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It was a good night for our side.

By   /   February 7, 2012  /   19 Comments

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Ok… It was like this big “Roseanne Roseannadanna” moment for me this evening, as The Ricker guy assured me that the letter was not directed to me. It was more like a blanket form letter to those swarthy like guys who sell Phoney Ran Bans and do surveillance on the main gate so they can slip the odd IED through and plant it on the General’s Parade Ground. OK the way he explained it is far far better than the way they wrote it in the letter.

What a great showing for a Planning Commission Meeting. Good crowd for three good discussions.

While I’ve never considered much of what Greg Mendoza has ever pondered all that…, Tho….he did come up with a brilliant solution to the continuing problem with the parking Ordinance  and the old downtown…..  Simple…. exempt the area. Duh!! Brilliant.

So they approved a church in the old 99cent store by the “Visitor Center.” Seem like all that attended from the church were a good group of folks. A fine group of Baptists. Two fellows appear to be the pastors, really well spoken and they even gave me a prayer or two, and we all know how much I need all the prayers I can get sent that way. Lord? I got Baptists praying for me now.

Lori Herbel is just some kind of strange person. Detached from reality, she was three meetings off the subject at hand.  While she is stuck on stupid and that fact she thinks my championing a change in the peddling and vending rules in 29 has something to do with me trying to shut her piece of shit Farmers Market down. I don’t have to do anything in that department. Her haggish ways seem to be doing that and she does not need anyone else’s help.

Before she could stand up and schlepped her crazy psychobabble about, on  how she was in essence was going to pull her Farmers Market and Skinny Ass out of town if the commission allowed me to sell hot dogs, I spoke first and blew her whole speech, I made it clear to the commission that it was not my intent to do business anywhere near or on any day her damned Fleabag Market was running.

She made it appear as if she was… well…. a complete nut case. Obviously she runs on emotion and hysteria. What was plain to any observer  was that I represented reason and common sense. She did not.

Besides Herbel herself talking, Gerry Hagerman (a woman that I fought long and hard for on several occasions and all you old timers remember those years) spoke for Herbel and against small business entrepreneurship. I got to tell you I am really disappointed in Gerry’s lack of loyalty and compassion for local business.

Larry Briggs, Grove Crank, John Kidwell and  another really nice fellow (I forgot to get his name, I hope he writes) spoke in favor of allowing licensed and regulated peddling and vending. Grove told Herbel that he took her warning as a threat, and in essence, as far as he was concerned he would have changed the ordinance right then and there and told her to hit the road and take her Farmers Market with her. Grove is back boys and girls…. looking healthy and ready to take on the world.

The Commissioners seemed to want to see the rule change to allow vending, peddling and hawking in a regulated and licensed fashion. It seems that we are now just hashing out the details.

Only two old gals with some kind of axe to grind seemed willing to take the negative argument and run with it. Too bad.


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  1. Mark Clemons Mark Clemons says:

    So Was it passed? or was it a punt?

    • Steve Whitten Steve Whitten says:

      Relaxing the code and employing the KISS method when amending the code is the right thing to do.

      Small business entrepreneurship is what built this country.

  2. michaelv michaelv says:

    good to see that they are moving forward on a worthy endeavor.

  3. Dan, it seems like the town isn’t big enough for you and Lori. But of course it is. With all due respect, it would have been better had you kept to the issues. I’m not taking sides: The Farmer’s Market is an asset to many in the community. Likewise, venders are as important to the community as art in public places. Both make it a more interesting place to live.

    • Mark Clemons Mark Clemons says:

      Branson how do you feel about the farmes market being subsidized by the taxpayers (public property, street closuers)?, while denying a swap meet on private commercil property? swap meet has a health department approval, restrooms, a place to warsh hands and an A rating for serving eats, how in the hell does the a farmers market get by with out these necessities?
      Sad how the sick five on the council think they should not only pick and choose the winners with taxpayer subsidies for one and put undo burdens on the other, I guess those on the take think they are the fine five.

      • Mark, I come down on the side of the community.Yucca Valley has a swap meet at its drive-in theater, why can’t 29 Palms have a swap meet its historic Smith’s Ranch Drive-In? Public figures are elected with the understanding that they serve the community. A swap meet is a community affair, and it furthers the type of local commerce Steve Whitten spoke to. I don’t know why the chamber of commerce does’t support this? There is no good purpose for not proving for the use of a sort of market-square alternative to shopping, just like the farmer’s market.

        Mark asked: Branson how do you feel about the farmers market being subsidized by the taxpayers (public property, street closures)?, while denying a swap meet on private commercial property?

  4. Larry Briggs Larry Briggs says:

    Mark, the Farmer’s market has health department permits, it has rest romms available, it has a place where you can wash your hands. It doesn’t serve “eats”. You don’t know what you are talking about.

    • Mark Clemons Mark Clemons says:

      shucks larry the vendors have not given you a taste of the goods? I can’t help but wonder where they wash those grapes they hand out, Where in the heck is the restrooms, had people tell me they couldn’t even find a porta potty? where is the signage. how many comodes per person does the city require?
      My real beef is the use of public proprty for profit by a private citizen while denying a private citizen to profit on private commercil property. the people of this city deserve better.

  5. Larry Briggs Larry Briggs says:

    The restrooms are in Gerry Hagman’s building which is just to the north of the Farmer’s market. P.S. I buy the food, I don’t mooch off the vendors.

    • Mark Clemons Mark Clemons says:

      you say you don’t mooch off the vendors, how about the taxpayers? I was just wondering about the sanitation of the practice of giving out samples when there is nowhere to wash the samples, are you saying they wash them in the bathroom at gerrys building? HUG

      • Dan OBrien Dan OBrien says:

        In the case of a food vendor, we must have hot water and a hand washing sink on the cart we work from. The law allows us to work out of a county approved kitchen facility where we store our food and wash our wares. We may not refreeze or reused already cooked food. It must be thrown out and new food must be heated to be served each shift.

        In my case we are allowed by code to have hot dogs at the very most 4 hours at 141 degrees. Usually we keep hot dogs no more than 2 hours at 160 degrees. We constantly wash our hands and use disposable gloves at all times when serving.

        Farmers Markets have a huge health problem in that they do not require the vendors to have hot water to wash their hands, Usually have no gloves and cut their fruits and vegetables with rusty old pocket knives.

        I’ll put my carts up against any and I mean any fruit vendor at that market in a head to head inspection with the County Health Department, any time, any place and any day.

  6. Larry Briggs Larry Briggs says:

    “Public property being used for profit by a private citizen” Is that the same as FedEx using the public highways to deliver packages to Smith’s Ranch?

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