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Local Ballot Measure Recommendations for San Bernardino County

By   /   October 9, 2012  /   Comments Off

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Republican Liberty Caucus of San Bernardino County (RLCSB) members debated and took positions on the November local ballot measures.

YES on Measure R

San Bernardino County Part-Time Supervisors

Measure R would make the San Bernardino County board of supervisors part-time. Measure R would limit the salary for the part-time supervisors to $60,000 per year and cut the staff budgets by about $4,000,000. This measure will make the county supervisor position more likely to be filled by citizen legislators that could serve while continuing their own business rather than those seeking to maintain a lucrative career in government. This measure will reduce the size of the county government and help avoid future fiscal problems. The RLCSB therefore supports Measure R.

NO on Measure N

San Bernardino City USD bond proposition

Measure N would add $250,000,000 in bonded indebtedness to the taxpayers of San Bernardino. The RLCSB is opposed to increasing debt and taxes. Therefore the RLCSB opposes Measure N.

NO on Measure O

Yucaipa-Calimesa Joint USD bond proposition

Measure O would add $98,000,000 in bonded indebtedness to be paid by taxpayers of Yucaipa. The RLCSB is opposed to increasing debt and taxes. Therefore the RLCSB opposes Measure O.

NO on Measure P

Chaffey Joint Union High School District bond proposition

Measure P would add $848,000,000 in bonded indebtedness to be paid by taxpayers of Chaffey school district. The RLCSB is opposed to increasing debt and taxes. Therefore the RLCSB opposes Measure P.

NO on Measure Q

San Bernardino County Salaries of County Supervisors

Measure Q would index the salaries of San Bernardino supervisors to the salaries of Riverside, Orange, and Los Angeles counties. The supervisors’ salaries are already indexed to surrounding counties by a 2006 ballot measure, yet the supervisors make more than surrounding counties. The size and scope of county government needs to be reduced more than a few thousand dollars to stop the coming fiscal crisis in San Bernardino county finances. The RLCSB therefore opposes Measure Q.

NO on Measure S

City of Needles Medical Marijuana Business Tax

Allows the city to impose a tax of up to 10% on gross receipts of medical marijuana businesses. 10% of gross receipts is more than the profit of many businesses. The City of Needles expects this to raise money for road and other repairs, however this type of targeted tax almost never has the intended effect. Rather, the businesses will leave and no additional tax revenue will be realized. The RLCSB is opposed to taxes, especially those targeted at a particular business. The RLCSB therefore opposes Measure S.

NO on Measure T

City of Needles Utility User Tax

Measure T would extend a 2.5% tax on utilities added in 2010 that is used for Needles general fund revenue. A tax cut would benefit the citizens and businesses in Needles and stimulate the local economy. The RLCSB opposes new taxes. The RLCSB therefore opposes Measure T.

NO on Measure U

City of Yucca Valley 1% Sales Tax Increase

Measure U would authorize a 1% sales tax on Yucca Valley citizens for 30 years. The unfortunate consequence of most local sales taxes is a shift of business away from local businesses to surrounding towns where the tax does not exist. This is extremely harmful to the local business economy, and may actually reduce the town revenue. The RLCSB is opposed to tax increases.

NO on Measure V

City of Rialto Petroleum Products Business License Tax Increase

Measure V would increase the business tax on specific businesses related to petroleum products. Tax increases in a bad economy usually have the unintended consequence of causing the more rapid decline and departure of the targeted businesses. A better solution would be to reduce the city expenditures and reduce the tax to ensure a steady stream of income for the city. The RLCSB opposes tax increases.


We are the San Bernardino County Chapter of the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) of California. The RLC of California (RLCCA) works to advance the ideals of individual rights, limited government, and free enterprise within the State of California and the Republican Party. We support candidates and policies that uphold these principles in order to secure a free and prosperous future for ourselves and our children. The Republican Liberty Caucus chapter in San Bernardino County aims to advance these principles at the local level and within the San Bernardino Republican Party.

Our primary activities include:

  • Endorsing candidates and legislation that align with these principles;
  • Promoting these ideals among Party officials and organizations;
  • Developing Charter and Caucus membership among Party registrants, officials, and legislators;
  • Educating and recruiting voters in support of these ideals;
  • Organizing grassroots political action in support of policies that advance these ideals;
  • Holding elected officials accountable to these principles; and
  • Opposing laws that are wasteful, ineffective, or otherwise antithetical to the principles of individual liberty.

With enough members, uniting in a Republican caucus affords us delegates at party conventions who can then spread our message on a larger scale and therefore sway party policy. Unlike a 501(c)(4), a caucus can endorse candidates as well as legislation aligned with our principles.

Voting members within our caucus must be registered Republicans, however, membership is not exclusive to Republicans. We especially encourage Libertarians, Independent and Constitution Party members to join as dues-paying associate members to follow our progress, to network, and to add to our numbers as a show of support.

Join your local grass roots RLCCA team to get involved and stay up to date on the latest events! To become a dues paying member, please JOIN US!

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