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YV Town Manager, Mark Nuaimi Presents Measure U at Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel

By   /   October 8, 2012  /   6 Comments

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No one showed up for the Measure U presentation at the community Center.

Yucca Valley, Ca.-After a dismal attendance of his recent Measure U presentations at the Community Center, Yucca Valley Town Manager, Mark  Nuaimi, took his “dog & pony show” to the house of the Lord at Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel sanctuary yesterday afternoon after their last service.

Nuaimi cancelled last Wednesday’s evening presentation at the community center because there was no one in attendance. Hoping to utilize the handful of Pro Measure U committee members aka YV Chamber Board members that did show up, they traveled to the regular Board meeting of the Hi-Desert Water District.  Their attention span was short as most left the meeting right after public comments and the Resolution agenda item. A Resolution was voted on for the For-Measure-U-Committee per their request at an earlier HDWD meeting on September 5, 2012. HDWD Director Munsey was the only one that voted No on this Resolution, keeping with the letter of the law. See story link here

(The Hi-Desert Star incorrectly reported  Munsey endorsed Measure U during Director’s comments. He did not.)

Desperate to persuade more voters with his presentation, Nuaimi arranged a meeting at Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel. I did not receive any response to an email sent to the Pastor requesting equal time to present both sides of the issue. I stated the Town of Yucca Valley was presenting a Pro slant for Measure U, in my opinion.

This will be the second event held at JSCC in the last six months involving political issues.  The last one was hosting a men’s ministry breakfast Meet n’ Greet last May or June with Supervisor candidate, James Ramos.  I am very surprised JSCC would risk their tax exempt status to do this. Story link here

The Pastor declared this was an information only meeting and not For or Against Measure U.  After the opening prayer, Mark Nuaimi was introduced and spent the next 12 minutes talking about himself and his walk with the Lord. He implied it was God’s will that brought him here to help Yucca Valley. He pointed citizens challenged his Fontana residence instead of living in Yucca Valley. He then spoke about his family naming each of them and their ages and not wanting to disrupt their lives. Besides, Nuaimi said he was “upside down about $100,000.00″ on his own home but loves Yucca Valley so much he drives 85 miles each way to work here.

At some point during his Measure U presentation, Town manager Mark Nuaimi, asked to turn off the audio recorders stating, “I don’t want my words to be used against me.”  When there are no video cameras running, I utilize my digital recorder to document the meetings and to be able to post with accuracy.

It was the usual Measure U power point presentation as I have seen many times before. When the question session turned into a Pro/Against debate, the Pastor stepped in to stop the conversation and declared the meeting over with a closing prayer. There were approximately 25 in attendance and 17 were church members in favor of Measure U…..Nuaimi literally preaching to the choir.

Not part of the program, Yes on U Chair, Jennifer Collins, spoke to those gathered around her in the sanctuary discussing distribution of Yes on Measure U lawn signs.  Hi-Desert Water District President Sarann Graham, arriving at the end of the presentation, had a member place Yes signs into her car in the parking lot of the church.

Why would JSCC allow Collins to conduct For Measure U business in their sanctuary and on the church campus? Would her actions jeopardize the church tax exempt status?

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About the author

Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell


  1. If God brought Nuaimi to Yucca Valley, maybe Nuaimi was being punished. After all, it’s a huge burden to drive five days — and often more — a week from Fontana to manage a town Nuaimi made a choice NOT to live in.

    It’s time for those against to Measure U to call for an equal venue at the church, and start squawking about the flagrant abuse of nonprofit California laws and federal taxing codes.

    The Pastor is not above the law; so is the YV Chamber for their breach of nonprofit laws and support of Measure U.

    As far as the Joshua Springs hosting a one-sided forum in support Measure U, when in fact the Church is a a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, that says the church, as well as its pastor, are people who support their cause — and to hell with laws.

  2. desert red says:

    Not a true picture of the room set up and I was there for the full presentation. It was presented as an informational meeting and with written questions answered. I am pleased that information is continuing to be provided, no matter how small or large the group. Being an informed citizen helps one to determine how they will vote.

    • So true desert red: “Being an informed citizen helps one to determine how they will vote”. That is the very reason why the folks against Measure U are very important to the community. They have done an OUTSTANDING job of informing the public of the downside of Measure U, while offering better, quicker and more financially manageable alternatives.

      Don’t mix money for parks, streets repair, the funding luxuries and follies with sewer projects. It makes no sense.

      I urge an NO VOTE ON MEASURE U because then the town will have to cease playing money shell games, and get on with the funding of sewer projects.

  3. @ Desert Red, Please note caption at the bottom of photo. This was the empty room at the Community Center for the Wednesday presentation 5pm-7pm. I could not be in two places at once, so I stopped by on my way to the Hi-Desert Water District meeting.

    Glad to hear you were there for the full meeting. I turned around three or four times during the JSCC presentation to check for an accurate count of attendees….and to glance up at the clock. I did not know you were in the room until you spoke to the Town Manager during the last part of the presentation regarding the SRF interest rate.

    Sorry you and Merl Able were not present at the PAC meeting this evening. It was one of the most interesting and informative sessions with speakers from Lake Havasu and Bullhead City sharing their experiences and advice on assistance programs.

  4. Peytonplace Peytonplace says:

    Well ya all should be careful; old in’s, what goes around comes ye around back except for those who are honest folk. i am an old wise man’ livin’ in the desert’ and will ask my partners in law to contact the ye old justice system for Calvary Chapels’ inbreds’, invalid’s, the anyone; can be a pastor or a teacher’ way of thinkin’ yeehah yeehah. The non profit status will be revoked, watch thy’ mouths’, heard that all their inbred offsprin’ have prison or jail backgrounds’ from the local folk’, we need to investigate’ now. who is that’ noodle man nuami? overheard from my trash fellas’ that he got fontana in debt’ to the point’ he had to crawl somewhere else, yucca valley sure got luckie with this one, thought he was telly savalas in drag. who is the lady with him? thought she was in drag toooo. why is she sayin’ on locall radio’ with that numbskull setup there’, this youngin’ is sacrificing all for what? everyone sacrificies’, why is that youngin’ think’ she is special? another’ professional car saleslady’ with walmart specials clothing line from years back she youngin’ is,the local’ signs werre marked’ up with the other contenders’, welll, everyone knows who an’ what did this, this grup’ of numbskiullers will get a surprise they will never forget. we need all new bloodin ‘s in all departments’ of yucca valleyin’s, time to get rid of them’ cockroaches, going to local bug joint to git glue traps an’ disinfectant to rid bad blood. can we guess whichh one of those youngin’s resembles’ a hogger’s facial?

  5. Damn Dawgers Damn Dawgers says:

    OUCH! OUCH! and OUCH is all I got’s to say, you is all right bout Nuaimi n Collins. Equal time would be the right thing to do but you know that ain’t gonna happen! Dawgers.

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