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Ballot Measures Cutting Salaries of SB County Board of Supervisors

By   /   October 16, 2012  /   Comments Off

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Oddities & Uniqueness of Measures Q and Measure R

If voters want to better manage County Supervisor’s salaries they have two choices, “Q” or “R”.

Begrudgingly, I have already voted for Measure R. It’s not a spite thing. It’s my feeling that perhaps this may just set an example for other towns, cities and county BOS to bring their salaries in line with the sober realities of this lingering and menacing recession.

Measure Q is a moderate measure that does little to bring down salaries in a meaningful way. Measure R is a drastic measure.

Measure R is a grassroots effort on the part of folks in the Inland Empire to take control of the ongoing abject corruption and wheeling and dealing on the part of county supervisors. They gather nearly 74,000 signatures in very short time.

Measure R would cap salaries at $60,000, and it creates a part-time board of supervisors; whereas Measure Q brings salaries comparable to some other counties.

After Measure R was rapidly gaining momentum, County Supervisors brought Measure Q to defeat Measure R.

Proponents of “R” remind the public that “Two years ago county politicians doubled their own salaries and benefits. Shocking isn’t it?

While Third District Supervisor Neil Derry (our Supervisor in the Basin) is on record as saying he can live with Measure R and a $60,000 salary, Fifth District Supervisor Chairwoman Josie Gonzales is on record as a thanks but no thanks.

As some may recall, several years ago the BOS transferred much of their obligations and responsibilities to the CEO of the county. Thus, proponents argue it is now a part-time position.

Measure R also reduces the amount each supervisor can spend on staffing and office space, for a total savings of $4.5 million a year.

Should Neil Derry get reelected, I don’t feel wonderful about my vote that may impact on him and his family. Should James Ramos become Third District Supervisor, well, he’s a millionaire and can absorb the hit.


How do we control the scandalous, offensive and cynical salaries of town and city managers? This is a beginning to fold the tent.  Here in Twentynine Palms, we have learn our lesions the hard way.

The Myth: The more you pay for managers the better the quality of service to the community. Twentynine Palms is in debt 31 million dollars, incurring a 30 year debt, at the hands of its city manager, et el. with absolutely nothing to show for it.

We the People must show more responsibility and gain better control over local and county governments. When city and town managers make more money in salaries and outrageous perks that state governors — it’s time to act.

For Information and history of why and how this made it on the ballot, Link here



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