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Lucky Charm Recall Launched Against Three on Council

By   /   May 11, 2012  /   1 Comment

“They cleaned up the street crime but swept it under the carpet at city hall. It’s time we cleaned this up – its time for a recall.”

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Citizens Say They Have to Do This as Americans

Desert Hot Springs, CA – A $250,000 check, a $1.4 million check, and another $250,000 check are just the tip of the iceberg on a list of failed projects that used taxpayer’s money – all with Mayor Yvonne Parks signature as the person who approved the payouts. A group of residents said they are tired with the total lack of financial oversight by Parks. They said they have had enough with the city wasting taxpayer money and have filed a notice of intent to recall three members of the city council.

The effort now underway to oust three members of the city council includes council members Scott Matas and Jan Pye along with Parks. The three have voted as a block and ruled the city for the last few years.

“They cleaned up the street crime but swept it under the carpet at city hall,” said Pamela Berry one of the spokespersons for the recall. “It’s time we cleaned up city hall so we can have a safe city we are proud of and so our property values can increase. They have abused their powers and made everything an embarrassing mess.”

Operation Recall Three

Citizens of the recall committee named The Good Government Project say they are determined that Operation Recall 3 will be a huge success. According to their website www.goodgovproject.com the three council members are targeted to be defeated in the general election this November 6. The website says the city cannot wait one more year, until the scheduled 2013 council and mayor election, for a needed change of leadership.

“We simply cannot afford Parks, Pye and Matas,” said Rita Del Dalle of The Project. “The three of them lost the city millions of dollars. With millions more on the horizon from the power plant, wind, solar and residential development, we need smart people we can trust to be in charge. The three can save the city money if they resign now instead of continuing to drag the city down into the mud. Enough is enough.”

The website said the trio running city hall has consistently voted to give local jobs to businesses out of town. They also said the council trio misguided economic development.

Rubber Stamp Mayor

Parks gained media notoriety for her frequent use of a rubber stamp signature on city checks. Before Parks earned her nickname as “The Rubber Stamp Mayor” she was reelected last year in a campaign competition with two other candidates running for the office. The incumbent was pitted against former mayor Alex Bias whose wife had recently been convicted of bank robbery. The other choice candidate was Robert Bentley, a three-time perennial candidate for city council, self-proclaimed attorney and ex-Army paratrooper.

The Good Government Project said it intends to return decisions to being out in the open to voters of the city by first asking the question if Parks, Pye and Matas are fit or no longer fit to rule. Representatives of The Project said they are avoiding the expense of a special election by tailoring their actions to coincide with the general election. Placing the decision on the November 6 ballot also aims for a large voter turnout.

Should the electorate dismiss Parks, Pye and Matas, that very election would also see a field of candidates competing for three vacating positions. The recall committee is claiming it’s our patriotic duty to clean house.

American Obligation

“Recall 3 is obvious,” said Valerie Vetrano of The Project. “There is no argument Americans have an obligation to do the right thing. We can’t be afraid of change and can’t ignore something that is broken. It’s our mission to fix things.”

The recall committee is claiming to have a membership of dozens who are well-prepared with spirit and finances ready to oil the campaign. They also claim to be inspired by Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin and Paul Krassner.

The Good Government Project said that to succeed The Project will need additional volunteers. Sign-ups are underway on the website which announced that signature gatherers will soon be canvassing the city.

Rock and Roll Recall

They said if you want a new day for Desert Hot Springs and if you want to think positive then don’t be fooled again. They said there’s a devil in a blue dress and they can’t get no satisfaction. People seem strange and people are wicked when you’re alone. Let’s return from the dark side of the moon.

“It’s a rock and roll recall,” said Morris Heller of The Project “And we’re not gonna take it anymore. This is a really big deal to fix this city and having this on the ballot means the people of our city will be in charge of our future. It’s time.”

As the third recall in the city’s history and in naming three council people for replacement the Recall 3 campaign may be the often-troubled city’s much needed lucky charm.

Matas said he had no comment on their recall. Parks and Pye were unavailable.

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  1. This is really an interesting story, Dean. Thanks. There is a nexus of similarities between Desert Hot Springs and 29 Palms problems. I hope they are successful in their recall.

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