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State gets the Belt Out on Disobedient Sucessor Agencies

By   /   June 28, 2012  /   2 Comments

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While sugar plums were dancing through the heads of  our civic leaders AB 1484 was passed and signed by Governor Brown last night.

AB 1484, a bill to clean up and close the loopholes created during the passage of ABx1 26 and ABx1 27. In other words the Jig is up!!
Redevelopment Budget Trailer Bill Passes | California Planning & Development Report

Amid criticism from representatives of cities and successor agencies, the legislature approved Assembly Bill 1484, the redevelopment budget trailer bill, yesterday. The bill includes provisions that streamline the wind-down of redevelopment while, critics say, granting new, and possibly unconstitutional, powers to the Department of Finance.

The bill includes some features of AB 1585 (Perez) and SB 986 (Dutton). Those bills, respectively, would have eased the process of repayment of loans that cities made to redevelopment agencies and for inventorying and disposing real estate assets.

According to analysis by the League of California Cities, several provisions of AB 1484 may be alarming to cities and successor agencies. Most notably, if a successor agency does not make a payment of property taxes by July 12, DOF can, by July 18, order the Board of Equalization to suspend the disbursements of sales tax funds back to that successor agency’s host city. DOF can also impose fines of $10,000 per day. The League claims that this provision is unconstitutional because it essentially garnishes cities’ property tax revenues for state purposes.

You will not hear this information from any other local source. The facts are this puts a kibosh to Project Phoenix and put our town in a real pickle. We might well loose our tax money if our City Manager Richard Warne and the city Council continues to be disobedient children. IT IS OVER!!!!!

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  1. What’s the plan now A. Patrick Munoz? Continue with the charade?

  2. Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

    This is a termination offense as far as I am concerned. Both the City Manager and the City Attorney has wasted MILLIONS for their friends in the bond market to profit at our expense.

    Mintz and Cole continue to blindly follow the bad advise of “Staff” at the expense of the Taxpayers.

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