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Yucca Valley Measure U Expenses/Donations Exceed $232,000.00 (Burrtec Donates $10,000.00)

By   /   October 31, 2012  /   3 Comments

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Yucca Valley, Ca.- A small rural town with a population of 20,700 and median income of $32,000.00 has been bombarded with a cash infusion of $33,750.00 to Yes on U Committee to promote the passage of Measure U, the Yucca Valley 1% 30 year General Fund tax. This brings the total spent for this tax over the $232,750.00 mark when you add in the costs spent by the Town of Yucca Valley of $199,000.00.

As reported in a previous post, several Staff members have donated money to the PAC, Political Action Committee-Yes on U, managed by Tab Communications, Town Manager Mark Nuaimi’s friend and past Campaign firm. Tab Communications also managed Paul Cook and Janice Rutherford’s campaigns in the past.>>> LINK

In the Form 460 statement covering October 1-October 20th, Burrtec doubled down on their previous donation to $10,000.00 and Atkins Global donated over $1,000.00, who was recently awarded a multi-million dollar engineering contract with Hi-Desert Water District to design the sewer collection system. Charles Abbott & Associates donated $1,000.00, they have an office in the Business Center on La Contenta. BIA kicked in $2,000.00 and a Realtors Political Action Committee ID#782560 was tapped for $2,000.00. More Town staff contributions: Shane Stueckle $500.00 and Jim Schooler donated $520.00. Appointed Mayor pro-tem Abel upped his donation to $300.00.

Here are a few expenses declared in their recent Form 460: Local Control Yes on U #ID 1351044

Tab Communications

$2,500.00 Consultation fee

$1,500.00 website

$6,381.00 Mailer #1

$5,915.00 Mailer #2

$5,915.00 Mailer #3

VIP Printing

$2,259.61 signs

$   596.00 signs

Hi-Desert Star

$   634.50

KCDZ Radio

$  910.00

Cyber Photo-Graphics T-shirts

$  335. 32 + $206.88


Town of YuccaValley- General Fund Expenses (Our tax dollars)

$ 50,000.00 Fieldman/Rolapp Financial Study  (1/2 paid by Hi-Desert Water District)

$ 48,000.00 Lew Edwards & Associates (Awarded January 2012)

$ 75,000.00 (max) Flyers, mailers, postage and surveys (Approved January 2012)

$  6,000.00 General Fund Reserves undesignated to Town Clerk for Ballot Measure 08/07/2012

$ 20,000.00 General Fund Reserves undesignated to Town Manager Professional services for additional outreach 08/07/2012


TOTALS: MEASURE U  (Yucca Valley General Fund tax 1% for 30 years to generate approximately $160 million dollars)

$  199,000.00 Town of Yucca Valley

$  33,750.00  Political Action Citizens Committee Yes on Measure U

$          951.00  Citizens Committee Vote No Measure U



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About the author

Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell


  1. Over a quarter of a million dollars of propaganda spent of Measure U to tell voters how to think. This is obscene and offensive. Wait until the non competitive contracts are doled out.

    I wondered if any California voter ever thought about whether or not a California city manager somewhere in this great state had an offshore account buttressed by fat cats whom benefit from non-bid contracts?

    • Yucca Valley Staff attend meetings and Nuaimi sends front desk staff to sit in at other mobile home park meetings taking notes. Add up all the staff time while they were on the clock…..by the way, our tax payer clock, and who knows what the real number is? She sat in the audience for two hours and mind you, is she were in an accident driving to and from this meeting, she would be covered under Workman’s Compensation for being injured “on the job.”

      Nuaimi does not care. It is not his money, he does not live here and the Town Council have NO spine to rein him in with his spending habits.

      Nuaimi is going for broke. All his overspending has caught up with him and he is betting on the come that Measure U will pass to cover his bets.

      Nuaimi needs that blank check money “fix.”

  2. After the dust settles from the aftermath of both managers of 29 and Yucca
    spending mania and the dust settles from their damages, they will be on their way down the hill through Devils Garden, passing over San Andres Fault, giving the royal wave, “Thanks a lot suckers.”

    Anyone notice that city managers stay until all the no-bid contracts are doles out before they move on to another city?

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