan, you start going off on idiotic rants while ignoring the point of my post. Stop putting words in my mouth and assuming so much.Keep on listening to Imus run his mouth. Lets see what happens if he is elected God forbid. Keep making stuff up about Paul and degrading this blog to a level that rivals MSNBC. To be honest MSNBC is actually more trustworthy and honest than this blog after your treatment of this election. God Bless! Fed up with biased media!

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      John please….. Now you are going to attempt to take a Conservative stance and show your righteous indignation for MSNBC and then try to attach this Blog to it? Have you lost your mind?

      Well I would listen to Cook run his mouth if he would have ever attended a public forum. But he refused to enter into the fray. I guess he must have used up all that Bronze Star bravery when he was a Butter Bar. And then the two times I tried to talk with the old fellow he had the attention span of a fruit fly. Let me ask you Quincy is it early onset or is he just a smug prick that thinks he is too good to speak with his constituents?

      You know I have this feeling that our blog is getting to you boys over in the Cook Bunker or they wouldn’t have sent you over here attempting to piss me off. All we have done, you and I, is bring our numbers up and that is what its about….. Analytics my friend.

      So let me ask you….If by the remote chance a meteor crashes into Lake Arrowhead and Cook gets elected by default who will he caucus with? Will he actually slither back to the GOP or is he planning to just go ahead and change parties officially when he gets there?

      Bias? Have you bothered to read the local paper or listened to the screeching radio guy? This is the only news outlet that prints both sides to any political discussion…

      Problem with Cook he has half wits, and liberals coming here to defend his candidacy. I mean take yourself you came here with a chip on your shoulder, thinking you had a superior intellect…. well it did not take a single post to get you to calling names and playing games.

      You have not given the reader here a single reason to change their vote. You have failed to lay out Cooks platform…. Now I understand that is a tough thing to do as Cook has not layed out his platform yet to anyone…. All we know is he is a flipping ex-Lt Col and when Christ was a pup he won a couple of medals…. B F D….. I know this… his legislative history is mediocre at best. It seems that Mediocrity is pretty much all we can expect.

      So take your time their Quincy….. lay out what this old fellow plans to do for us when he gets to Washington…..

      Tell us how he is going to both give the Marine Corps Johnson Valley on a silver plater and yet save Johnson Valley for the Off Road Community?

      Tell us what his stance on BLM closures, Solar, Wind the National Parks, Mining, Recreation, Jobs, the National debt the Mojave Land Trust The conversion of Private lands into public lands…… Because friend all I’ve seen or heard from the guy is telling me what a son of a bitch Gregg Imus is….. As far as I can see Cook Stands for nothing, agrees with everyone and plans on doing as little as possible.

      You got the floor….. Fill in the blanks.

      • Richard Deaver Richard Deaver says:

        You forgot about the Great Apostrophe Removal Victory, oh, wait a minute, he lost that battle too, sorry One-Eyed-John, your guy is a loser, get on back over to your MSLSD or Daily Koz blog post, if you stay here much longer it might be you who needs to put on the incontinent briefs, OOPS!, I Crapped my Pants!

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