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Nuaimi Misses the Mark regardingTax Impacts to Citizens-Redux

By   /   October 8, 2012  /   2 Comments

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NOTE: This post was originally published January 2012 before Measure U, the Town’s General Fund Tax of 1% for 30 years, was placed on the November ballot.   Some things are worth repeating…..

Yucca Valley, Ca.- Mark Nuaimi, the Town Manager of our little rural town, population just over 20,000 residents,  receiving a large salary of $190,000.00 plus medical/pension benefits including a monthly mileage stipend of $600.  This are contributing factors as I in posting the opinion of the Board of Equalization stating increasing taxes will hurt the poor more than the rich.

While there is a stated average amount of monthly income for Yucca Valley, let us be specific about the low income and the senior citizens trying to make ends meet with their $900 a month government checks.  Some are receiving less but let us compare the two side by side, for argument’s sake using the $900 per month.

You do the math:

YV Town Manager Mark Nuaimi   $190,000.00 a year + $10,000 401K + $ 7, 200.00 annual Automobile Allowance + Health Ins $12,000 annual.

 YV Senior Citizens/Low Income          $10,800.00 a year

In Nuaimi’s recent proposal to “educate” the public to vote for a 1% tax increase, he hired some big guns (with our tax dollars) to saturate the voting public to convince us this will be a benefit for us.  There will be radio ads, print ads, television, banners and slick glossy mailers reaching into the heart, soul and pocket book of each voter. Town manager, Nuaimi, does not live here and is out of touch with this community as is the YV Town Council.

#The four very wealthy Sky Harbor Five Yucca Valley Council members will be promoting a tax that will be harmful to a large percentage of our population that are on fixed incomes.  Again, look to the contrasting annual incomes of Nuaimi and our low income citizens.

Part of Nuaimi’s Razzle-Dazzle is his claim that  “out of towners will be paying one half of the increased sales tax” based on his review of the Buxton Economic report.  My copy is goes back to 2004 but let’s assume he has reviewed a newer updated version, for argument’s sake. Question: Why would he cite these statistics as “Gospel” and the final word? Answer: It fits his agenda!

His latest BS was claiming there was NO ANALYSIS to show there is a greater impact on low income citizens. Mark Nuaimi missed the mark with the following comment (excerpt):

“What is also forgotten here is that the low income folks are spending their limited resources on food, pharmaceuticals, and other NON TAXABLE items. There is NO ANALYSIS showing that the proposed sales tax will have the greatest impact on low income residents!!”-Mark Nuaimi

The truth is, higher taxes disproportionately hurt those with the lowest incomes as reported by Michelle Steel, of the Board of Equalization.

“Sales-tax rates disproportionately affect the poor, because low-income Californians spend more of their income on taxable items than higher-income earners.  The lowest 20 percent of income earners in California spend 82.1 percent of their income annually on taxable items, according to the Board of Equalization, while the highest 20 percent of income earners spend only 22.6 percent of their annual income on taxable items.”

Michelle Steel, Vice Chairman of the State Board of Equalization further states, “Business leaders throughout the nation continue to rank California as the worst state in which to do business.  Gas prices are near all-time highs.  The cost of groceries continues to climb as every-day items such as dish soap, toilet paper, produce and dairy are marked up because of rising commodity prices.”

Ms Steel cites that one in five Los Angeles homes is underwater, one in four in San Diego and a staggering 50% of homes are underwater in Riverside. Addressing the proposal by Gov. Brown to raise taxes she states that Californians can’t afford to have more of their pay-checks taken by the State.

In my opinion, IF the proposed 1% tax increase would ALL go to pay for the sewers, and ONLY the sewers, there could be a 95% voter approval,  similar to the vote for the Morongo Pipeline but that is not the case.

Vote No on the Town Tax increase of 1%  going into their General Fund!


#Footnote- October 8, 2012-This sentence updated to reflect the resignation of Isaac Hagerman. Four Council members remain: Elected George Huntington and Dawn Rowe.  Two appointed members: Merl Abel and Robert Lombardo.



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  1. Larry Briggs Larry Briggs says:

    Was it the Buxton report or the Husing report?

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