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We Survived the Sinking of the Titanic….at Copper Mountain College!

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CMC Titanic

CMC Titanic

Copper Mountain College- Looking back at 2012, there have been many memorable events that took place in our Morongo Basin and the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic fundraiser at Copper Mountain College ranks right up there at the top of my list.

My husband and I searched for props we needed to enhance our costumes of that era and felt we really hit the jackpot when we found a pearl handle revolver and spyglass! At the bottom of this post I will provide the link to a YouTube video and the fantastic menu served up by Bruce Campbell and his Coyote Kitchen.. Over 200 guests were served the exact menu of that fateful evening of the sinking of the Titanic.

There was a small photograph in the Hi-Desert Star and one letter to the Editor that truly captured the highlights of this event by Catherine Inscore:

Titanic event done beautifully

“I have always dreamt of being teleported into another era, dressing up elegantly. I had my chance April 28 at Copper Mountain College’s “Titanic.”

The food was lovely and the students kept us entertained telling their tales from their characters, real-life passengers of the original Titanic. Music filled the room, adding an ambiance of extravagance. A  couple danced to “Blue Danube,” sweet voices sang the music of the era and all the elegant women showed off their chic dresses while on the arms of their very dapper men.

The captain, Dr. Roger Wagner, dressed in his stunning uniform and masculine beard, helped to make this night feel as if we were on the maiden voyage, just as others did on April 12, 1912.

I, of course, dined in first class, and managed to visit steerage, playing with my grandsons. There were photo opportunities in which the guests were encouraged to sit in a lifeboat while in the background the Titanic sank.

We were told if our actual passenger was one of the survivors or if they perished in an icy, watery grave.

The event ended with the entire room piped out by the somber sounds of a bagpiper.

This was a first of hopefully many more fundraising events that will benefit our student population. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment, and wish to thank Professor Cathy Itnryre, Professor Dean Pieper and all the students who worked tirelessly to bring this culturally historic event. I wish to say a special thank you to Dr. Wagner, for putting up with his full beard, which added to the authenticity of the evening.

I had the best time ever, and this was my first formal affair.” Source>>>link









Tyler Bell YouTube

Titanic Menu

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