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Senator Sharron Runner Endorses Brad Mitzelfelt for Congress.

By   /   March 16, 2012  /   2 Comments

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VICTORVILLE, CA - State Senator Sharon Runner today endorsed Brad Mitzelfelt (R-Victor Valley) for election to Congress in the new 8th District representing San Bernardino, Inyo and Mono Counties.
Senator Runner praised Mitzelfelt, a County Supervisor, for being a solid “Reagan Republican” and for “creating a national award-winning program to save tax dollars and improve public safety by identifying violent illegal immigrant criminals in county jails for deportation.”
“I am honored to have Senator Runner’s support in my effort to represent the deserts, mountains and valleys of the 8th Congressional District at the federal level,” Mitzelfelt said. “Senator Runner has been a great representative for our region and I fought by her side for the California Jobs Initiative ¬against crippling state regulations that could cost Californians 1 million jobs. “
Mitzelfelt noted that he also worked with Senator Runner and her husband, former Senator George Runner, to keep neighborhoods safe from criminals and gangs and to protect children from sexual predators.
Brad served on active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps for six years and served in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.
He and his wife, Megan, have a two-year-old son and a newborn daughter.

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  1. cleghorn12 says:

    What a tragedy, a long term Republican endorsing a candidate known for taking very large campaign contributions from persons or groups who have been indicted. Mitzelfelt was formerly the Chief of Staff for Supervisor Bill Postmus, now indicted, and Mitzelfelt stated that he never knew of Postmus to do anything wrong! Postmus said he most regularly used drugs(illegal) during the time period that Mitzelfelt was his Chief of Staff. Mitzelfelt used almost $1 Million to buy his current seat on the SB County Board of Supervisors and then voted to approve projects for some of the same developers that he received money from. We cannot afford to have him in Congress.

  2. Mike Hawkins Mike Hawkins says:

    Mitzelfelt for Congress? …You bet!

    He is one of us. He is real people and has truly demonstrated his ability and desire to serve real people.

    Metzelfelt is an avid outdoorsman who appreciates the importance of recreation.

    It was his perseverance that restored our property rights and ended the requirement of a $150.00 permit to off road on your own private property.

    He has been pressing Congress to re-open, to practical use, portions of the public land east of the Base that Feinstein managed to lock away years ago. That area never did meet the criteria for wilderness designation in the first place and closing it has proved to be a mistake. It is land that could be used to accommodate green energy and the proposed Marine Base expansion if it were reopened.

    Like his opponent Paul Cook, Mitzelfelt honorably served our Nation as a United States Marine but unlike Cook, Mitzelfelt is opposed to the Marines taking our Johnson Valley Recreation Area. He understands not only the broad recreational value it holds but that it is a significant economic engine locally so he is doing what he can to see that that the Base is able to expand to the east instead.

    He is opposing Feinstein’s effort to close another seventy mile swath of desert from the Base all the way to Arizona. That land does not meet the requirements for a Wilderness designation either and it is already being exploited commercially. Feinstein is simply attempting to stop the Base from expanding anywhere except into Johnson Valley and to see that all her federally mandated renewable energy farms end up in our back yards.

    Mitzelfelt’s leadership as Supervisor in the largest County in the Nation has repeatedly shown his well thought out “common sense” approach to the issues we face.

    Remember, it is Congress that will decide about Feinstein’s latest land grab scheme and about the Marine Base expansion. I like Mitzelfelt’s position on both and I will be voting for him!

    Mitzelfelt’s voice is mine and I want it heard in Congress!

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