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A Letter to the Editor

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I sent this letter to the Editor of The Desert Trail which was published yesterday, Thursday, October 18, 2012. I am publishing it here also in order to reach as many voters as possible. Many of us received our Vote by Mail material this week. I urge all that are voting early to vote for Heiser and Klink. I also ask all of you to tell at least five of your friends to also vote for Heiser and Klink. If you know of anyone that will be voting by mail this weekend as Laura and I will be doing then tell them please to vote for Heiser and Klink.

We as a city can not afford, and I mean literally can not afford in terms of our tax dollars, to allow Cole to be a council member again.

Here is the letter:

Three Candidates Two Seats

Come November 6th we face a voting decision that has rarely happened in our city.

Normally we have an excess of candidates seeking election to the city council. At times as many as nine candidates. This year we see three.

What I wish to offer is why we should vote for two candidates. Some have suggested we should only vote for one candidate. I hope to present here a reason that to vote for only one candidate provides a third candidate a chance to further harm our city.

I have a unique vantage point that I wish to share. I have worked with all three candidates in one manner or another over the last six years. I have engaged each of them in discussions on policy and of vision. I have not agreed with them on all matters nor they with me but what is certain is that I observed each of them in action and have seen what their motivations are.

Two individuals truly care for the future of our city. They are Heiser and Klink. Cole on the other hand has demonstrated through his decisions that he favors special interest groups and he is very prone to being led by city staff as opposed to leading.

I urge all of you to vote Heiser and Klink and stop Cole from having another term in office. Both Heiser and Klink opposed the sale of municipal bonds that put us into debt for the next 30 years at the cost of 31 million for a yet unbuilt and never to be built new theater complex that panders to a select few. Cole on the other hand supported the bonds from the very beginning.

Vote Heiser and Klink!

Please everyone, do not allow Cole to further harm our city – it is Heiser and Klink!


Steve Spear

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Steve Spear

Former 29 Palms City Council member from 2002 through 2010. Graduate of Villanova University with a BA majoring in criminal justice. Served in the United States Marine Corps from 1977 through 1990 attaining the rank of Major in the Marine Corps Reserves.

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