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Another Story About Campaign Signs With a Lame Title-WWJD?

By   /   October 5, 2012  /   11 Comments

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Yucca Valley, Ca.-While there are real serious issues in our world that require our time and attention, I do want to update the readers on the local missing signs story.  First of all, signs cost real money and can take over one week to order or in the case of vandalism, re-order.  If you want a small yard sign from either Mitt or Obama, you have to cough up $5.00 each, while supplies last. All across the Nation there are problems with campaign signs disappearing.

In our small community, there really aren’t too many secrets if you just sit patiently and listen.  Of course, the electronic media can speed up that process with cell phones, texts, tweets and especially blogs.

Now let’s get something straight about my posts on this blog. I am not here to quote scripture or thump my Bible. I leave that up to DanO or Mike Hawkins as the holy ones well versed in the Word.  So, if you read something that sounds or appears like scripture or think I am implying it, rest assured I am not. When I write about splinter it is in regards to wood and when I write about lint, it is in regards to cloth. I admit I am not well versed to quote scripture like others. Does that make them better than me in their eyes? If that is the case, they are not walking in the Word….that much I have learned.

I do know how to Google. When someone wrote WWJD at the bottom of a no left turn sign coming out of the parking lot where I worship, I had to Google those initials to learn the meaning: What Would Jesus Do? I asked myself, did Jesus have a driver’s license? Not to be disrespectful, but why would someone write that on the sign? No cars coming from either direction for 5 miles so I went ahead and turned left anyways. Will Christians say I am condemned to go to hell for that?

So now you know the truth for the lame title of an opinion story I recently posted, “What Would Yucca Valley Christians Do?” It was only a title and not an accusation or innuendo.  I have no problem calling a “spade a spade,” as in speaking frankly or to speak plainly. (Google that phrase as I just did and you may be surprised to learn all the other meanings and connotations.)

Please know I am thankful for all your prayers and very thankful the two large missing signs were returned last evening to my residence.  They were not damaged and were pristine as the day they were created. Here is a photo of each one in my front yard and proof as to what Yucca Valley Christians would do:






I found this photo below searching the media gallery:













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About the author

Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell


  1. desertrider desertrider says:

    As far as the obama sign picture, knowing the left, probably no one actually stole their sign, they just wanted to use it as propaganda.
    Like when the cow’s put up their sign and “someone” “defaced” it then when a “good Samaritan” came along to fix it they could claim he was accosted by an off-roader, and like always have no proof, other than their word.

  2. Mike Hawkins Mike Hawkins says:

    Have a Question? Ask CT Bible Thump!

    Q. – “…someone wrote WWJD at the bottom of a no left turn sign coming out of the parking lot where I worship…” Yes, I said to myself, moving my lips as I interpreted the cryptic message, “What Would Jesus Do?” So there I sat at the proverbial cross roads. Should I go left or should I go right? Hum… what WOULD he do? My oh my, what a conundrum!!! He told us to render unto Cesar that which is Cesar’s – but then he did overturn the moneychanger’s tables at synagogue in defiance of authoritarian stupidity… Well,there were “No cars coming from either direction…” so I did, I punched it. Yes I confess, “…I went ahead and turned left anyways. Will Christians say I am condemned to go to hell for that?”

    A. – Thank you for your question Margo. The answer might depend on whether you are a type “P” or a type “C” Christian. If you are Protestant you may be in some very serious trouble indeed! If, on the other hand, you were leaving Saint Anthony’s you could probably get away with three Hail Mary’s, do about 15 pushups and call her good.

    Q. – “…but why would someone write that on the sign?”

    A. – Great question Margo. I guess they probably just couldn’t help themselves. Don’t you wish you’d have thought of it?

  3. Mike Hawkins Mike Hawkins says:

    My daughter is type “M” too but she would have thumbed her nose and turned left unless the sign said “No Right Turn” in which case she would have immediately turned right, intended destination be damned!

    That’s just the way God made her.

  4. Terry Elam Terry Elam says:

    Was there an abandoned car nearby?

  5. Terry Elam Terry Elam says:

    What would Jesus drive?

  6. Frank Kofka Newto29 says:

    And to think, someone believes this is important.

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