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Nuaimi Putting Out the Big Fires in Fontana?

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Fontana, Cal.- According to the Press Enterprise article from January 9, 2012 ranking 47 local cities for their 2009-10 total RDA indebtedness, Fontana ranked #one with $2, 664,951,323 dollars.  (Yes, that’s Two Billion, Six Hundred Sixty Four million, Nine Hundred Fifty One Thousand + change.)

While I do not pretend to know the exact dates the RDA debt was racked up, the previous mayor, Mark Nuaimi, would know more about this as he was the Mayor for  several years before resigning to take the job as the Yucca Valley Town Manager.  He flatly refused to move to Yucca Valley as a term of his employment and in the past, assured the citizens of Fontana that he will not walk away from HIS city.

In light of the BIG problems of Fontana, it must seem that our little Town is just a small dimple, you know where.  Nuaimi has been attending Fontana City Council meetings, as is his right being a citizen of the same, keeping his word to HIS city.

Another problem arose when the current Fontana Mayor Warren threatened “war” to save the city run after school program. According to the San Bernardino Sun article and my conversation with the reporter, Nuaimi was very vocal at that meeting trying to keep the peace and hold on to the brokered deal he negotiated between the two agencies. Link

Adding more gray hairs to what is left on Nuaimi’s crown, the recent removal of the State license fees has created havoc with the City of Fontana as this was their funding for all their annexation projects, according to a recent editorial in the San Bernardino newspaper.

I am not sure how Fontana is coming along with their RDA/Successor Agency and “nominations” to the Oversight Committee, but I am sure Nuaimi has everything under control.  I am not able to read my notes about whether Fontana is nominating a Council member to sit on the Oversight Committee.  I will call them back in two weeks to verify for a-c-c-u-r-a-c-y.

Update: Fontana has not selected any nominations to the Oversight Committee Board as of this date. They do not have any applications and are not presently soliciting for Board Members.  What are the odds Nuaimi will be on the Fontana Oversight Committee? 50/50?

P.S. Here  is the Cactus Thorns story of Yucca Valley’s $101 million RDA Debt-Link.  Be sure to read all the comments and Nuaimi’s explanations of a “very confusing subject matter,” in his own arrogant words…..”clearly something that can’t be reported accurately in a newspaper article or blog.”

Also, please note the following Cities and their RDA debt according to the Press Enterprise article of January 2, 1012.

#2- La Quinta RDA  $2,429,476,318  (almost  2 1/2 Billion folks)

#3-Victor Valley Economic Development Authority $2,211,827,350 (2 Billion+

#4 Palm Desert RDA  $1,812,247,129 (1 Billion, 8 Hundred Thousand+)


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