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Why “Lazy Lombardo” Should Leave the Yucca Valley Town Council….

By   /   August 18, 2012  /   1 Comment

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Yucca Valley, Ca-Opinion.  The current Yucca Valley Town Council consists of four members, two were appointed denying the citizens the right to vote for their representatives. Ex-councilman Isaac Hagerman recently resigned, leaving one seat vacant.

The most recently appointed council member is Robert Lombardo, who lives in the neighborhood of Sky Harbor close to the other three councilmen. Lombardo’s generosity was extended last November to Hagerman giving him a place to stay after being kicked out of his house and  no longer employed.  The Lombardo pool cabana must have been pretty comfy because Hagerman stayed well past  his welcome for several months. Lombardo was very understanding at this time for his fellow neighbor and councilman.

During the appointment fiasco, or “circus” as proclaimed by the Hi-Desert Star, Hagerman dug in his heels for his choice of Lombardo, while the town manager was checking his emails sitting off the dais. The tie between two candidates was broken by the appointment of Lombardo so I guess this was an I.O.U. paid in full.

This exchange of IOU’s goes back when Hagerman decided to run for office, as did Lombardo in the 2010 election.  Assemblyman Paul Cook leaned on Hagerman to wait one election cycle to run but could not convince the young inexperienced man to wait. Instead, Lombardo did not file his papers and stayed on as Chairman of the Yucca Valley Planning Commission like a good soldier. This manipulation changed the dynamics of the election according to 20/20 hindsight vision of experienced political observers.

When Lombardo tossed his hat into the “Appointment Pool” to fill the second empty seat, along with his application, he submitted a glowing letter of recommendation by no other than…..Assemblyman Paul Cook.  After Lombardo was appointed to the Yucca Valley Town Council, the swearing in ceremony was not conducted by the town clerk, but by no other than……Assemblyman Paul Cook. In a follow-up story, I will report on the campaign donation information between these two.

I served on the Planning Commission with Lombardo and he was open to all exchange of ideas. He did not have his mind made up on matters placed before us, he was his own man. When Planning Commissioner Dawn Rowe or anyone would refer to a specific stamp page on the agenda, Lombardo was right on that page following the dialog.

Then something changed. Lombardo got lazy.

I read all the agenda packets before the town council meetings and can tell he was clueless about the issues and unable to contribute any meaningful dialog. He told me in one case, he was distracted and said, “It didn’t matter because Mayor Rowe got her way any how, right? ”

Five or six months ago, Lombardo promised he would start reading (and studying) the council agendas, but he hasn’t. Lombardo  recently told me he learns everything he needs to know from weekly meetings with YY town manager, Mark Nuaimi in his office. Now I understand why Lombardo “parrots” Nuaimi’s statements.

Recently voting to commit millions of dollars for the Senior Housing project, money the town does not have, “Lazy Lombardo”  was the Nuaimi shill and did not ask any pertinent questions.

Lombardo should watch the DVD’s of the past meetings to observe his stammering, parroting and hesitations. He was in a true panic when the council members wanted him to be the representative on the General Plan update, he wasn’t sure if his busy schedule would allow for it.  Mayor Rowe dutifully reminded him at the time he was appointed, the issue of time commitment was emphasized.

Having no spine to appoint the planning commissioner of his choice, Lombardo followed Nuaimi’s orders to keep the current one in place.  However, it was not Nuaimi’s decision to make.  Appointed council members have all the full rights of an elected member. The current planning commissioner was not on Lombardo’s long list or short list either.

I like Appointed Councilman Lombardo. A self-made multi-millionaire with a very busy dentist practice, a beautiful wife, two bright kids still attending high school and college. However, his plate is too full and he is not serving the citizens. Like the very experienced ex-councilmen Chad Mayes and Frank Luckino who both resigned because of their demanding schedule of their employment and family, they realized they could not serve two masters and just “skate through” the agendas.

Lazy Lombardo, without any council experience and having never attended any council meetings for the past five years before his appointment, is trying to skate through.

Lazy Lombardo feels he could “make a difference” and I told him, “You are not in touch with the needs of the ordinary citizen.” He agreed with me.

Lazy Lombardo decided to have his son run his campaign ” for the experience.”  When I heard this, I realized…. it was all a game to him.

Lazy Lombardo, a successful dentist, likes to be called Dr. Lombardo wearing his scrubs to Basin Wide breakfasts and just recently to a Special Districts meeting of elected officials from other cities. It is disrespectful of the office he was appointed to……then again, maybe he was just too lazy to change his clothes.

Lazy Lombardo should step down.


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Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell

1 Comment

  1. Curiosity begs the question: How is he “out of touch”? Too rich, too busy of a thriving dental practice, too often being uninformed or ill informed, too distanced from reality, intoxicated by the city manager’s bull?

    Just asking. Perhaps Mr. Lombardo could respond…

    Btw, interesting story. Thanks you.

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