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Look the Man’s Nuts….. Grab’em

By   /   May 7, 2012  /   2 Comments

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We have reported here that Richard Warne was sent a letter denying Project Phoenix as listed in the Recognized Obligations Payment Schedule (ROPS) . The April 27, 2012 letter it appears was received per the Department of Finance, some days ago by Richard Warne and DOC confirms that Warne indeed received the letter at his office. It is yet to be made public by the Oversight Board Contact Person, City Manager Richard Warne.

Warne has denied to have received the letter and is withholding the letter from the public and the Media.

Whilst he denies ever receiving the letter he has made a formal appeal to the California Department of Finance to claim Project Phoenix as a legitimate obligation. All of that he appeals was based upon information covered in and only in the letter from the Department of Finance.

The Appeal was done without the knowledge of the City Attorney, The City Council, The Successor Agency, or the Oversight Board. A complete insubordinate act of a rogue bureaucrat.

He took it upon himself to misrepresent himself as the sole operator of the Oversight Board and appealed the Department of Finance’s denial letter without approval of either the Successor Agency or the Oversight Board in a Noticed and Public Meeting of that Board.

Has Warne lost his mind?

This is the worst example of an insubordinate act by a Bureaucratic Hack I have ever witnessed in my life. This is the kind of crap you find in Venezuela or El Salvador.

We are working with the County Controller to get the subject letter from the Department of Finance and a copy of the illegal appeal. This guy needs to either resign or be terminated for cause at the Council’s earliest opportunity.

All Letters of correspondence will be posted here on Cactus Thorns as soon as we can get a copy for you.

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  1. Mark Clemons Mark Clemons says:

    Look who’s on the oversight board, you think they and their friends are the connected ones that have benefited from the RDA (your tax dollars) in the past? Come on Dan you know the bozos on the oversight board gave warren a pat on the back and said something along the line of, “do what ever it takes to keep us in control of those funds the clique is counting on you”.
    Anyone ever wonder how much RDA money went to subsidize the asses’ outrages wages?

  2. Good info Dan. Warne knows exactly what he is doing. He has undermined the public information act such that he’ll stall till the tenth day and then mandate that a request has to be on a city form — which in the past were not required. And then hold your breath if you want an electronic compliance.

    It very recently use to be you send via email your request and usually get what you ask for in electronic form. Not any longer. It’s stonewall city.

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