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How to Report a “Cyber-Bully” to Face Book

By   /   June 8, 2012  /   21 Comments

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Yucca Valley, Ca.- I do believe in Miracles and know my prayers do get answered…..sometimes by His messengers in church!

Background June-May 2, 2012.

As some of you are aware, Yucca Valley Mayor Pro-Tem Isaac Hagerman has been stalking the list of my friends on Face Book  over two or three days.  I was contacted by email and telephone that Hagerman was bullying them and speaking against me.

They were totally disgusted with his immature actions and lack of professional decorum as an elected official for the Town of Yucca Valley.

While Isaac Hagerman may enjoy his Freedom of Speech to gossip….he is forbidden to conduct himself as a “Cyber-Bully” as per the conditions under “Terms of Use” that he agreed to when he opened his Face Book account.

I waited for a couple of days before I sent out the message to my Face Book friends to report any Cyber-Bully to Face Book as an “Abuse,” if they were contacted. However, I did not have any instructions to post on how to do this and I needed some “help.”

Please know the Staff at Face Book will trace all ” Cyber-Bully” visits to track the keyboard strokes to confirm all actions even if he/she deletes the threads or comments. Cool!

Report Cyber-Bully Instructions provided at my Church!

During last Sunday’s sermon, Pastor Jerel gave directions to the members on  how to report a “Cyber-Bully.”  I was so pleased for the “help” and I now have step-by-step instructions that I can pass on to you.  The little yellow “How-To” sheets were at the back of the church but only two persons took a copy.

Here are the exact  instructions from Pastor Jerel:

Face Book-How to report Abuse 

Go to person’s page. Click the “gear” menu button in the upper right hand corner (usually right by the “message” button.)

Select Report/Block

Menu comes up- Select “Report this Timeline” and click “Continue”

Another menu comes up- Select the option that reads, “This person is bothering me-Bully or harassing”

Another menu comes up asking where the bullying is taking place. Click all that apply-but specifically “timeline & profile info”

Another menu comes up- Select “Report to Facebook”- A comment box opens when you check that, where you can optionally write in what the person is doing, however, it is not required.

Thanks Pastor Jerel for the “Help.”  Remember, Face Book Staff have the capability to track all comments and each keystroke even if deleted.




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About the author

Margo Sturges

Yucca Valley Editor

Note: Margo Sturges has written many articles for Cactus Thorns and is the founder of Citizens4Change.info. Email contact: MargoSturgesYV(at)aol.com "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act."- George Orwell


  1. Paparrazi Paparrazi says:

    Margo, those are pretty strong accusations and without substantiation your words could be a type of bullying itself. If he was just responding to negative posts made about him I don’t think that’s bullying. If he was trying to intimidate or harass them he may have crossed the line. What was did he say or what type of conversations occurred that constitutes bullying?

    • Paparrazi, I received a copy of that emails sent out by Mayor Pro Tem Isaac Hagerman. It was out of character of the behavior one expects of mayor pro tem, soon to become the Mayor of Yucca Valley. A Mayor is among other things a role model, someone who images the town, and bring respect to the office of the holder.

      The email copy I received that was directed at a community activist, a lady and a christen. It was offensive, spiteful, filled with hate and malice. I wasn’t impressed.

      • Paparrazi Paparrazi says:

        Unfortunately for Isaac, his response’s on CT seem to corroborate that he finds it hard to resist punching back at every little jab. After a while you start to feel the fatigue of holding your fists up and in desperation your shots sometimes find themselves hitting below the belt.

    • govcodesearch govcodesearch says:

      i was hoping that would go unnoticed. in my scroll feature i hit the wrong thumbs down. It should correctly be as I have put it on the original article.
      if someone could change that I would appreciate it. But be it never said I don’t own it when I do it.
      I do agree with you and meant no harm.

      I also have no dog in this fight. I think accusations of bullying tend to get out of hand by some “crybabies”. If I had a dollar for every time one of my girls thought they were bullied just because someone says something they didn’t like I could support DanO and his blog myself. Point is without knowing the word for word dialogue it becomes like texting…we read to much of our own emotions into it.

      Carry on and forgive my miss-thumbing :)

      • Paparrazi Paparrazi says:

        I’ve accidentally done the same thing, now when I’m on my iPhone I expand the pic so I don’t make that mistake again. Thanks for your post :) back at ya!

        • govcodesearch govcodesearch says:

          does it seriously show i was using my iphone????
          TECHNOLOGY BLACH!!!!

          • Paparrazi Paparrazi says:

            The site used to show operating systems. Since I’m on a Mac I found it interesting to know what OS posters were using. Though things are changing Mac users have a definite liberal leaning and I lean the other way. So in the Mac world I’m the weirdo. I don’t think users can see what OS was used to post anymore but Admin definitely can.

  2. I have the names, emails and texts from the list of my FB friends. Thank you for your comment. Face Book will make the call, not me.

    • Paparrazi Paparrazi says:

      Hi Margo, just so you know I don’t have a dog in the fight. If your going to post something like this on the www. I think it’s good for someone to ask an honest question. Seems that govcodesearch doesn’t think that’s a good thing. What was it that he did or said that constitutes cyber bullying? If he’s guilty of cyber bullying he should get some help. Without any additional info it’s just hearsay. I’m not sure why Isaac has gone into hiding on CT but since he’s been gone I recorded the Hatfields and McCoys mini series due to his absence on CT. I once had an enemy like him. He was a very powerful man. A former president of Viacom, Richard Bransons executive at Virgin Records etc. We were bitter enemies and like the mentioned feud, we hated each other to death. I hated him so much that I could only pray for his family but not him. Later after learning that he had to identify the bodies of the most notorious murder scene in LA history I was able to find compassion for him as well. You know that I can be one of the meanest on CT but that prayin thing changed things. Yep, pray for your enemy. I did. I knew he was seriously ill and felt that in part it was because of the bitterness of our feud. I didn’t want him to die because of our mutual hatred. One day I was driving by near his house I suddenly felt compelled to go and thank him for all the good things that he taught me about business and life. I knocked on his front door, his son answered and looked like he’s seen a ghost. He came to the door. I did thank him and though I thought I was there to help him in his sickness, something else happened, I instantly was healed of my bitterness. I had made peace with my enemy. We are now friends. I Hope the same for both of you as well. Until then I’ll finish the next 2 episodes of the Hatfields and McCoys.

      • Yes, pray for Isaac. Poor dear…age 30 his home foreclosed, his Hagerman Gardens Assisted Living went belly-up and up for Foreclosure sale…when he lost his job, he kicked out the senior residents in 3 days instead of honoring his 30 day notice contract with them, his Assisted Living license was yanked, he lived in a poolside cabana for months overstaying his welcome, he has no desk or office so he is hanging with the Luckinos at Mojave Mortgage using their computer as a “recruiter” of senior citizens.

        Yes, we need to request prayers for Isaac that he is free of the monkey on his back from anger and bitterness. What has it brought him? A black hole of negative energy as I see it. The recent auto accident was not his fault but is one more straw on the camel’s back. He did not show up for the last YV Town Council meeting which was very important to discuss the budget…why wasn’t he there? Maybe there was something more important than attending the YV Town Council meeting?

        Hours and days working on my FB friend list? The “God send” of this story is my church FB friends told me when they were intimidated by Isaac to drop me and choose him, they stood up to his bullying, so they told me at church. How ironic that the instructions to report Cyberbullies was made available at church by Pastor Jerel! I merely copied his instructions that he gave out.

        Pray for Isaac…..he needs help.

        • Terry Elam Terry Elam says:

          We should vote him out. Prosecute him if he’s committed any crimes. Then we should quit harping on his living conditions, office space, and perhaps any bitter monkey on his back.
          First it gets repetitive, secondly many people go through hard times. I know I have.
          There seems to be at least one core issue. That which involves the nursing home. While I suspect more have been buried in the past, all we know about is the nursing home. That is where the focus should be.
          If he is messaging your friends, he’s just digging a deeper hole. Certainly you’ve been offended by worst. A pesky fly perhaps?

        • desertrider desertrider says:

          I don’t think she heard you Papa. But there is always hope.
          Maybe she could read Luke 15:11-32
          Enjoy the H’s & M’s series, we did.

          • Paparrazi Paparrazi says:

            In my bitterness and pointing my finger I didn’t recognize that as I pointed, 3 fingers were pointing back at me. It’s amazing how blind I was to my own shortcomings. Letting go and forgiving the only person I have hated in my life was one of the best things for my life that I ever did.

            • @Papa. Hope this reply is placed properly under your comment. Just so you know, I agree with you and have no hate for anyone. I honestly cannot think of anyone that I hate, seriously. I have been disappointed with people which crushes my heart, but not hate. I can’t even hate Obama, Bush or Bin Laden..for that matter add Gary Dunno and Poor Isaac too.

              Some are filled with so much bitterness that they poison themselves thinking their hatred will cause the recepient to be affected. Ha-ha! Here’s a cup of hemlock to drink…and hope your enemy will be poisoned?

              How can anyone stay positive by harboring negative feelings of hatred? I wonder where I learned not to hate? I don’t think I would like to be that way this late in my life, what for?

              For some reason, I always see the positive in every person and know their actions, while at times are direct hits towards me, are not always from their conscious thought level, but come from some repressed anger from their childhood. I don’t blame the parents and I don’t blame the misguided poor soul either. I just accept the fact they can’t help themselve and that is how they are wired. It makes my life easier.

              I would put some blame on the current economy situation bringing out the worse side of many. Stress is a killer and many lack coping abilities or basic survival skills. This is no excuse for anyone to lash out on society, as I see it, but just read the headlines and crime blotters…it is just the begining.

              I am honored that you shared with the CT readers about your “challenge” with your former powerful boss at Viacom. I am glad that you passed through that situation. The “structured workplace environment” is fertile ground for fierce competition which I think could lead to hating someone. Two words stood out to me, “powerful” and “boss.”

              I am replying to comments on my BlackBerry so please excuse the brevity of my sentence structure and typos.

              @GovcodeSearch-I have learned to expand my screen to avoid hitting the wrong tab. Accck! What a cute Avatar you used!

              @Terry-The families filing alleged elder abuse at Hagerman Gardens Assisted Living were waiting for the final investigation of the missing narcotics by SB Sheriff. I can’t say anymore at this time but please know nothing has been dropped.

              As for voting Isaac Hagerman out of office, there are two separate groups contemplating this. One wants to circulate a petition demanding he NOT become Mayor of Yucca Valley with the current turmoil, which holds no water as being enforceable. The other group, the largest grass roots, wants to recall him in November-December. He will be the first person to be successfully recalled in Yucca Valley. Mmmmm. Has a nice ring to it, “Recall YV Mayor Isaac Hagerman”. Don’t ya think? I won’t be leading the charge on that issue…best to leave certain things to the younger generation…they have more drive, energy and $$$.

              @Desertrider-I will look up that Bible verse.

              Thank you all for your comments!



              Ps. Well, with one exception…the mistaken and misguided comment by Gary Dunno who has a problem with his reading comprehension skills.

            • Mike Hawkins Mike Hawkins says:

              -”I am honored that you shared with the CT readers about your “challenge” with your former powerful boss at Viacom.”-


              -”Daigneault lacks reading comprehension.”-

              just saying…

            • @ Hawkins- I stand corrected. No excuses- Thanks for your “just saying.”

              Now, if you can show me where Daigneault states (paraphrasing mind you)I am “giving instructions on how to harass a respected pastor,”

              BTW readers-Here is the cut n’ paste of Paparazzi’s statement, and I quote:

              “He was a very powerful man. A former president of Viacom, Richard Bransons executive at Virgin Records etc. We were bitter enemies and like the mentioned feud, we hated each other to death. I hated him so much that I could only pray for his family but not him.”

              I apologize for my personal take on the matter without asking more questions about the professional relationship. My past experience as a supervisor/mediator reflects “structured office environments” with 20 employees.

              Thank you Mike for your comment. Now how about clarifying Daigneault’s boo-boo?

            • Paparrazi Paparrazi says:

              Wow, you did all that on your Blackberry? No joke, that’s impressive. I don’t think I could do that if I were in prison serving a life sentence.
              PS I don’t know how Gary fits into this unless Mike saw a connection between Gary and my shortcomings.

            • Mike Hawkins Mike Hawkins says:

              No Paparrazi, I just found the contradiction humorous that’s all.

  3. Daigneault lacks reading comprehension. Pastor Jerel gave out these instructions at chiurch, NOT me…

    Where does it say “How to harass a respected Pastor?” The original title of this post included the words…by Pastor Jerel. Administration removed those words, thus the confusion on your part, perhaps, or your little nose is bent about something else.

    All I did was QUOTE the words of instructions of Pastor Jerel and his handout, in italics,and take no credit for that.

    You are the sick one to jump into something in blind defense of your poor little Isaac. I guess you were another one he tried to cconvince that I was in a hassle with Jerel. Not true, ask him yourself.That’s what I told the other FaceBook contacted by poor Isaac. Wait! How about I send you the DVD of that service? Would that help you to comprehend the facts? You could play repeat over and over until you get it.

    Say Daigneault! Now that you have crept out of the woodwork,how about answering the issues raised by the Attorney General regarding bringing Theatre 29 in compliance with your non-profit status? Where is the accounting for the $$$$$ you received Mr.D? BTW, where are your last 501c3 tax filings and/or request for extensions? Ooops! Off topic….that is for another story, eh?

  4. @Gary Daigneault, KCDZ:

    Gary Daigneault, since we have your attention here in Cactus Thorns, can you explain to the public why you told tall stories to two seated city council members in a community artsy meeting held in the 29 Palms Senior Center not long ago?

    The fact that you won some sort of award for a small town radio station is certainly and factually not in evidenced here from your comments, or your state of mind. You certainly lack a professional quality that the public would expect from a broadcaster and shock jock.

    Remember, you promised you were to find private funding to the tune of a couple of million dollars for a new subterranean performing arts theater. You will recall it is/was to be constructed smack dab in the middle of a FEMA Flood Plane, from which — as the City Manager stated on record — Theatre 29 would showcase their (year-around) play (even though your group already has exclusive use of the city’s performing arts theater across from Barr Lumber).

    As far as the public knows, you produced no money toward the subject playhouse — zip, zero, nada, zilch, nothing, and naught. You failed the town and its city council, and left them hanging like so much laundry out to dry.

    WHERE IS THAT MONEY Gary Daigneault? What does this say about your word? I opine it means zip, zero, nada, zilch, nothing, and naught. It appears to be pure manipulation at its best.

    As a matter of fact, where did the $18,000 (or as Steve Spear has published $31,000) come from? Seemingly it came from a county supervisor’s discretionary fund (to which there has been no accounting or records available to verify one way or another).

    That funding purportedly was to go toward your sketched-out dream-playhouse some consultant drafted for your little dog and pony show before the city council (now on DVC). You recall that don’t you? You wanted the City Council to construct it so you could personally benefit under the directorship of the plays you present?

    More interesting, where did that money go? How was it spent? Was it converted in part toward something else? Was it used for an upgrade or a new air conditioning unit for Theatre 29? Did the city know?

    Can you give the taxpayers an accounting of that money? It’s a reasonable request.

    There are many unanswered question concerning public funds that went through your hands — and you seem to be obsessed with someone exposing a bona fide proven cyber bully who is next in line for Mayor of Yucca Valley.

    Moreover, do you recollect how many years Theatre 29 was out of compliance with State codes during your eighty years reign as President of Theatre 29?

    The public would like for you to come up with some answers, Gary Daigneault, rather than posture like a contemptuous and tawdry little bully.

    • Steve Spear Steve Spear says:

      Hi Branson,

      It is $36,000.00 over a two year period.

      $18,000.00 from Federal Grant money in late 2009 that was to be used to fund plays for the community and the military.

      Then there was $18,000.00 of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) money in 2008 that was sent from Mitzlefelt’s office through the city of 29 Palms to assist in the development of preliminary plans for an outdoor amphitheater and indoor theater for the yet to be designed or funded “Pioneer Park” which someday might be built in the area of Adobe Road and Sullivan Road.

      The question I am trying to get answered is neither of these two checks were designated to come up with preliminary drawings for a Theater complex in the downtown area of 29 Palms as was presented to the Council in June 2010.

      My attempts to get answers from Mitzlefelt’s office has fallen silent since he lost his bid for Congress and also did not seek reelection for his Supervisor’s seat.

      There are other ways to get the information and I will be working on that over the next few weeks.

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