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Nuaimi’s “Creative Financing” Cost Water District Millions!

By   /   July 26, 2012  /   15 Comments

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Creative Financing! YIKES! These two words crept out of the grave uttered by appointed Yucca Valley Councilman, Robert Lombardo in praise of  Town Manager, Mark Nuaimi, for his “Creative Financing” of the YV Senior Housing Plan.

Not having studied his agenda, again, “Lazy Lombardo” came up with that comment on the project. The golden words of the 1980′s was used to cobble loans providing “Creative Financing” when the interest rates at that time were 20%.  As the melt-down of that era has faded from most memories, these two words are now being resuscitated.

Nuaimi’s  “Creative Financing” cost the Colton Water Department $2.1 million dollars for 2012. Department of Finance did not approve the 2007 loan he arranged between two Colton agencies, The Colton City Council borrowed from the Colton Water District by “Creative Financing.”


In May 2007, former Colton Assistant City Manager, Mark Nuaimi, had eyes on some property to be developed and devised a way to secure it, so he thought.  He convinced the Colton City Council to purchase 11 acres of undevelopable property for $3.65 million dollars.This property had little value was not eligible for development because it was habitat for a federally endangered species, the Delhi Sands Flower Loving Fly.

Nuaimi razzle-dazzled the Council selling them on the purchase because he told them the City had to own the property in order to provide mitigation for future development of the Colton “Superblock.” Nuaimi continued to pitch his purchase plan to the Council despite the concerns of the City Treasurer and others in the community.

The City had no RDA funds available to purchase the land so Nuaimi came up with some…….yep, that’s right, “Creative Financing.”

Nuaimi convinced the Council to borrow the money from the City of Colton Water Department which was already millions of dollars in debt and City Staff set up a loan from the Water Department to the RDA. The year the loan was made to the RDA, the Colton Water Department lost almost $5.5 million dollars.

Early in 2009, less than 2 years after borrowing almost $2.1 million dollars from the debt-ridden Water Department, Nuaimi and other city officials pushed through a highly controversial 112% water rate increase to try and stem the flow of red ink flowing in the water mains.

The RDA never made one payment to the Water Department as the repayment was predicated on “future development” of Nuaimi’s “Superblock.”

The Superblock  “was a plan to develop restaurants and stores along the west side of Pepper Avenue across Arrowhead Regional Medical Center.”-Press-Enterprise, news archives.

Fast forward to 2012, with the Department of Finance, DOF, reviewing the Recognized Obligations Payments, ROPS, with the demise of the RDA.

The DOF has denied Colton’s attempt to be reimbursed for the land acquisition loan from the Water Department dating back to 2007, leaving the City of Colton out the almost $2.1 million dollars and the ratepayers on the hook for Nuaimi’s “Creative Financing Boondoggle.”

In the meantime, the 11 acres of property that Nuaimi convinced the City Council to purchase is unable to be developed and sits idle as the City of Colton has scrapped Nuaimi’s plan for a “Superblock.”

(Note: During our telephone conversation yesterday, appointed YV Councilman, Robert Lombardo blamed the State of California for this fiasco trying to deflect responsibility away from his BFF, Nuaimi.)

Lombardo’s term expires this November.


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About the author

Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell


  1. Lombardo and Nuaimi’s two quickie comments:

    Lombardo ought not run again unless he snaps out of it. His incompetent stupor during town council meetings is evident if he’s too lazy to be prepared. He infidelity to residents is a breach of their expectation that he is up to the job of this appointed position as a town councilman.

    Nuaimi has already stuck it to residents with his bumbling “creative financing” in terms of eye-popping spikes to Yucca Valley’s National CORE Senior housing. His CORE buddies popped out if his carpet bag when he arrived her with their hands out. First it was $635,000 to get the project going; next the no-bid love affair was bumped up to $1,500,000. Now the CORE mistresses are tricking $3,000,000.

    That’s not all folks, the way the quickies work is that after construction begins but before it ends, Nuaimi and his CORE mistresses will be back at the public trough for more money.

    • Mark Clemons Mark Clemons says:

      God bless America, the land where people get the governance they deserve. Yucca like 29 should wind down their local government. I have not met anyone that is not in one way or another sucking the citizen’s tax tit that approves their city’s government. As long as these people are complacent the extraction shall continue.
      Time for the people to scream at Sacramento to fire California’s corrupt little cities

      • Frank Kofka Newto29 says:

        After careful consideration I regret to inform you that I have come to the conclusion that your an idiot.

        Do the thoughts that come to your mind really sound logical? Do you have someone that you can talk to and get your sanity checked? Does you mom know that you have been on the computer?

        By-the-way I am Jewish, and you smart-assed comments about Nazi’s go too far.
        What if I were to call you a Nigger?

        With that in mind and with a clear understanding you might want to check your crazy at the door.

        • Mark Clemons Mark Clemons says:

          Now that is dialogue to be proud of, no wonder you hide behind a false name. Does that make it easy for your spineless ass to make such comments? What are you afraid of? Kind of stirs curiosity what may be found if your real name was googled. What religion you are is your business; we are in America where free speech along with the freedom to have any religion is protected. Yes even the spineless can insult and stay hidden.
          I will say it again “the Nazis / Germans weren’t inherently bad people they were led astray”, they did do some shameful things thinking they were good patriots.

          • Frank Kofka Newto29 says:

            Not afraid of anything, you over rated blow hard. I just wanted to say out loud that almost every posting to this blog you have some wise ass crack about how much better everything would be if this city was “unincorporated” and you were in charge.

            Well guess what, your not. And thank the Lord for that.

            It seems that if you had your way they everyone would have free reign to do damn well what they wanted to, no matter the consequences or what anyone else thought.

            You voted for Obama didn’t you? Your sounding like a socialist.

            And from what I hear on the street is that this CITY would be in worse shape than it is now if you were ever voted in as dog catcher.

            Come on, I know you have some wise ass words of wisdom that you want to share with all of us.

            You can’t even fill out the forms necessary to have a garage sale on that dirt lot you call a drive-in.

            • @Mark Clemons-Looks like someone is ticked off at you! Clue: What forms have you pulled for your Drive-In?

            • @newto, well Mark has raised some worthy issues. Mark is the last one in town that could be called a “socialist.” That even smacks of McCarthyism.

            • Mark Clemons Mark Clemons says:

              Sorry you have a hard time with my views, please for gods sake don,t get upset when I tell you I am not to found of yours , I might not be able to sleep at night.
              Anytime you want to stop cowering and step out for a cup of joe let me know I will even buy.
              May be I can explane that without a city we would still have county codes just like J T notice they are doing mighty fine without Nazi city codes, or all the dam leaches that have been sucking the citizens dry, you wound,t be one of them suckers would ya.

            • Frank Kofka Newto29 says:

              The major problem is not the codes its the councilmen that will go the staff and tell them “don’t worry about what the code says. In fact, give them a discount on the fees.”

              I have heard that at the last council meeting that Jack Briggs called upon his buddies and told them that they need to change the code that will allow him to get out of any improvements to the properties he owns. He wants them to extend the nasty buildings that sit in this city. That way he doesn’t have to rehab them and if there is no one that wants to rent his crap then then can stay vacant as long as he wants them to stay.

              The county codes are just as screwed up as any other codes written. There are codes in every city, township, county, state, and federal that people don’t like but they still deal with it. They work within the codes, not just sit around and bitch about them.

              I have read and heard the the city is doing a review of the codes have you gone and but your mouth where your keyboard is??

              By the way, if you haven’t noticed, this is not Joshua Tree. If you not like it here so much way have you not packed you crap and left?? I understand that you are just a small man trying to make a big name for himself by being the biggest blow hard trying bullying people on here.

            • Mark Clemons Mark Clemons says:

              I am impressed, did I detect a little civility, I got to give you a thumbs up for the change of direction. The county codes are a mess but somewhat less draconian than that of city. The code review has cost how much? To who? Could it be the past council was as bad as this council for their waste?
              I am so with you on the buddy deals they push, it has become the 29 way for the city and code inforcement to use codes as tools when needed.
              As far as moving out no been here way befor the city, I have been to the city various times trying to bring commerce / services to 29, guess what I am not on their buddy list. It has become a passion to inform the citizens they don,t have to put up with the nazi pc and codes we are in America , we can and by my last breath will fire the city

            • Newto29, most of your comment finally got on track with intelligent dialogue. Then then you blew it at the end with the nastiness. To keep pace with Mark, a corner stone in this town, you will have to discuss issues.

        • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

          Schooch up a chair here Desertrider, Have some of my popcorn…. Hey Stanley…. cop a squat.

  2. Anotherpowergrab Anotherpowergrab says:

    Citizens beware, you are in the midst of another disaster on your hands with this City Manager, who is in lock step with the other joker at the Water District !

  3. @Newto29-Your comment to the Nazi/Homeless/Medicated Jewish/Kosher Weenie dialog is going on on the Hidden Park Fees story, not this post.

    How those comments morphed into that direction could only mean one thing….the Olympics are really boring!

  4. 11,487 readers re:Nuaimi’s creative financing boondoggle! Did ya’all pony up a $5 donation to support this blog?

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