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Gregg Imus vs Paul Cook: Its not a Game Mr. Cook, its Our Country we are talking about

By   /   September 24, 2012  /   14 Comments

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No Mr. Cook, it’s not politics as usual.

Let’s get something straight, this year, in this the 8th Congressional District, political gamesmanship is looked upon by your once party faithful with complete and utter contempt.

You can not claim yourself a conservative Republican and at the same time display your colorful hindquarters to the Left for easy on easy off mounting. It is not becoming of an retired Military Officer.

Let’s get another thing straight,  “….it was George Washington who proposed the name of Benedict Arnold to the Continental Congress. He was commissioned a Colonel, and began to implement his plans. Arnold was given pretty much a free hand by General Schuyler and enjoyed his independence.”

Remember Arnold was the bravest of soldiers, yet he was the most contemptible traitor as a man.

Because he felt that his own compatriots had slighted him, Arnold offered the British West Point. So too Cook must feel slighted by Republican Voters as he failed to win in the primary and must now duel at the polls with this upstart and insolent Gregg Imus. He is willing to forsake his Party and the many conservative voters that make up the vast majority of the voters in the 8th Congressional District.

If the Democrats feel that they have anymore a friend in Paul Cook than did his former allegiance, they are setting themselves up for great disappointment. If he is able to change the color of his frock so quickly now, he can not be trusted or depended upon by anyone in the future.
The choice is simple. It is better we trust in a man who believes in his unwavering  principles rather that vote for someone with no principles at all.
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  1. Mark Clemons Mark Clemons says:

    Voted no but have to qualify that with I think the republicans has abandon the believes of smaller government less taxes, I say this because they had a candidate that was a true conservative but through him under the bus there by alienating much of their core. We here in the 8TH district are stuck with two bozos, I guess I will go with the one that has not sold out to special interest yet I think he put his price list out to the lobbyist. Don’t waste a vote for mittens as he can’t win, Don’t vote for either evil vote Gary Johnson.
    [hide]Paul Cook (2012) Campaign Finance Reports
    Report Date Filed Beginning Balance Total Contributions
    for Reporting Period Expenditures Cash on Hand
    April Quarterly[9] April 13, 2012 $0 $141,222.44 $(56,734.30) $84,488.14
    Pre-Primary [10] May 24, 2012 $84,488.14 $71,205 $(116,674.24) $39,018.90
    Running totals
    $212,427.44 $(173,408.54)
    Gregg Imus[hide]Gregg Imus (2012) Campaign Finance Reports
    Report Date Filed Beginning Balance Total Contributions
    for Reporting Period Expenditures Cash on Hand
    April Quarterly[11] April 16, 2012 $6,053.54 $20,202.83 $(18,294.48) $7,961.89
    Running totals
    $20,202.83 $(18,294.48)

    • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

      Seriously Mark are you on meds?

      Imus has spent less totally than one month of Cooks expenditures. TOTAL!!!

      What the hell are you talking about?

      And if you actually spent one moment studying the 8th Congressional District Race you would know that Imus is for small government, less regulation, a return to citizen legislators and an end to extra-constitutional governance.

      You know I love you like a brother Mark but sometimes you pull that Libertarian bullshit right out your ass. This is one of the times.

      I’m not asking you to vote for Imus…. But I am asking you to study the records of both men….

      • Mark Clemons Mark Clemons says:

        I posted both their numbers, currently Cook has more value than Imus, I bet you can’t find one contribution that Imus has returned or refused, I will stand by my statement referring he like Cook is for sale.

        Can’t find much of a record on Imus, I found a bunch of right wing talking points, let’s hope he has more of a record than the right wing talking points on his web sight

        We all have our opinions, but they should not be confused with a record, For one to have a positive record he must have the ability to articulate a positive direction that the opposition can’t oppose I will be voting for the goof but I will hold my nose when I do.
        2500 hrs on the boarder pretending to defend America when there is so much that needs to be addressed in America, never mind thinking about it I don’t think I could bring myself to vote for the nut

        • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

          Well guess what Imus is not a professional politician…. just like you he is a working stiff…. runs a small general contracting business, builds spec homes in Arrowhead. Just like you he puts his money where his mouth is.

          Yes he has 2500 hours of PUBLIC SERVICE along the boarder…. It wasn’t that long ago it was considered something to be proud of …. you know helping the INS and Boarder Patrol with extra eyes…. So what is the problem there Mark?

          I’m going to bet that he has about 2000 more hours of public service than both of us put together.

          so what you are doing is judging him on his value? WHen has the value of a bought and paid fore politician exceeded that of a private citizen running for office for the first time? Did you hear that the first time!!

          So we are now to believe that because some one runs (even the first time out) he is to be painted with the same broad brush as career politicians??

          Why using your analogy not even Jesus Christ Himself could meet the high standard you have set for yourself.

          Bad mouthing the guy because I caught you being intellectually lazy is not proper. What you need to do is put down the chip on your shoulder and you might find that Gregg and you are cut from a very similar cloth.

          • Mark Clemons Mark Clemons says:

            The right wing core of the party has become a nutty pit that is not palatable for 80% of the population. You guys and you know who you are filled with hate and vile (Minuteman Party in California) that went overboard in turn destroying the GOP, it was not the Paul supporters it was the GOP hard core uncompromising idiots that shot the party, too bad.

            This election for the 8th will be decided by witch candidate that will appeal to both sides of the isle; do you really think with Imus talking points he has a chance in hell? The GOP might not like it but the independents and democrats will decide the next district 8 congressman, the republicans have already won the seat. If the GOP had any supporters with brains left they would seek a cure for the current deadlock that has stifled our country sense 08, but no they keep trying to spread the hate disease. 2014 is around the corner. Republicans we had our way in 2010 the citizens gave the GOP an opportunity to show the GOP wares and what did we do, as a party we let the hate and vile direct us, and that my friend is what will determine the outcome of this election. There is not enough hate and vile to get Mittens or the local nuts elected, keep trying and we will blow the 2014 also.

            “Well guess what Imus is not a professional politician….” Did you really say that when he along with his ex-boss assemblyman Donnelly, became involved with the Minuteman movement, and founded the Minuteman Party in California. A very honorable man once told me Imus did that border BS to appeal to the hard right, to get elected. PUBLIC SERVICE really? Can’t agree that he is in anyway like me.

            • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

              You know what….. Put up or shut up about these “honorable Men” you talk to….

              Tell me Mark what is wrong with Protecting our Boarders?

              What the hell is wrong with wanting a solvent government?

              What is wrong with wanting to have our country debt free?

              Hey Mark I love you like a rock but don’t you ever tell me you are not a hard left liberal…. There is nothing middle of the road with you…. there is nothing Libertarian about you…. you have drank the MSNBC, CNN, HLN Cool aide.

            • Mark Clemons Mark Clemons says:

              Like protecting the boarder, it is very shinny. lol

            • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

              Further more point by point…. tell me what is wrong with:

              Imus believes in:
              - Less government + Less taxes = Economic recovery?
              - 2nd Amendment rights?
              - Securing our Southern border?
              - Deporting illegal aliens?
              - Upholding the Constitution as it was written?
              - Pro-life?
              - Common Sense?
              - Fixing the 14th Amendment to allow citizenship only to children of both citizens and legal immigrants.?

              Come on these are his stated beliefs…. point by point in your own words… not Arianna Huffington’s words or talking points, but in your own words, point by point, why do you disagree?

              Do you have something against the 2nd Amendment? Are you not for defending and supporting the Constitution? How are such things “Far Right”? Tell me my friend, tell me… In your own words.


            • Mark Clemons Mark Clemons says:

              Dan I know this election is confusing to many in the eighth district, this cycle the two on the ballet is republican, and guess what? The independents and democrats will decide which republican will serve leaving little doubt who will win. Do you really believe Imus stands a chance with his stated positions?

              Often I wish the desire to have it my way or the hiway or as your hero said “yuis wit us or aganst us”, in reality it seldom works out with the all or nothing attitude. While compromise and understanding is hard for many it is necessary for good fair governance.

              As to Imus talking points that I will say is very shinny to the hard core right. It is not conductive of being elected in this election, it would be different if Imus was chosen to run against a democrat, but that is not the case.

              – Less government + Less taxes = Economic recovery? When is the last time a republican honored that conservative belief. The republicans aren’t any better at cutting government than the democrats

              - 2nd Amendment rights? That is not all inclusive of republican, but sounds very shinny

              - Securing our Southern border? That is BS, spending over a years’ worth of labor pandering to a lunatic base, kind of reminds me of stepping over a dollar to pick up a dime, has any of the anti-immigrant ever noticed all the Asians and Arabs flooding our shores.

              - Deporting illegal aliens? Ever wonder why no prez democrat or republican tried that, they know the Supreme Court would rule you can’t change the bare to discriminate against a certain people, best leave that alone and not have a court test.

              - Upholding the Constitution as it was written? What the hell does that mean I thought it was a living document?

              - Pro-life?I have not met anyone that is not pro-life, no one, no one, and neither side has made an anti-life decision, this has become a court issue, something to do with a constitutional ruling by the highest court. Something about privacy, how far can the government intrude in your house or body.

              - Common Sense? That went out the door with 2500 hrs chasing hard working good Christians down for looking for work, once again it may be attractive to the lunatic base but will hardly move the masses

              - Fixing the 14th Amendment to allow citizenship only to children of both citizens and legal immigrants. Please read his talking point about upholding the constitution as written.
              We need to stop this, this guy is a real nut, good for the right wing nuts during a primary but hardly electable in the general.
              Hey either way we will get a republican, YEAH

            • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

              Thanks for your critique of Imus…. You have actually bolstered my belief why we need to elect him….

            • Paparrazi Paparrazi says:

              Mark How many of these right wing guys were professional politicians?


        • Paparrazi Paparrazi says:

          Mark, you spend plenty of hours on this site making statements that you clearly have not researched. Why are you stonewalling on answering when you will be showing 2016: Obama’s America?

          Those that seek to suppress free speech will one day be silenced by it. Papa 2012

          • Mark Clemons Mark Clemons says:

            I did not do the other sides u know the Michel Moore propaganda, as much as you try to bring my business into these discussions I wonder if maybe I as you should hide behind a handle. No that would not be my let’s get it done style. I may not agree with you but.I would never go so low to attempt to cause you harm in any way.
            I can’t even go with a Michele Moore 2016 double feature, if people want propaganda there is plenty of sources out there for those that seek it on msm, I will keep the drive in for family intertainment

            • Paparrazi Paparrazi says:

              Mark, good enough for me. I was wondering if you didn’t show the other propaganda film as well. Really glad that you clarified your reasoning and are being consistent. :)

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